#666 – Terrifiante expérience paranormal en LIVE sur Facebook & Snapchat | CONJURING en VRAI

#666 – Terrifiante expérience paranormal en LIVE sur Facebook & Snapchat | CONJURING en VRAI

NAME OF GOD THE FORM THAT I SAW NAME OF GOD ! no no no, pray pray pray he prays for him what happens to you ? too much this place is different everywhere everytime we say in the name of God the most Gracious, the most Merciful I seek refuge in the words God against all bad of His creatures ok there is the house brothers (he’s praying) I need a moment to tell you the story of the house of course today brothers it’s a horror night (he’s praying) (he’s praying) of course the place is very big brothers where Qrich lived, he lived here (he’s praying) to say true.. his story today is subject to discord this house his story is different Qrich brothers had a relationship with a demoness and it’s her who gave him the order of course brothers Qrich according to what I hear of his story we told that she came and then hid herself she wasn’t anymore where did she go ? God knows better ok today with me an adventurer Aari Alaction (Ahmad) sure everybody know Aari Alaction brothers so I hope the adventure will be good for him to be honest the place is huge and normally both must be here (the demon of Qrich and his wife) the demoness who ordered him to do like that on his wife and son (to kill them) .. imagine do you imagine, that a person of course many things are told about Qrich (notice there is no dust) and there where we are of sure (and then something seems to come !) it’s a very very big place (here) (he’s praying) what do you have ? ahmad: what happened ? / hasan (he’s praying) / ahmad: what ? did you throw something ? I swear it’s not me, what’s wrong with you ? ok then who throw it ? I swear here is the place exactly ahmad here (repeated) the branch brothers please share the live, involve yourself a maximum brothers I gonna tell them the entire story with nous there is hasan hello everybody, all love and respect to you everybody who love us and love action, please share the adventure here is my head the snapchat people share the adventure snap group hasan: look quickly look / ahmad: look brothers / hasan: turn off the light hasan: look look brothers look the branch the branch look look the branch (3 times) a minute they got out here here here here look the branche when it fell let’s go brothers quickly, everyone shares let’s go brothers, we say in the name of God the most Gracious the most merciful everyone in a place hasan: did you hear ? ahmad: (he’s praying) God how big it is ! too big I need to finish telling the story come ok brothers we stop a moment to tell the story to the group of ahmad we leave it for after, if God will, his group’s gonna come in live (he’s praying) a minute look brothers here is he the spirit (laughs) leave please ! (he’s praying) let’s go brothers share what’s wrong with you, only 150 on live ! ok brothers excuse me, a minute there is something here .. (he’s praying) (he’s praying) here he’s ! hasan (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) / hasan: appear ! where are you ? ahmad: hasan here he is / hasan: where is he ? / ahmad: he’s here. (he’s praying) no no no, there is something who appeared, brothers a minute let me finish let the snap finish just a minute (he’s praying) ahmad: I brought two lamps today/ hasan: come come a minute, ahmad (noises !) why today ? because the place’s gonna hold us a while we come back to snap look look look on the side the side the side turn off the light here she is here she’s here she’s brothers focus on the end of the window here here here here look look look when I talk he hid himself brothers ok brothers we gonna tell the story with the ahmed followers well brothers the story, there was Qrich (noise !) (he’s praying) ahmad: I swear there was someone / hasan: things are weird ok brothers Qrich had a relationship with a demoness and the demoness ordered him to kill his wife ans his son and to kill himself too, that’s the harm hear where was the harm the harm was that the Qrich’s body disappeared where is she ? she is in the other world is he present or not ? God knows better but we .. ((he’s praying, scared) (the cat scared them) stop leave it alone leave it alone so brothers the place is too much big brothers the place’s gonna take us many time this night we hope that everybody do shares (he’s praying) forgive me brothers, I’ll tell you the story in the second time until ahmad’ll share the live well hasan: are you ready ahmad ? ahmad: let’s go. brothers please share the live (he’s praying) ahmad: 1, 2/ hasan: natural natural ahmad: 3 full (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (noises !) of course brothers Qrich his story it’s very difficult to narrate, he was he was a poet what do you have ? (he’s praying) Qrich lived in this all house ahmad: this house is the biggest I’ve ever seen in my all life, God what’s it huge ! hasan: if you see something, do a screen and send it (he’s praying) (noises !) listen.. hasan come quick evp he’s in the room he’s here 100% he is present 100% I’m sure hasan: I’m sure he’s present ahmad let me finish to record there a little / ahmad: very well hasan: when I’ll finish I’ll post / ahmad: ok ahmad: what is it ? (noises!) