9 Fréquences Sacrées de Guérison | Pures (30 minutes)

9 Fréquences Sacrées de Guérison | Pures (30 minutes)


  1. hi, so are each of this tones above, as titled solfeggio frequency tones? sorry saw a note of yours below and you said please note these are not solfeggio? or were you referring to the chakra balancing recording you have?

  2. ok so, i hear this kind of high pitched sound 24/7 for the past 10 years called Tinnitus….will this make it worse? I would very much like to turn off my internal ringing in my ears.

  3. Dear Gaia, can you please create a video with all of the 9 frequencies within the same length, but with music as well, as in the other videos? You cannot believe how much I'll appreciate that.

  4. Perfect length of time for each frequency. Visuals intensify with each transition. I will be sharing this for healing purposes. Thank you and peace to all🌸

  5. The picture telling you which frequency is playing says369Hz but the listing written underneath says 396Hz. Which one is it?
    I find any frequency above 741 earache-y. They're useful played as a background for other music. Thank you for them. Goddess bless, Goddess keep you all.

  6. Wow… been struggling to get myself to even start on the journey of self healing. Even tho I have the tools. This video is perfect. Great start❤️

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