5 STRANGEST Paranormal Experiments Ever Conducted!

5 STRANGEST Paranormal Experiments Ever Conducted!

5) Resurrecting The Dead
In the 1940’s soviet scientists began working on experiments on how to resurrect the clinically
dead. These were known as the experiments in the
revival of organisms, they were carried out by soviet scientists Sergei Brukhonenko and
Boris Levinskovsky. The scientists showed through medical experiments
and procedures organs can be isolated to live in and out of a body. They demonstrated how a dogs heart and lungs
can be isolated and continue to function while out of the dogs body. The heart had electricity applied to it while
the lungs had been operated by bellows oxygenating blood. The scientists also created a machine known
as “the autojektor” this was a primitive form of a heart-lung machine. The machine was composed by a pair of diaphragm
linear pumps and an oxygen bubble chamber. They used the machine to resurrect a decapitated
dogs head by supplying it with oxygenated blood. They then cut off the blood supply to the
dog head leaving it clinically dead for 10 minutes they then bring it back to life. Much controversy came to the scientists after
releasing the film of their experiment some have argued that it may be fake. Later on that year Sergei developed a second
autojektor this time to be used on humans, he was granted with the prestigious Lenin
Prize for his work. 4) Nazi Lebensborn Program
Although these experiments themselves were not of a paranormal nature the reasoning behind
them were. The Nazi Lebensborn Experiments involved teenage
sex camps for breeding in order to create a racial pure form of Aryans. On july 1st 1935 Hitlers right hand man Heinrich
Himmler founded the Ahnenerbe this stands for “inheritance from the ancestors”. This
departments original investigation was to find new evidence of the racial heritage of
the German people however due to Himmler’s obsession with occult it soon took a dark
turn. Himmler including the rest of the Nazi party
believed the Aryan race were a superior race created by the gods. Many expeditions were carried out to find
the root of the Aryan race, Nazi search parties were sent to several countries around the globe and tested the anatomy of its residence to see if any of them resembled Aryan. As the Nazi’s believed the Aryan race came
from the gods they opened breeding camps where young germen women would have sex with Aryan
men these babies were then collected and given to members of the Nazi party. Lebensborn literally means “fount of life”
the goal was to raise the birth rate of the Aryan race in Germany. The babies born from the Lebensborn were considered to be “racially pure and healthy” the program ran for ten years from
1935 to 1945. As part of the program in 1939 Nazi’s started
to kidnap children from many countries mainly Yugoslavia and Poland. These children were then put under what was
termed as “Germanisation” these were boarding schools which would teach the children how
to become proud to be German. The children were given new German identities
and were told to forget their parents ones who rebelled against the Germanisation were beaten and then sent to the concentration camps. The children would be abducted in plain view
of their parents once a large amount were rounded up they were split into several different
groups: those considered desirable to be included into the German population, those who were acceptable and the unwanted. The unwanted were sent to the concentration
camps while the others aged 2-6 were given to Nazi families of the program, those aged
6-12 were placed in the boarding schools for Germanisation. Around 20,000 to 200,000 children were estimated
to be kidnapped under the program. 3) Stargate Project
In 1978 the U.S. Army established The Stargate Project, The projects purpose was to study
psychic abilities to find out if they were real so they could use them within the military
and domestic departments. The project primarily involved remote viewing
this is the ability to see events, sites or information from a distance. The project created a set of protocols designed
to make the research of clairvoyance and out of body experiences more scientific. From 1972 to 1995 more than 20 million was
used to fund the project. The project was overseen by overseen by Albert
Stubblebine a retired U.S. Army Major General it was also overseen by Robert Monroe, as
we mentioned him in the previous video we won’t go into detail about him, new viewers
can click on the annotation at the end to find out who he is. The project involved 20 individuals, in the
1990’s under a part of the project known as phase one, out of body experience beacon
“RV” experiments were carried out. There are rumours that a volunteer by the
name of Ingo Swann who underwent the beacon experiment briefed back describing communication
with interdimensional beings and extra-terrestrials. Robert Monroe was under a contract with the
C.I.A and N.S.A up until he died in 1995, his patented hemi-sync technology was used
in the department to train agents in the ability of remote viewing by going out of body. Robert Monroe oversaw a remote viewing experiment