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) each of you, if you notice something, screen and send it, all right ? (board thrown on the floor) (he’s praying) / ahmad: what happened to you ? (he’s praying) what’s wrong with him ? what has he ?? ahmad: they want to play / hasan: (he’s praying) a minute a minute we don’t come to hurt you we come in peace (he’s praying) (they’re praying) (hasan is drawn by someone) where he attacked you ? what’s that ? yey !! (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) brothers I swear he wants to hurt us indeed hasan: come see ahmad did you see what happened ? / ahmad: my God ! (evp) (he’s praying) hasan: ahmad are you ready ? / ahmad: sure / hasan : look by this way ahmad: brothers this place scares me honestly (he’s praying) ahmad let me put a filter (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (cord swung!) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (noises!) (he’s praying) (glace boken noise !) someone talked ! hasan: ahmad / ahmad: someone talked / hasan: I talked ! / ahmad: no ! ahmad: someone else talked hasan: no no no, listen hasan: let we, let we focus on Qrich story ahmad: no, you focus, there is, someone, who, talked ! (he’s praying) (2 evp) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (glace broken !) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) ahmad: what broke ? / hasan: no idea I swear ahmad: so someone is with us (they are praying) (he’s praying) let me check if something fell on the floor something fell on the floor I swear ahmad (he’s praying) wait let me experiment a snap filter / ahmad: go ahead put it (he’s praying) / hasan: brothers I need to put a filter (he’s praying) I don’t know if there is something who fell here you know what, something can be hiding here, there is a room I swear a minute ahmad: come see / hasan: a minute / (he’s praying) (strange thing!) hasan: what’s that ? what appeared on snap ? what’s inside ? it disturbe even the application ! (he’s praying) brothers please, write hashtag on the live a minute a minute there a noise there is a noise a minute ahmad turn off the light (4 times) turn off the light a little is there someone ? is there someone ? (a hit means “yes”) I stop recording a little brothers a minute there is something is there someone ? hey Qrich (he’s praying) I swear someone is there with us brothers I swear I don’t go up the stairs (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (evp) (noises!) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) hasan: there is something who appeared brothers / (he’s praying) ahmad: the second lamp hasan: a minute /(noises!) ahmad: there a noise / hasan: I look if ahmad: did you notice something ? hasan: a moment I have to see the snap before I let the snap finish all (he’s praying) look look look Goddd (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (noises!) there is a noise of something here (he’s praying) (noises!) ahmad: hasan there a noise / hasan: a minute (he’s praying) (hasan did not notice him yet) (he’s praying) (they’re praying) (he’s praying) what’s that ? (finally !) (he’s praying) what’s that ? by God there is someone ! brothers I swear there was something WHAT’S THAT ? ahmad call me I’m gonna show up ahmad ? YEY ! IN NAME OF GOD ! HASAN ? HASAN ? hasan: what ? / ahmad: is that you who was standing up here ? hasan : what ? / ahmad: is that you who was standing up here ? hasan: I was recording ahmad: HOW DID YOU DO HOW ? (two times) / hasan: what’s wrong with you ? ahmad: EXPLAIN ME HOW ? ahmad: EXPLAIN ME HOW DID YOU DO ? hasan: look I was filming ahmad: LISTEN TO ME THERE WAS SOMEONE DRESSED IN BLACK DARK HERE HERE, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU ? hasan: there is nobody (ahmad got mad) hasan; I swear there is nobody ahmad: I SWEAR BRO THERE WAS SOMEONE DRESSED IN BLACK DARK hasan: I swear I was near, you’re yelling me ahmad: BROTHERS WHO FOLLOW ME, BY GOD THERE WAS NOT SOMEONE DRESSED IN BLACK STANDING UP IN THE PLACE OF HASAN ? ahmad: COME SEE THE FOLLOWERS ahmad: comme see the followers hasan: a minute / ahmad: come see the followers / hasan: brothers / ahmad: brothers hasan: AH AH AH AH HE IS HERE HE IS HERE HE IS HERE ! HE IS HERE HE IS HERE, TURN OFF THE LIGHT TURN OFF THE LIGHT ! HE IS HERE (repeated) ahmad: BROTHERS HERE HE IS, YOU SEE, READ READ THEY SAW HIM, THEY SAW HIM ALL THERE WAS SOMEONE DRESSED IN DARK AND VERY TALL EVERYBODY SAW HIM wait a moment you take back the recording walking let me come back here to finish I think there is something ahmad go by here and I’m going by here hasan I’m sure there is something / hasan: a minute (he’s praying) AHMAD ? HEY AHMAD ? / ahmad: yes come come come there is something here (he’s praying) hasan, read come, read black tall (repeated) read, check out the world hasan: brothers I saw him on snap .. / ahmad: there was a someone tall ahmad: here, look / hasan: it’s ok ahmad I saw him on snap, I swear I saw him let’s go brothers let’s go we finish we finish the night looks a long night everybody pray, invoke God (they are praying) (they are praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) there is something (he’s praying)/ hasan: a minute ahmad listen, here he is he appeared to me here ahmad: by here hasan hasan by here / hasan: no no no no hasan: I don’t know what’s room ? / ahmad this room he appeared / hasan: a minute (he’s praying) the lamp is weakening what I must say, I swear there is something (he’s praying) it’s going as you want ?! