A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story)

A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story)

A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story) (Be Inspired) hey everyone I’m Jessica and if you’re
unfamiliar with Who I am I’m the creator of the Your Youniverse Channel
a couple weeks ago I came in and told you guys I was gonna start this success
story series and I kicked that off with metaphysical Mike if you didn’t have a
chance to see that please go back and do so and today I’m gonna introduce you to
a gentleman by the name of Tom Medwin who has an amazing story to share with
you guys a healing manifestation but first I want to say if you’re interested
in sharing your story you can send me an email at the science of deliberate
creation calm and just put success story in the subject line so that I know that
it that’s what it’s about and also wanted to say that I’ve had
some amazing responses so far so I have some really good success stories
successful manifestation stories that’ll be presented on this channel coming up
really soon in the meantime I’m gonna send you over to Tom’s video Tom was
introduced to neville goddard very recently and has been able to implement
some of these techniques and exercises in the most dynamic ways for not only
himself but his family if you’re interested in his content he has several
other manifestations stories that I find just fascinating I’m gonna put a link in
the description areas so that you can click over to his channel where he
shares more information about himself so if you like his content feel free to
subscribe to his channel as well with all that said I’m gonna send you over to
Tom’s video hello Jessica and everyone over at your universe I am so excited to
share with you today thank you for having me I’m truly honored to be here
I’m gonna talk to you about some incredible things I’ve been happening
since I found the beloved neville A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story) best motivational speech video goddard some of you who know Neville
just perked up if you don’t know him you’re about to perk up and you’re about
to know him I found Neville and I’ve since had my daughter’s appendix Auto
amputate itself my dad’s heart aneurism completely disappeared my own food
allergies disappear diagnosis diagnosed I
yes 90% disappeared seems to continue to keep going has taken some time but it’s
happening as well as incredible money miracles manifestations I was live on
Good Morning America I won 50 grand on a nationally televised TV show are you
kidding me my world has been turned upside down people I am here to spread
the gospel of Neville which is the gospel of Paul the Apostle which is the
gospel of Jesus Christ in Scripture let me first say that this is not about
proselytizing or convincing anyone of a particular faith or religion
quite the contrary this is about being liberated from religion it’s a journey
I’ve been on as I was raised in a strict religious household so this is a lot of
this is overcoming limiting beliefs in a very powerful way very real way and
someone to talk to you about how it happened in me and I’m gonna start by
talking about my daughter’s appendix because that’s how this really came full
circle and into full view in December of last year 2017 my daughter aged seven at
the time came home from my mother’s house very upset she had read the story
Madeleine which is about a little girl who gets appendicitis so my daughter’s
holding the book of Madeleine she’s in this arm over here she’s holding the
little Madeleine doll it actually has a little appendix scar and the side of the
doll she loves it as little girls love that stuff but she’s really upset about
it she actually is afraid she’s gonna get appendicitis now I kind of laugh it
off to make it a light thing to make her realize honey of course you’re not gonna
get appendicitis you know I’m a good dad I love my kids I can pull them out of a
state of fear or worry but I’m telling you my daughter was hanging onto that
thing she would not let it go she actually fell asleep that night in the
state believing that she either had appendicitis or that it was imminent
that she was gonna get it I mean it was that real to her it affected her visibly
halfway through the next day and then it A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story) “I Am Speechless” kind of seemed to wear off long story
short we get a call my wife and I from the nurse at our local elementary school
that they were sending Kylie home because she was throwing up and we took
her to the urgent care you know where the story is going already don’t you
they diagnosed her with the stomach bug and then they thought it was
constipation from what the x-ray showed long story short it doesn’t get better
my girls and a guy rising pain for almost three days now
and I rushed her to the hospital after none of the stuff they’re treating her
for is getting better and sure enough they diagnosed her with appendicitis now
I didn’t have time to think about how weird it was has she had just read the
story and we just came through this whole thing and now this is happening
they had to rush her to a Children’s Hospital to operate because it takes a
pediatric surgeon apparently that was news to me so they rushed her over an
hour away to where Lando and the Morris Children’s Hospital incredible facility
shout out to those people over there oh my god god bless you guys for what you
do anyway by the time we get there they had to admit her redo all of the tests
her appendix had ruptured and it went from bad to worse because they can’t
remove an appendix apparently when it’s infected they have
to treat it medically get the site to go down and then which after five six seven
weeks later they can go in and actually remove the appendix so here we are in
the hospital battling now a ruptured appendix an infection that’s spreading
the infection had abscessed and walled itself off to protect itself from the
antibiotics trying to go in they put a arm pic in my daughter’s arm which
threads almost through to her heart so they can pump these powerful antibiotics
through her body and none of it’s working I don’t have time to go into how
scary it was or what the doctors were telling us just know that it was bad it
was very bleak and it was somewhere in that state for me of being out of my
element living at the hospital barely sleeping not eating and I’m just in
another realm of spiritual stuff okay I don’t have time to tell it in this video
but it’s very powerful stuff and it’s somewhere right in about that time frame
I can’t even place the day but that I A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring “Manifestation” Speeches “Success Story” (Be Inspired) found Neville I was very deep in
meditation at night I found a youtube video that I really enjoyed for some
relaxing meditative music and I’m reading one of the comments when I’m
supposed to be meditating or sleeping and the comment said something about
Neville and it was said in such a way that it just compelled me to have to go
read the guy and that’s where the light bulb went off I’m telling you it was
