ADVANCED Rock Balancing Meditation Art Lesson with Travis Ruskus

ADVANCED Rock Balancing Meditation Art Lesson with Travis Ruskus

all right it’s a little bit windy today
so what I’m going to do is take you inside my mind all right let’s get started so first make this little triangle
thing with your hands put your other finger in there you’ll see there’s a little
triangle of balance 1… 2… 3… lock! so on any rock there’s
little indentations (dips) from here when you put
something on top there’s just 3 points of contact so when we take a rock
and even put it on its side 1… 2… 3… now we’re going to do it the
most difficult way possible 1… 2… 3… make sure your hands
are nice and light doing this first balance
to discover where the stone is truly locking into place feel if it falls one way
just the counter it the other way and when you get it
it will click (into place) Boom so if your neck and shoulders are
aligned then your balance will also be aligned when you press on the top of this
there’s a place where it’ll stay locked when you press down pretty firmly so the key is a strong base hmmm I think a lot of people get
caught up with the top rock but they don’t have a strong base so to have a cool top rock
you gotta have a strong base with that being said, I’m gonna go
ahead and switch to this rock because it’s a little bit heavier from here just finding the
1… 2… 3… points of contact and a nice few deep breaths nice and light boom so again on top
press down – it’s locked! I’m putting a ton of pressure on it but over here not so much
so I want to put the next rock right here now in the rock that I just set there’s a little indentation
just like on the first rock where I’m just going to lock
that second rock into it it’s the 1… 2… 3… just listen to the rock
it’ll tell you where it needs to go you may need to swivel the bottom rock
as the weight of the second rock… …it might slightly adjust that
center of gravity that’s kind of an expert move but you might find that if you’re
putting more rocks on and you still can’t get them to align then try
slightly adjusting that base rock I’m also figuring out what
exactly I’m going to do here how I want to put the next stone on top so when you have a rough bottom
on a smooth top it’s the 1… 2… 3… like that flip it for a smooth bottom
and a rough top 1… 2… 3… so in this case putting this rough
rock on the smooth one it’s just simple 1… 2… 3… I want to find exactly
where that locks into place and on this third rock I am applying a
little bit of pressure to see where it’s kind of really going to lock with the
weight of that next rock on top there you go, that’s pretty solid and we’re just going to learn from failure because failure is the greatest teacher and you can see where
exactly it goes wrong until finally that top rock 1… 2… 3… BREATHE and BELIEVE there you go so I hope this tutorial helped you out in the comments below
let me know if you guys are trying this out if you’re having any troubles
I’m more than happy to respond while I’m still alive but this too shall pass and I hope this moment
has taught you something that you can carry with
you wherever you go


  1. Good shit. Stacking rocks sounds so basic but its undeniably impressive and elegant. I'm always like "show me something different, show me something unique". This stretches the limits of what I would've previously that was possible. Instructive and entertaining at the same time. Well done vid homie.

  2. Just starting out with this, you make it look sooo easy lol. It looks very impressive and I imagine it to be quite therapeutic once I've got the hang of it. Haven't got the hang of it though, making it quite stressful haha. Will keep at it, your tutorial was useful thanks.

  3. Travis, I watched another of your videos last night where you were balancing just one big rock. I have a collection of smooth palm size and smaller rocks and using your instructions I was able to balance three rocks in less than 20 minutes. How cool is that. But then I learned more by watching this one today. You teach here that the triangle can be on the upper rock as well. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing! God bless you and your family!

  4. Seen your video yesturday…and did my first balanced sculture yesturday ! Amazing it helped so much thanks a lot !

  5. I've done some rock balancing but nothing at this level, but I'm now going to try and up my game! I noticed you used rough, smooth, rough, smooth, i alwYs used just smooth rocks so will try this next time! Thank you

  6. I saw this guy doing this in a park.. Had a rock balance garden happen.. There is a certain feeling of well-being i get when i complete a project. Thanks for the vids, i will forever continue to breathe and believe.