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU TO ATTACK ME ? don’t tell me what’s wrong with me ! (ahmad got mad again, the djinn was in front and next to him) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) what do you have ? what do you have ? if you can’t keep going we stop what do you have, your eyes are turning, what do you have ? stand up, rest a little rest, breath ahmad: if you can not keep going stop ! / hasan : I’m dizzy / ahmad: stop stop, rest a minute, and answer me rest a minute and answer me hasan: no something affected me stand on the door stand on the door, rest a minute and answer me ahmad: rest a minute and answer me / hasan: there is a noise hasan: there is a sound, there is something / ahmad: here he is brothers (he’s praying) watch out ahmad (he’s praying) GOD ! NAME OF GOD ! (he’s praying) O Lord Your mercy (evp) (he’s praying) ahmad: I hear a voice evp (he’s praying) (he’s praying) what ? ahmad the place is hanted ahmad: he go up if you want to go, up up up no ! (repeated) come come come come ! O Lord Your mercy O God Your protection Lord (they are praying) (he’s praying) (noises!) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) a minute ! a minute there is something here he is indeed he is inside the place here there is something ahmad I believe that someone sleeps here indeed ahmad: where ? / hasan: someone sleeps here and here we go there is someone who usually sleeps here hasan: there is a bed, a pillow there is someone with us there is someone who sleeps here turn off the lamp (repeated) or put it by here look this shadow who’s standing up for us (he’s praying) / ahmad: turn off the lamp (repeated) brothers, turn off the light here he is here he is here he is ( repeated) on the light ahmad: here he is did you see him ? / hasan: yes he’s gone he’s gone definitively (he’s praying) / hasan: a minute ahmad, there is someone who follows us I swear we are not scared, we scare just !?! brothers this Qrich his story, he killed his son, he killed his wife under the order of the demoness and is .. listen the noise, the noise, the noise / hasan: a minute a minute there is something black here (he’s praying) I swear there is someone who observed us look look, it’s moving it’s moving O you the demoness of Qrich are you here ? there is something here who showed up (he’s praying) ahmad: SOMEONE CATCHES BY THE HEAD / hasan: what do you have ? calm yourself calm yourself calm yourself HEY ! (he’s praying) (he’s praying) come ! what do you have ? (he’s praying) yey! I swear she is here ! ahmad: she is here she is here / hasan: don’t go, don’t go don’t go O Lord, name of God (a mist attacked ahmad) don’t go don’t go don’t go (he’s praying) look notice a shadow appeared here (noises!) what appeared to you, you don’t look sure ? what appeared to you ? wait, look here O LORD YOU MERCY ! NAME OF GOD ! ahmad wait a minute we are not going to go in now I need to strengthen myself (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) / hasan: a minute (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) O God I enhanced myself and the one with me (he’s praying) (they are praying) O Lord Your mercy what do you have ? what do .. something hit me ahmed ! / ahmad: what happens to you ? I’m dizzy I can’t (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) did you record him ? we see something ? ahmad where the sound comes ? where is she ? (the cat) listen the sound she is here brothers a minute brothers the Qrich demoness by God she is around us around us around us hasan: a minute / ahmad: we go in / hasan: no / ahmad: we go in hasan: don’t go / ahmad: I go in I swear don’t go no no no O Lord Your mercy ahmad I tell you a minute I go ahead, if there is something, you will be behind me I let you the responsibility, let we go up in safety ahamd we go up in safety don’t go alone, and you go up let me go up I’m here, I want to go once (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (noises!) (he’s praying) (they’re praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (they’re praying) (he’s praying) (pve near to hasan) in name of God (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (someone’s yelling) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (they’re playing) (noises!) brothers on the live, pray our Lord brothers I beg you invoke God invoke God / hasan: there is a voice, a yelling brothers ahmad: brothers invoke God / hasan: there is someone who follow us, who speak to me, it’s not ahmad voice (he’s praying) / hasan: there is a yelling sound oh mumy ! ahmad: what do you have ? / hasan: I heard a sound of yelling ahmad: a sound, I heard a sound but I don’t know if it was you or someone else hasan: no there was a sound of yelling only / ahmad: no (he’s praying) NAME OF GOD ! NAME OF GOD ! (noises!) may God protect us hey Qrich (he’s praying) STAY ! STAY I SAW YOU ! (he’s praying) ahmad: are you here or there ? hasan: ahmad / ahmad : where were you, there is someone who appeared (he’s afraid) (he’s praying) O GODDD ! O LORD ! O LORD ! (he’s praying) (notice, nobody come out, we are on the second floor !!) