Alison Wonderland Says Sticking to Her Intuition was the Best Thing She Ever Did | Billboard

Alison Wonderland Says Sticking to Her Intuition was the Best Thing She Ever Did | Billboard

– The best thing you can do to put on a successful show, there’s a few things. Number one, don’t think
about how you look. That’s like, for me, not
giving a fuck on stage is like the best thing I’ve
ever done as a performer. Performing is about the most
honest version of yourself and like the last thing on your mind should be what anyone
else thinks at that time. It should be about you and
the people in the crowd and that connection you
guys have with each other and the music and that’s it. (energetic music) It’s such a weird journey for me in terms of how I made it a career. I actually never thought
that what I was doing was ever for a career. It was really for my sanity. I’ve sent years before
even breaking overseas. I was making music in my bedroom, I was DJing all the
underground clubs around Sydney and eventually I started
playing in a couple of bands around Sydney and that’s
when I discovered DJing. I used to be the door girl at a club I guess to pay my rent while
I was playing in a band and I started, my manager,
who is my manager now, he wasn’t at the time,
was booking these clubs and he would put me on to close and why don’t you just try DJing and I picked it up really
quickly and I really loved it and I think I started treating it like an instrument straight away. (intense music) ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ – For a very long time, no one was really listening to my music. No one was really giving
me any sort of response and you know it was really discouraging, but the problem I have is
that I can’t not be myself and I tried to make stuff
that I thought people would like, but it always ended up me
going back to what I felt and that’s like the best thing I ever did was just like stick to what my intuition and what like primitively came out of me and so I don’t feel like this is a career and the minute this feels like
work is when I should quit ’cause this is art. (smooth music) I have to write music with all my reality, with my full story. For me, I think if
you’re not writing lyrics or music that actually means something and you’re only writing stuff to get big, then you’re pissing on art because there are kids out
there that are listening to what you’re doing and
they’re struggling with stuff and they’re feeling stuff too
and like to know that someone that they listen to is going through that as well is so important. I’ve actually like built a group of fans and I check in every couple of days and I talk to them. Actually they, I found out the other day, a girl was feeling suicidal
and my group helped her go into hospital and that is insane to me. Like that is amazing,
but in terms of you know, those subjects, I think
for me, I’ve never been one of those party artists that’s like one, two, three,
four, put your fucking hands up. I’ve always written like songs. When I’m working in the studio, I have to like be narcissistic
and like not in a bad way, but I have to really get inside my head to be able to bring like
the most of my art out and maybe I overshare, but that’s just, I can’t really help it, yeah.


    I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT yearrrrr

    I really want to hit 31000, I’ll appreciate any suppo""

  2. I fucking love the way how passionate she is about music industry and that she isn’t like the others djs and producers, she is doing it with with the soul and body and mind. She’s such an inspiration❤️

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