Actividad Paranormal: Pac-Man – #OverDragon

Actividad Paranormal: Pac-Man – #OverDragon

[GASPS] Dressing? Dude! What the fuck is going on man? Hey… hey! Hello. Zzup. Do you… have felt weird stuff here in the house? Well, apart from Poveda with his vinagrette dressing… no. No. What i mean is… The clock rings when isn’t supposed to do it. You know? Yes. Then, I awake in different places. I mean, i sleep here and awake in different places. Right? And then it’s Poveda with his vinagrette dressing. What? See? -Dude.
-There’s weird shit here. Yes. Haven’t you felt it? -Yes, well, I have noticed something more.
-Nothing related to my vinagrette. W-what? Forget your viag- vinagrette! Ehm, I have noticed things are disappearing from their places, and reappearing days later in different spots. Dude, this is Medellín* (*A city of Colombia) you lose everything here! See? See? He agrees with me! Paranormal shit has been going on here! And you. Forget that vinagrette! I’m talking! But, but… that’s my… Vina-vinagrette? So? You have lost your vinaigrette, isn’t true? Yeah! Your face says it. Poveda… Fine, it’s true, dressings are getting lost, but that’s not my fault! So you have felt it! You have felt paranormal stuff. Well, yesterday someone touched my shoulder… But i [laughs uncomfortably] punched that pervert in the face, but is ok. So… you two agree with me? Yes, ehm. We need to do… we need to clean this house. We need to call the ghostbusters, maybe a reverend! This thing is scaring the hell of me. If I’m getting mad… tell me! You’re getting mad! [laughs] No, no, no. Paranormal stuff has been going on. -It’s ok. Stop the drama.
-No guys, no, this is something more… Donald Trump. This time no more lives remain. Pacma-N-ormal Activity


  1. la cámara tiene todo el rato efecto de vhs pero en un "momento fantasmal" se "traba la cinta" con un efecto de cámara de cinta digital, salvo por ese pequeño anacronismo para espectadores remilgosos, el efecto está bastante convincente :v

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