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (noises!) (he’s praying) ahmad look here / ahmad: listen the noise / hasan: look look look hasan: did you see it ? / ahmed : OH MY GOD (noises!) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) brothers the place is terrifying Qrich if you are here appear here O Lord ! I swear I thinked it was someone look the dust the place is big (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (noises!) hasan, I swear there is something who’s walking who’s walking brothers is that me or you too you saw him walking (he’s praying) (he’s praying) here he is, I swear, in name of God (he’s praying) (he’s praying) what ? hasan: what do you have ? / ahmad: SHE WALKED IN FRONT OF ME IN FRONT OF ME LOOK LOOK she appeared in front of me/ hasan : no I tell you by God Almighty she appeared in front of me O Lord there is someone here ? (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (broken glace noises !) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) By God the sound of breathing the demoness of Qrich hasan: if Qrich is here appear to me / ahmad: breathing breathing breathing breathing there is a breathing hasan: I don’t hear / ahmad: there is someone who is breathing O Lord Your forgiveness O Lord Your forgiveness ahmad / yes there is a noise hasan: you called me ? / ahmad: no I didn’t, I talked, I wanted to go down indeed there is something here look look here hasan: do you have an extra lamp ? / ahmad : no (he’s praying) (he’s praying) hasan: ok brothers this thing fell by itself (they are praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) what do you haaave ? what do you have ? / a minute a minute (he’s praying) ahmad: lamp problem / hasan: yes (he’s praying) (he’s praying) O God (hit noise!) what do you have ? what they did to you ? what touched you ? let me see / hasan: there is something there is a noise (he’s praying) Oh mumy ! where did she go ? o my Lord ahmad something is behind me / ahmad (he’s praying) / ahmad (noise!) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) O demoness of Qrich I’m here in the place can you … (the demoness) appear ? by God there is someone hasan: come (repeated) AHMAD ? (square with mystic inscriptions: witchcraft) ok brothers, the snap group if someone understand those things tell me what it is my followers, do a screen of this (he’s praying) take all the wall (he’s praying) (he’s praying) brothers there is a noise (hit noise !) what do you have ? what do you have ? (they are praying) what do you have ? (he’s praying) ahmad: here I’m hurt they hit me with a slap or hasan: I don’t know a minute (repeated) (they are praying) (he’s praying) brothers (he’s praying) I swear someone hit my head look look the hit here she is here she is wait (repeated) this sequence this sequence here here here hasan: there is something who fell / ahmad: there is something behind me, isn’t ? / hasan: no there is nothing there is nothing behind you (he’s praying) I don’t know how they obstruct the light I don’t know (he’s praying) there is something dangerous I can’t I can’t (repeated) (he’s praying) brothers I notice something behind me (he’s praying) what do you have ? (he’s praying) (he’s praying) / what do you have ? (he’s praying) what happens to you ? / hasan: ahmad yey, there is someone ahmad: this how they moved it ? / hasan: I don’t know hasan: look here, come you did not answer to my question (he’s praying) Hasan there is this this this there is a noise here it’s been one hour I’m here o God ahmad there is something grabbing my back behind what do you have ? there is nothing / hasan: there is something who’s grabbed me / ahmad: no there is nothing O Lord ahmad there is a noise in the second floor there is a noise stay stay stay behind me, there is something who’s grabbed me ahmad ! (he’s praying) / ahmad: indeed I put all my cellphone in your back there is something I tell you (he’s praying) / my brother there is nothing (he’s praying) what do you have ? (he’s praying) (he’s praying) there is something hasan there is something there is something did you see ? OH MY GOD OH GOD (he’s praying) I told you something’s grabbed me, I tell true ahmad enough today, we’ll come back a second day (he’s praying) (he’s praying) did you hear or not ? stay ahmad stay oh mumy ! (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) ahmad