like an eruption inside of me of all of my knowledge I had in Scripture which
was really a lifetime pursuit of me I used to be a full-time youth pastor
right I had left the church because of certain things that
relevant for right here but all of my knowledge and experience of what nevels
saying even down to some mystical accounts that he spoke of that mirrored
my own in such an intimate way I thought who in the world is this guy and I
started paying attention and I started to apply his technique for my daughter
because Here I am praying to the god out there now listen I’ve always believed
God’s with us and he’s in me but I’m still the focus of my attention is out
there like god I hope you can hear me I believe you can heal can you heal heal
my daughter right I mean I’m in a bad place and it’s not getting better it’s
getting worse and then I listen to Neville talking about the false god
who’s out there and the only true God is your own wonderful human imagination he
dwells within you and he’s quoting some scripture that helps somebody like me
coming unstuck from the bonds of religion right and I’m like
well yeah Paul the Apostle he wrote two thirds the New Testament is saying you
are the temple of the Holy Spirit Jesus in Christ himself saying the kingdom of
heaven is within you and here’s Neville pinpointing where specifically within
you God dwells in the realm of imagination because without imagination
nothing was made that was made right and all of the world is imagination right
now you’re experiencing this via imagination your five senses are getting
input almost instantaneously processing it and creating your reality as you know
it and in no unlike manner the whole vast the world began in imagination and
is all imagination for the clothes we A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story) motivation speech wear the device you’re watching this on
the chair you’re sitting in the car you driving the pavement on the road all of
it first began in imagination and so you can say with Einstein his quote is
imagination is everything and Neville loves to quote William Blake and all
these kind of guys listen imagination is the one and only reality and I began to
read this stuff and I thought man I’ve got nothing to lose right now I need to
get my little girl back as though from the dead it was that bad so I do it so I
apply it here’s the techniques that Neville teaches I’m gonna break it down
for you real simple so that anybody can teach it ok this is a real condensed
version I don’t have the time to go in-depth but this is gonna be enough to
help you get it and get started number one define your objective well for me I
needed my girl to be well again simple that step number two immobilize your
physical body and reach that state akin to sleep I call it Twilight sleep that
place in between waking and sleeping where you’re just about to doze off into
sleep you’re almost getting some flashes of like dreamlike imagery and whatnot
but you’re able to pull back your attention and continue to control the
attention there of control its movement if you will in an effortless way that’s
that Twilight sleep that’s that state akin to sleep that’s state number two
get comfortable in a chair in a bed lie down and mobilize your physical body
step 3 create an imaginal scene that implies the fulfillment of your desire
or your wish or your prayer or whatever vocabulary you like to use listen don’t
get caught up on the vocabulary by the way don’t get caught up if I quote
scripture never quote a scripture all of the time I fully understand the fact
that there are lots of people that are terrible examples of what the Bible
represents myself included the chief of all sinners I’m sure but don’t throw the
baby out with the bathwater the Bible is simply the greatest manual on
manifestation known to man from the beginning let us make man in our image
that faculty of imagination that A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story) Lion of Judah change your life produces concepts and ideas and images
is powerful and this is what the Bible’s been trying to teach us all along
Neville is brilliant at teaching it I’ve studied some of it myself from the
ancient Hebrews that meticulously preserved its both oral and written
tradition it is awesome powerful stuff listen you don’t have to get into all of
that you don’t have to be a theologian to get it you don’t have to be a quantum
physicist to understand the quantum field of infinite probabilities and
possibilities listen you can do this I promise you I’m an average Joe but you
and I have a very uh Navarrete our phul imagination by which the world itself is
created and sustained and you have the ability to make it as it ought to be my
daughter ought to be well is that right I ought to have her back and have her
have a full life and so I began to imagine her well so here’s step 3 create
a short scene in imagination that implies you have your wish already
fulfilled without consideration for how you got
there how it’s gonna happen just forget that part for pretend there’s no rules
that anything is possible and go right to the end of the thing and so for me I
created a scene that implied her being well that was my daughter dancing cuz
she likes to dance and I just saw her doing like a simple pirouette and her
face which is beautiful to me beyond compare to shining and with a brightness
right and so I’m closing the door to my physical world now I’m ignoring her
laying in the hospital bed next to me hooked up to wires her face drawn down
no I’m giving myself to a different reality one that already exists and that
is that she is well and she is dancing and she’s got a brightness on her face
you’ll heal net you’ll hear Nevel say give it all of the tones of reality all
of the sensory vividness you can so practice using all five senses I saw my
daughter’s face I heard the sound of her laughter I felt and this is the secret
guys you have to feel it to be real give yourself permission to get lost in the
feeling okay that’s step three and “A Story That Will Change Your Life” One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story) law of attraction success condense it down to a very short scene
step four is to now condense that short scene and repeat it over and over don’t
wonder well what happens to her next after she’s done dancing and we go and
we have lunch together no keep it very short and condense in that one short
scene and replay it over and over and over and then fall asleep in that state
knowing that it’s done let it rise to a climax of sorts let it explode with like
an excitement you’ll feel almost an ecstatic state rising within you a
joyful life giving this and that’s when you know you’re there when you feel that
to be completely real let that go from yourself as if you’re planting this
beautiful seed into that quantum field right or you’re planting a seed in your
Garden of Eden or however you see it you’re painting a masterpiece on the
corridor of the art gallery of your mind however you see it it doesn’t matter but
just know that it’s accomplished and feel such gratitude for it Nevel says