involving a man called Joe McMoneagle, he was referred to as “Remote Viewer 001”. Taking place on May 22nd 1984 Joe claimed to have remote viewed some type of life on Mars He claimed to see underground shelters, Pyramids,
Megalithic Structures and people who were very tall and thin he claimed “It’s only
a shadow. It’s as if they were there and not there
anymore.” He reported them as thin and tall but very
large wearing strange clothing. The stargate project also tested for telepathy,
they claimed telepathy brought back barely any results and called it “the giggle factor”
of the project. You can do a experiment at home to test telepathy
its known as “The Ganzfeld Experiment” The experiments involves several people a
“receiver” a “sender” and the experimenter who records the results. You also need ping pong balls and a red light. The receiver must place each half of a cut
ping pong ball over their eyes while in view of a red light. Staying there for 30 minutes will make the
receiver go into mild sensory deprivation. While in a separate room the sender will think
of an object and try to send it mentally to the receiver. The receiver will then say out-loud what comes
to their mind the experimenter writes this down then checks the results. Project stargate was terminated and declassified
in 1995, the movie the men who stare at goats was based on the project. 2) Aleister Crowley Abramelin Rituals
Aleister Crowley was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, novelist and painter. Aleister began to practise magic as he saw
it as a technique to make contact with spiritual entities for the purpose of expanding human
consciousness on to a cosmic plane. In 1889 Crowley decided he wanted to attempted
an ancient summoning ritual from the book of sacred magick of abramelin the mage. This ceremony takes about six months to a
year for completion. Abramelin magic was introduced to western
literature in the 15th century, this ceremony is used to evoke good and angelic forces in
order to over come dark forces. Crowley claimed “one must have a house where
proper precautions against disturbance can be taken; this being arranged, there is really
nothing to do but to aspire with increasing fervour and concentration for six months,
towards the obtaining of the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.” He also called this guardian angel his higher
self and inner genius. During the ritual Crowley intended to evoke
what he called “The Lords of Darkness” during the six months once conjured he would
compel them to serve the forces of good, a process which would cause him to come in contact
with the higher self who would guide Crowley into enlightenment. Crowley found an ideal location to perform
the ritual, this was called the Boleskine house. It was located on the shores of Loch Ness
in Scotland. Crowley surrounded the residence with
river sand, he done this so he could see the progress of conjuring the four lords of darkness
as he claimed prints were visible after several sessions making him believe he was successful. Just a few days after the rituals started
Crowley started to notice bizarre on goings in his surroundings. One day while Crowley was returning from the
garden he came across a catholic priest in his house, the priest told Crowley that the
properties gatekeeper had tried to murder his wife and children. After this Crowley hired a local man for labour
within the house, Crowley claimed the man started to act insane and attempted to murder him. Crowley also claimed a local butcher cut off
his own hand while talking to Crowley. Although Crowley took notice of the signs
he continued with the ritual asking for his friends and family not to contact him. Crowley cut the ritual short and never finished
it as his friend had asked for his assistance in Paris. The next several owners of the house had bad luck, one was a British film star by the name of George Sanders. He tried to build a pig farm on the property but the venture failed. His partner was sent to prison and the pigs
starved to death. Another owner was a former Army Major who committed suicide in Crowley’s old bedroom, he was found with a dog chewing on parts of
his skull. In December of 2015 the house caught fire
and remains ruinous. 1) Nazi U.F.O
Under the Ahnenerbe, expeditions were made to new Swabia Antarctica. While there its speculated that the Nazi’s
found more than what they were looking for and it soon became a base for secret Nazi
Spacecraft Technology. On August 26th 1946 The U.S. Military officially
launched operation highjump, this was an expedition to new Swabia Antarctica. This was lead by Admiral Richard Byrd along
with close to 5000 troops, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft. According to the U.S. Navy operations highjumps
objectives were: To train personnel and test equipment in frigid conditions, To investigate
possible future base locations and to develop techniques in order to utilize, maintain and
establish air bases on ice. While there Admiral Byrd was allegedly attacked
by what was described as flying saucers he later made a statement saying “The U.S.