there is something behind you / ahmad: noooo (he’s praying) what is behind me ? what was behind me ? (he’s praying) (he’s praying) / my face is all sweaty you’re wet wet wet (he’s praying) what was behind me ? / a minute look what was behind me did you film it ? a minute I’m going to see and make sure to convince myself of her ahmad we go outside a little (he’s praying) what was behind me ? I don’t know did you record her ? he didn’t appear did it show up ? just a minute hasan I want to stop today just a minute / ahmad: they weakened you a minute / ahmad: my heart hurts a lot there are noises or things which’s building no no there is no sound on the other side it’s moving ahmad stay a minute only stay a minute stay a minute ahmad the room that you watched trough, go see down ahmad: it’s been one hour / hasan: to say true there is nothing to film inside you told them inside the room she is here, the room of terror let we put a filter before we go in, a filter a filter a filter, let we put a filter a minute (he’s praying) we put a filter, brothers I wait to see the snap over to put a filter, we gonna see what we gonna catch please the followers please the followers there is a demon here or Qrich appears on my snap take a form with this filter (he’s praying) !?! and you’re sitting I’m hearing a noise behind me it’s been one hour we’re walking around there is a noise there is nothing, we need to calm ourself, we must calm ourself we calm ourself a little / ahmad: no no no / hasan: we calm ourself there is something, there a noise let we rest a minute ahmad brothers your prayers invoke our Lord write your invocations everybody share and put hearts please brothers let’s go the adventure has burned the house has burned everywhere we go, the conditions are very very very hostile, very terrifiant I swear a group hostility very hostile and terrifiant indeed (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) he don’t show up of course this house hasan (he’s praying) (he’s scared) (he’s praying) what do you have ? what do you have ? ahmad / ahmad: yes / what happens to you ? NOOOOO NAME OF GOD THE APPEARANCE THAT I SAW NAME OF GOD !!! NAME OF GOD !!! where did you … / here here here on the corner that I saw / hasan: which ? / ahmad: he is here, the corner hasan, here he was standing here he showed up his head like this he showed up his head (he’s praying) hasan: leave (repeated) / (he’s praying) it’s ok (repeated) hasan: o demoness of Qrich if you are here appear to me appear to me ahmad: pray brothers (he’s praying) share the live (he’s praying) / hasan: appear to talk each other (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) (he’s praying) one question, I ask you one question, one question, one question are you a djinn or a humain being ? are you a djinn or a humain being ? what are you ? (they are praying) ouch my leg what happens to you ? what do you have ? stand up stand up what do you have ? move ! MOVE ! WHAT DE YOU HAVE ? / a minute what do you have ? move ! I can”t a minute a minute move look you’re bent, look look I’m paralyzed walk, you must not approach here indeed it must not approach her you must not approach here ahmad I feel something paralyzed ahmad: no pray pray / hasan: I feel something paralyzed / ahmad: PRAY ahmad pray in his place (he’s praying) move your leg my friend move it oh mumy yey ahmad o Lord o Lord (he’s praying) ahmad: I swear that .. / hasan: ahmad it’s over, calm yourself calm yourself calm yourself and pray pray pray pray calm yourself and pray, tomorrow we’ll get back to keep going the adventure let’s go come / a minute come we’ll continue tomorrow .. tomorrow we’ll continue hasan: tomorrow we’ll get back tomorrow we’ll finish it (he’s praying) brothers please everyone share tomorrow don’t forget, our adventure at midnight (orbs) we’re going back at the same place, we will make appear the demoness of Qrich with the God help we’re going to make hear appear at … 12 pm half of the night wait us all, all … you’ll share (noises) ok brothers we leaved the adventure I honestly, hasan let’s go / a minute let’s go, a minuute a minute hasan: THERE ARE NOISES / ahmad: oh mumy yey (he’s praying) what happens to you ? in name of God (he hit himself again the wall !) what do you have ? what do you get ? / just a minute what make you yelling, scare like that ? he showed up he showed up brothers tomorrow you have to share (he’s praying) (scary) IN THE NAME OF GODDD indeed there are 2, 3, 4, 10 / hasan: don’t go in the name of God .. brothers tomorrow we are going to return in the same place oh mumy this one gave his head ! hasan there is someone with an appearance of a monster ! / hasan: don’t go (he’s praying) oh mumy ! let’s go let’s go, ahmad ? tomorrow midnight, we find each other / hasan: ahmad ? hasan: let’s move out / ahmad: we go tomorrow midnight be ready may God accord you peace good night (he’s praying) by God Qrich I hope you’ll find the good and your demon find it too with you (he’s praying) (he’s praying) brothers here is the adventure of hasan bar bar