condense it down to a short phrase like isn’t it wonderful or thank you Father
or it is finished it doesn’t matter but step forwards repeat it over and over
until you know that it’s done you feel all of that reality and you thank the
Father for it you think God for you think yourself forward
listen it doesn’t matter it literally doesn’t matter just know that it is
finished and feel the Wonder and the joy of it and here’s the thing now let
yourself go and fall asleep in that state conceiving yourself to believe
that you’re the person or that person is the person you want them to be
that’s step four and the fifth and final step which I’m running out of time
already the fifth and final step is to persist in the assumption that that what
you’ve imagined is done that it is finished when you wake up to your waking
consciousness your physical world your physical senses and you don’t yet see it
know that there is an interval of time that it takes for it to externalize
itself in your physical world and no A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story) Neville Goddard less manner than that there’s a seed
that once germinated takes time to sprout and show itself above the soil or
a human takes nine months to develop and show itself in the outside world showing
that it’s arrived listen don’t worry about the vision it has an appointed
time your only job is to persist in the assumption that it’s done and actually
live and think and feel from this state and there’s too much to tell to get into
all of that I started a channel about all of this stuff because it’s too much
as you can see the things that have been happening and the teachings of Nevel are
so beautiful and profound and accessible for all that’s the beauty of it so if
you like what you hear come on over to awaken your imagination this is the
journey that I’m on but I did this for my daughter less than three days later
her white blood cell count started to drop
against all odds and she was released from the hospital on December 25th
Christmas morning we had our own Christmas miracle six weeks later we go
back to the hospital for the routine procedure now to remove the appendix the
appendectomy the surgeon goes in looks with the camera and she finds the
appendix is not there she comes to get my wife and I post-op and she says mr.
Mehta man I don’t know how to say it so I’m just gonna say it I’ve been doing
this a long time I even used to teach surgery in Santa Fe and I’ve never seen
it happen but your daughter’s appendix had Auto amputated itself the camera
showed us that her appendix was not there she used the word
beautiful scar tissue was surrounding the site perfectly sealing the site
where her appendix was around the colon and also where the colon would normally
be damaged I have to do some repair work and they’re perfectly sealed by this
beautiful scar tissue she said when I turned the camera and look down there
lay your daughter’s appendix in a cavity just laying there no additional surgery
was required incredible stuff she didn’t have an explanation for it except I told
her well we’ve been praying an awful lot a lot of people have been praying for
her if she goes well God did it then it’s a miracle that’s what she said out
of her own mouth so there’s a picture of it if you’re squeamish about surgery
photos don’t look for the next 10 or 15 seconds but that dark maroon tissue that
you see is the scar tissue and my goodness what an incredible thing now
watch this I shared this with my dad my dad got so on fire for Neville
in his very first imaginal act sold an investment property that he had owned
for eight years and had unsuccessfully sold in an eight years time period after
really trying to sell the thing and in 48 hours or less he’s sold he got a
contract on it he got a call from his realtor after his first imaginal act and
his realtor also happened to be my best friend telling him he had a contract on
the property and it has since gone the settlement and closed successfully now
watch this my dad also had an aneurysm on his heart four centimeters in
diameter to doctors reports confirmed it A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story) “be inspired” not one but two of them I did an
imaginal act for my dad I don’t have time to go into it but it was a third
doctor’s report that I simply wrote no aneurysm in big block letters and I made
it red and I circled it and I underlined it just to give it emphasis no aneurysm
that’s it persisted in the assumption about a month later he goes to get his
third doctor’s report he didn’t even open up the doctors report he got it
here in Florida where I live they were visiting for the winter
he took the doctor’s report back to his doctor in Pennsylvania that was kind of
the idea give it to his doctor back up there in PA to you know help him from
there he gets home opens up the doctors report and he sends me a text and I’ll
show it to you right here the exact words that I had done imagine lay on the
doctor’s report except they were the work my dad’s own words and has simply
said Oh ISM with four exclamation points and
he sent me the doctor’s report right there in that text and you can see it it
says this a dilated a Horta however not meeting the requirement for an aneurysm
I’m sorry not meeting the criteria for an aneurysm in other words doctor lingo
for your aneurysm is gone guys listen to me I was diagnosed blood test results
with severe food allergies of things like tomatoes and weird things for three
years I could eat tomatoes after this diagnosis I am eating all of tomato I
want I was scoped and confirmed to have IBS
my IBS symptoms are 90% gone it’s been like a slow steady thing where I could
actually feel my body of regenerating and so what you’re gonna find is that is
you really grab a hold of true faith I’m not talking about blind faith I’m
talking about a faith that you actually feel to be real it changes even in your
body and it’s the most phenomenal experience in my life
I don’t know what to do with it except like I said start a YouTube channel and
start sharing with people as I’ve shared with my own family and my own inner
circle of friends and their lives are being transformed and I feel like this
is my call I’m gonna bring it to the world the best that I know how so I’ll
bring it to you guys listen test it to be true you can go
right to one of the masters directly that’s Neville read his stuff it’s free
online it’s free and YouTube the guy is a treasure trove of knowledge but it
does he no good unless he apply it and just test it for yourself listen you’ve
got nothing to lose give it a shot give it a try if you have
additional questions I’ll try to revisit here on this video on Jessica’s Channel
Jessica thank you for having me I hope this was a blessing to you guys I hope
this helps somebody out there and maybe we’ll look back and do this again I’ll
share with you some money manifestations if you’re interested in that okay cuz
listen I’m telling you nothing is impossible with them that belief only
believe you guys can do this okay thanks for your time thanks for watching
have a great day bye bye A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story)


