A New Year’s Message 2020 from Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi of Ananda Worldwide

A New Year’s Message 2020 from Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi of Ananda Worldwide

[Nayaswami Jyotish speaking] Hello, Everyone.
We want to wish you a very Happy New Year. You know, the new year is a time of new beginnings
and Paramhansa Yogananda often talked about using this time of year to review what has
been working for us and what hasn’t been working for us– to look at our habits, the
attitudes we have, the various things that may be holding us back from achieving our
own highest potential and then to change our habits. I would suggest from long, personal
experience to not take on many new changes all at once. I’ve often joked that the best
time to buy exercise equipment is around April, which is when everyone who has made the new
years resolution to exercise and has gotten some equipment to do that has given up their
habit and is now ready to sell that piece of equipment. Well let’s not be those flash-
bang-wonders of two day exercise, let’s stick with our changes. So I would suggest
that you pick just one or two things that you want to change and to decide on that,
try to go into stillness, into meditation, and don’t just pick something superficial
but a pattern that has been holding you back and then see how you can change that and then
commit to doing that and hold that commitment for at least a month, better two months. And
if you can hold that commitment of the new positive habit for a period of time then it
will become the norm and the old habit will drop away and cease to bother you. The new
year isn’t only about changing our physical habits, it’s really much more about changing
the habits of thought, of attitude, and of our spiritual life. So use this time of the
new year the time to make those changes that you know you should make, but perhaps reluctant
to make. And I would end by saying, do it with love and joy, don’t be grim about new
things, you won’t learn your lessons. Joy is the solution not the reward as Swami Kriyananda
often said. Meaning that if we do things with joy, that solves our problems, whereas if
we do things grimly waiting until we somehow accomplish what we are after, and expect joy
as the reward, it just doesn’t work that way. So live with joy, make the changes with
joy, and have a very joyous and joyful new year. [Nayaswami Devi speaking] Happy New Year to
you. You know this new year, 2020, is a very significant time. This marks the 100th anniversary
of Paramhansa Yogananda coming to the West to begin his world mission. A friend of mine
was saying it’s a little misleading because you think perhaps that Master came to the
West to do a mission in the West. Well no, he had to come to the West. And he arrived
September 1920 on the ship the City of Sparta which landed in Boston Harbor. But he had
to come to the West because his mission was to unite the East and West. If he had only
stayed in the east he could not have accomplished that great global mission that he brought. So in this coming year, in this new year of
2020, let’s each of us think, “I am a follower of Yogananda’s teachings.” He
made this incredible effort to come to the shores of the West, to translate the teachings
of the ancient wisdom of yoga and the vedic philosophy for westerners to understand. Try
to think he came for you and me. He didn’t come for people in a different era because
his teachings are alive. His teachings are as alive today as they will be one thousand
years from now because they are from eternal truths. So in this coming year, try to think,
how can I honor what he brought to the west? How can I honor what he brought to me? And
what did he bring to us? He brought to us a vision of world brotherhood, of seeing people
of all races, all nationalities, all religious creeds, seeing them as our brothers and sisters
not seeing divisiveness not thinking of us as he put it us four and no more, or my country
and that’s all. We need to be global citizens as he was. He brought the vision of world
brotherhood and global unity. He also brought the message of applying will power and energy
to achieve success in all that we do. Whatever happens in the outer world, if there’s instability
or economic uncertainty. Master lived in the west during the great depression of the 1930s
and he was able through his magnetism and will power to succeed in everything he did.
So let’s approach this 2020 with the thought of success through using the God-given gifts
of concentration, will power, magnetism, determination, and finally Master came to bring us the teachings
of meditation and particularly Kriya Yoga. So in 2020, let’s make a special effort,
shall we? To say, no matter if we are a beginner on the path, no matter if we’re just working
towards kriya, no matter if we’ve been doing kriya for thirty years, let’s make an effort
in 2020 to recommit ourselves to our spiritual life, to go deeper in our meditations, and
in this way we will enhance the celebrations that will be happening throughout the world
of Ananda to celebrate Master’s coming 100 years of coming to the West. So God bless
you and have a very, very fulfilling, joyous 2020


  1. When we say New Year it means in harmony with nature. What I see in country India is they say New Year begin in March when new green leafs appears on trees but this new year is in harmony with nature and yet it is not celebrated much in India even it was in their culture.
    Happy 2020

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