  7. I went to the beach today, and i remembered an instagram video i saw where a guy was stacking rocks, i gave it a try, managed to stack a little, really fell in love with this. But i do have a question, because, just stacking up isnt that complicated, what about stacking rocks in weird shapes? like, long rocks just on their edges and then using another rock on top to hold it down… how do i get to that, because sure i can just practice, but i would like to understand it too

  8. rock balancing is one of my hubby, specially if I am in the middle of the mountain, and this tips helps a lot thanks bro.

  9. just started doing this this weekend, i cant describe the feeling it gives me. try it, it is easier than it looks !

  10. Great video, very helpful. I was wondering, once you balance a beautiful shape, (one that is fragile and complicated in form/balance), I experience that they won't last standing for too long…Do you experience frustration, sometimes I do or maybe I am missing the point, maybe is a matter of detachment… By the way nice hints.

  11. Hey man, thanks! But I have a question, I one saw a guy in Sausalito about 20 years ago. A Mexican guy who was stacking rocks way off centers! Out on the outer edges he would set large rocks! I passed if off as doing magic. Because it was extremely off balance according to the laws of physics! Have you any other explanation? Have you ever seen that kind of rock stacking? And what thoughts do you have on ledge stacking off center?

  12. By the way bro I got curious, it made sense the 3 point tripod concept. So I tried it out the other day! Within 2 minutes I had an obligation egg shaped rock standing on it's skinny little point! It was sooooo cool! I then started a conversation with a mentally challenged street person. What happened next blew my mind! I asked him if he would try to stand a rock. That son of gun did it in 45 seconds!!!!! Wow!

  13. Ok I saw that video. That's good. I just stacked 4 rocks! But it doesn't address the severity of a 20 pound rock haging 8in. Off center of a 10lb rock then going up. By the way this skill of "finness" I use a lot when fine tuning large machinery! And for checking gaps with a feeler guage. We also us this skill when wire micing for centers of bearings in motor case or turbine case. It's not just mumbo jumbo. As many mechanics don't have this finness it opens many doors of opportunity for me! Many jobs out there require fine motor skills with strength! Balance and the ability to do the task while in a cramped and out of position stressful environment! The more physical skills you have the more specialty jobs are open to you!

  14. Hey Travis!
    I suffer from panic disorder, and have been for about 4 years. I’ve been searching for ways to cope with the anxiety that I deal with on a day to day basis and stumbled across your channel. I tried balancing stones today for about a two and a half hour span and honestly it was the most calm I’ve felt in a really long time. Today I had a revelation. It taught me that I can do what seems to be impossible through patience and persistence. I can’t tell you how many times these stones fell, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t get frustrated. With all that being said, once I finally stepped back and looked at what I thought I couldn’t do, I was amazed by myself. I felt joy. I felt a calm wash over me. I can do what I set my mind to if I can just roll with the punches, take a step back and breathe, and most of all, remember that what I want won’t happen right away. I actually posted a video (of course trimmed down to about a minute and a half) of my process. You should check it out and give me some pointers for my next try! Anyways thanks for doing what you do man!

  15. Hey Travis, I work for Brave Bison, we’re a social video company. We love your channel!!! We'd like to discuss a collaboration! 😄 If you’re interested you can reach out to us at: [email protected]

  16. secret is that the only one which is really balancing is the top one. all the others are "built" up. i know it, i have tried it 🙂 anyway – good job!

  17. Traumatic brain injury survivor and I started to balance rocks on a trail I am making.
    I don't know why I am doing it but it is pleasing to my eyes.
    I am sure the people in the area will think I am satanic.

  18. Don't do rock balancing in wildness and natural areas. It's bad for wildlife and micro-ecology.
    Particularly for fluana and fauna that is SAXICOLOUS. Removing rocks inhibits plants that need rocks for growth support. For animals, it can disrupt their nest, shelter, scent trails.
    Removing rocks from trails in national parks etc, can be dangerous. Often the rocks position on walking trails are positioned by rangers to keep the walking trail from erroding, keep people on the trail and not straying off.
    Finally, there are ancient sites when past civilizations used the practice to distinguish burial sites and other significant meaning. This is encouraging modern rock balancers to desecrate these archeological sites by re-arranging the rocks.

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