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  35. Tom. Regarding your IBS issue, if you are eating cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussel's Sprouts etc… you should try marinating them in a mixture of purified water and Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (One Tbsp) in a bowl overnight before cooking them.

    The cabbages contain an enzyme that is not digestible and is what causes the gas and bloating. The BACV breaks down that enzyme and you will experience relief.

  36. Starting around 7:11 I thought, "UGH! This guy done went and got caught up in a dire situation, he didn't feel God was working fast enough, so he sold his soul to a false god, and if God shows Himself through a miracle, the false god will get the credit, and this guy will mislead people into turning away from God."  I was wrong. I think this is very important, especially today, when people are separating themselves from God, and those who believe, get too caught up in the church, that they miss the true message of Christ. Sadly, we are in a time when church is the best place to go to feel bad about yourself, while feeling there is hope that you can change your life, and get into Heaven. Too many churches limit God's abilities, to mans understanding. There is a HUGE difference between "understanding", and "faith". I love this story, I loved the twist from my original thought of where this was headed, and I'm glad your daughter came through this just fine *which of course went to the top level of healed). If I may add something; God does work in mysterious ways. He may have seen your trust in Him, and wanted to do more than heal your daughter, but bring you closer to Him, in the spiritual sense. God could have guided you to find Nevel, because God needs foot soldiers, doing his work. People are running from the church, because there is too much preaching about sin, hell, and punishment, and that's not what the true message is. I'm not sure who Nevel is, but I will be finding out. Sorry, but I ramble when I feel inspired – lol. Thanks for sharing this.

  37. I've been working on this Imagination manifesting technique without any success for over a year. I need FACTS to help me bridge the gap. Could you please include documentation (photos, video, doctor reports, eye witnesses, etc.) with each story. Thank you!

  38. Thank you guys for this! Jessica's kind heart and Tom's passion and faith…what a team! I started looking up Neville's teachings. Will post soon a major success story!🤞

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