should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country
by hostile planes coming from the polar region.” He claimed he wasn’t trying to scare the
public but in the case of a new war the U.S. could be attacked by objects which could fly
from pole to pole at incredible speed. He also said “ I have to warn my compatriots
that the time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our isolation and rely certainly
that the distances, the oceans and the poles were a guarantee of safety.” As the attack remains shrouded in mystery
it’s unclear as to what he and his unit were attacked by. Shortly after the alleged attack The boat
involved by the name of The USS Pine Island went missing from the military registry, it
was later found out to have been scrapped in the 1970s. The Nazi Party had made expeditions previous
to the U.S., their secret expedition began on December 17th 1938. A Nazi expedition party left Hamburg setting
sail for New Swabia Antarctica. The reason for the expedition was to investigate
the area for potential whale fat and to search for suitable base locations. Once they arrived over a three week period
German pilots covered the land in Metal badges with swastikas on them, they claimed
the land and named it “New Swabia” this was named after the boat they arrived on. While there the Nazi’s supposedly came across
underground caverns which held warm water pools. The Nazi’s allegedly founded a base called Base 211 while exploring the caverns the Nazi’s either came across Alien technology and reversed
engineered it or worse they came across an underground civilization of Aliens. This isn’t the only time underground alien
bases have been spoke of, Phil Schnieder a former government geologist and engineer had
over 17 years of experience working on classified government projects. He was involved with inventing shape charged
explosives to construct underground military bases. He carries a level three security clearance. Phil claimed as of 1995 there were 131 underground
military bases in the U.S. and 1477 bases worldwide each of them cost over 17-19 billion
dollars to construct. Phil also said a deep underground rail network
connects all underground bases in the U.S. In late august of 1979 Phil and a team of
government scientists and geologists went to Dulce new Mexico to construct a new underground
base. There were a total of 66 scientists and secret
service on site supervising the construction. While there they used equipment which drilled
into the earth at the rate of 2 miles a day, They drilled 4 holes, once dug a large amount
of a black soot started rising out of the holes. The equipment kept malfunctioning so they
decided to send humans down there to see what was causing the machine to act up. Phil and several others went into the holes
to find out what was causing the problem. He claimed as he went down he saw a 7 foot
alien grey claiming its stench was unbearable. He managed to kill two of them by shooting
them with a pistol. He claimed the alien waved its hand in front
of its chest he then saw a large blue beam heading towards him, this destroyed his fingers
and severely burned his leg. With help from secret service he managed to escape but claimed
66 people died with only 3 surviving, him being one. The others were placed in hospitals in Canada
and are not allowed to be visited. Phil claimed of these 131 underground bases
at least 65 are used as underground cities and transport systems for the aliens. Phil claimed world militaries have been involved
in a secret underground war with aliens ranging from small greys to tall greys and reptilians
he claimed there are 11 different alien races which inhabit tunnels and caverns under earth,
he said these aliens have lived underground for at least 400 years. Two weeks before releasing this information
Phil was shot in his shoulder in an attempt to take his life, in self-defence he killed
the shooter. He had an additional 11 attempts on his life
and his daughter was also kidnapped. A few months after releasing this information
Phil was found dead in his home in bizarre circumstances. A man by the name of Paul Bennewitz also claimed
he was picking up electromagnetic activity coming from what he believed were underground
alien bases in Dulce. It hasn’t only been recent history which
claimed an alien race lived underground. Native Americans also speak of an underground
race of “Snake people” The Hopi Indians of Arizona claimed they were saved by “Snake
People” who escorted them into underground caverns after their land came under attack
by asteroids, they called this “a deadly storm of falling stars.” These snake people are believed to be the
first inhabitants of the earth who were forced underground. Derinkuyu an underground city located in turkey
dates back to thousands years ago it was discovered in 1963
The underground city has a rather strange security system it contains doors weighing
1000 pounds which is held on rollers and can be operated by a single person, however these
doors can only be operated from one side. This means whoever was inhabiting the underground
city was hiding from someone or something. Some have argued they could have been hiding
from predators or other humans. Some suggest over 30,000 people inhabited
the underground city it is over 280 foot deep containing religious centres, store rooms
and stables for livestock. There are underground cities located all over
the world and most of them probably still remain undiscovered. From the Ahnenerbe the Nazi’s believed they
managed to trace back the Aryan Race to the Gobi Desert located in central Asia they claimed they lived underground as a result of weathering, they also believed the Aryan race stored secrets
about their formation in these underground cities claiming the race was produced by “Lord
Himalaya”. This race is believed to have formed 100,000
to 200,000 years ago. Some go as far as saying that the Aryan race
battled these underground aliens for many years. After the Nazi expedition one of the explorers
reported back to the press claiming to have created a submarine base in Antarctica. After the war many pictures were released
of Nazi Spaceship Type aircrafts which had used and stored at these bases. The Nazi’s claimed under the Ahnenerbe they
used psychics and looked into past civilizations to find the blueprints of these crafts. These crafts were reported to work by electromagnetic
propulsion methods, many different crafts were created such as the Kraut Meteor, The
Avro Disc, The Schauberger Models, The Bellonzo Diskus, many more were also created. By 1940 The Nazi’s were believed to have
a fleet of different Spacecrafts however only a few could take flight as they were still
in early development. During Hitlers downfall its believed he ordered
for the destruction of these crafts some believe the technology was taken by the U.S. and Russia
and continues in use today.


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