1. Hearing and seeing the things that others can't see , she's most likely suffering from schizophrenia
    She needs a Dr asap

  2. If this happens for any one else tell me but every time I watch one of these I can’t stop I really want to play a game on my phone but I keep watching these vids lol 😂

  3. Uhhhh was this im completely unsatisfied. Am I drunk or did this story make zero sense? I could be drunk, ok- I'm drunk- but still think it made no sense.

  4. When will people realize that these entities are demons? It shows that the Bible is true and real because the Bible speaks about demonic activity and what it is linked to.

  5. So this bitch didn't tell her bro that some bastard or demon was in his crib? I'm actually glad she still smells that rotten corpses smell

  6. Y'all I live in Ohio and I driven by this house before and I legit got the heebiejeebies when we drove by! I'm legit bouta die

  7. For everyone asking how does one know what a rotting corpse smells like – did you ever smell a roadkill? A dead animal in putrefaction? Well there you go. Mistery solved. Very hard to figure that one out.

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