  1. Le problème c’est que quand y’a deux caméra tu sait pas où regarder… c mieux quand y’a qu’une personne qui film, car on sait pas ou regarder. Sinon live plus qu’exceptionnel!! J’me suis régaler la!!!

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    L aventurier s appelle :hasan bar bar et see djinns fait un énorme effort en traduisant c aventures…merci

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  16. Prayer for Stopping or Lodging Somewhere

    “Audhu bikalimatillahi tammati min sharri ma khalaq”

    “I take refuge with Allah's Perfect Words from the evils that He has created”

  17. Merci SeedDjinns pour ton travail et la traduction. Une enquête riche d'expérience…je regarde leurs enquêtes régulièrement….celles-ci et tout de même éprouvante pour eux , Qu Allah les protèges.

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    Par Allah 3fois akhy que je n'en reviens pas de ce qu'il s'est passé avec les 2 frères. N'importe quel raqui aurait pris la poudre d'escampette depuis belle lurette et eux sont restés!
    C'est sur humain de faire ça sobhanalah!
    Et ça nous renforce dans notre foi de voir que les djinns sont physiquement présent et parmis nous! Les sourates anass et al falaq prennent tout leurs sens!
    Et toi se djinns mon frère barakalahoufik et Qu'Allah t'assiste dans ton travail parceque nul n'est plus sourd que celui qui ne veut pas entendre et nul n'est plus aveugle que celui qui ne veut pas voir.
    Merci encore pour l'effort que tu fais à nous décrypter et traduire leurs péripéties. 🙏🏻💜.

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    En tout cas leurs états de peur, le fait qu'il soit sur snap simultanément, et revisionne en direct leurs snap enlève la plupart des doutes de fakes, il deviennent de plus en plus populaire cest arabes qui chassent des djins

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    Super boulot seedjinn merci !
    Gros bisous 😛

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  26. Hassan bar bar et Ahmad Salhi j'ai trouvé la chaine yt de Ahmad allez vous abonnez voici le lien. Ça l'incitera à les publier sur yt parceque perso je suis anti Facebook insta ect!

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