5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In Tunnels

5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In Tunnels

The Top 5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In a Tunnel The Thing in the Riese Tunnels
Project Riese was a mysterious plan by the German army to build a series of underground structures in the Owl Mountains of Poland during World War 2. However, the structures weren’t completed, leaving only a strange set of tunnels and caves. The true purpose of these creepy tunnels has never been discovered because no documentation describing Project Riese has ever been found. In this video, a group of explorers are trekking through the dark tunnels of Project Riese when they encounter another, very bizarre
cave explorer. A 4chan user attempted to brighten and stabilize the scary video so that the strange creature could be seen a bit clearer. It almost looks like some small scary thing
running on two legs through the narrow tunnels. But what do you think? Could this be some strange German World War 2 experiment gone wrong? Is it some mysterious creature? Or is the whole thing just some good special effects work? Stand By Me
3 boys decide to explore a train tunnel near Odell Lake in Oregon. Even though they have flashlights, the tunnel is so dark they can barely see more than a few feet in front of them. At first they take their time, leisurely strolling on the tracks. However, as they get deeper into the tunnel, they realize that it’s much longer than they originally thought. They seem to get a bit nervous and start to
jog, trying to reach the other end of the tunnel sooner. Nervousness soon turns to panic. And one of the boys says this
“thought I heard something” “What if the train started coming right now”
Less than one minute later, his question is answered… ” It’s a train”
The boys jump into the muddy water next to the tracks and as the train roars toward them,
they press themselves tightly against the tunnel wall. Luckily the 3 boys make it through the train
passing without a scratch. And hopefully after this incident, they won’t
take a stroll through any more train tunnels… So have you ever had a near-death experience
like this? If so, let me know down in the comments. The Descent
The Russian YouTube channel Beyond features a guy named Nick who explores creepy abandoned places. In one episode, Nick explores a series of
narrow caves with his friends. The tunnel openings are so small that he actually
has to take off his backpack to make it through the tight passageways, but as he’s removing
his gear, his friends continue ahead. He calls out for his friends, but no answer. He is left alone, lost in the cave. He has to crawl on his belly right underneath
sleeping bats to make his way through the caves. As if all that weren’t enough, strange things
start to happen as he explores. First his camera suddenly begins to act up
while filming one particular alcove. Then when he is trying to climb up a cliff,
it almost seems like someone is throwing rocks down at him. It gets even worse when his light begins to
die and he starts hearing strange noises in the cave. One is so loud it sends him running blindly
in the dark, but he doesn’t get far. He decides to give up looking for his friends
all-together and go back the way he came. But once he gets back to his backpack… even
more bad news. Someone or someTHING has been rummaging through his stuff. Nick claims that even though he didn’t notice
at the time, his camera seems to have caught glowing eyes watching him from the dark of the cave. But what do you think? Nick definitely caught some scary things on camera, but are they all real or fake? And are these really eyes or just some shiny
rocks catching the glow of his flashlight JUST right? You decide. Final Destination
When I first watched this video from Russia, I thought “wow this motorcycle guy is crazy
to be weaving in and out of traffic in a tunnel at that speed. And then, I realized he was riding a bicycle
and that he was actually WAY crazier than I had even imagined. Now I know some people will say “hey it’s
Extreme Sports, it’s cool, and so what if he wants to risk his life. So allow me to point out 3 other things that
make this guy scary and dangerous to everyone on the road. 1. He’s weaving in and out of traffic cutting
people off, which means someone could swerve to avoid him and have a wreck themselves. 2. That sign that he crashes into and breaks
when he almost impales himself on the boards sticking out of the truck. That’s a warning sign that warns other drivers
that the truck is carrying an extra long load. That way someone doesn’t accidentally drive
up too close at a stop, and those boards don’t go through their windshield like the logs
in that freaky Final Destination scene. But he just broke it, so now there’s no warning
at all. 3. This tunnel that he’s driving through is actually
the Lefortovo Tunnel in Moscow. You know that Youtube video called the Tunnel of Death where it shows all these cars having random horrible crashes for no reason? Well this is the same tunnel. It’s nicknamed the Tunnel of Death because
even under everyday driving conditions, cars often lose control due to water and ice on
the road. So this is a scary video in MANY ways. At least that’s my take. Let me know your opinion down in the comments. Grave Encounters
3 guys are exploring a tunnel under an old abandoned asylum in Canada when one of the
trio, named Matt suddenly disappears. They turn back to look for him, but Matt’s
not there. The video uploader suggests that this figure dressed
in what looks like an old hospital gown could be the ghost of a former asylum patient. Now, I’ve searched, but the source on this
video is a little sketchy with some saying this is actually from the abandoned Anoka
Insane Asylum in Minnesota, not Canada, so if you know the original source of this video,
please let me know down in the comments.


  1. Been there In Oregon. Milwaukie train trestle. I went to Milwaukie hs and used to ditch and walk on the tracks. Was almost hit by a train once.

  2. If I was that nick kid and i knew it wasnt my friends lol I would go back and put a bunch of trail cameras around in them tunnels for sure.

  3. Child sex trafficking…not creatures. They don't want to be caught. They hide small kids there probably. They will kill u. Or scare u. They satanic. They are good at it…

  4. the train was definitely scary. a very intense moment for sure. i was expecting a "creature" after their run in with the train

  5. -Some random creature appears.
    Literally every video ever: "Let's take the most pixelated camera we have available and also never point it directly at the thing that is chasing us and also shake the camera uncontrollably until even digital enhancing can't make out what we are supposed to see." – Prometheus school of capturing home videos

  6. 6:00 that cave one was too real for me.

    I was lost in a cave exactly like that as a teenager..

    Cave in the middle of the woods… Had to belly crawl in, small cramped cave. Got separated from my group and got lost… had to find my way back by myself… doesn't help that I'm 6'7 either

    Have been claustrophobic ever since… still have nightmares

  7. The scariest thing in this video for me was just knowing people would go into those fucking caves.
    I wouldn't even fucking LOOK into them.

  8. I know what project reisa is…..the nazi army tried creating the undead back in World War Two..but i was unsuccessful they abandoned it and years later humanity unleashed the nightmare

  9. why would you need special effects to just run down a corridor and look down the first path.. there is multiple. they didn't stop too lok where it went, they stopped to pan on the first one each time. same shit that other fraud tactic frank tv does.. same exact fraud tactic over and over.

  10. lol there's literally a horror movie where a camera team explores some abandoned asylum in canada and the camera guy named matt get's lost.

  11. Reference #1 [train tunnel]: What "near death" experience are you talking about? They have plenty of room on the side. Never went through another tunnel? How they gonna get back??

  12. Nick's friends just scared him =P …or whatever happened to them lol Also maybe the thing in the asylum tunnel is a papercut thing left by someone to scare others…

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  14. the last one is literally stolen from the movie "Grave Encounters"…

    >Matt disappears (actuall name from dude in the movie)
    >Abandoned Asylum (just like in the movie)
    >Tunnels (who wouldve guessed it, just like the movie)

  15. I was walking the train tracks in my town and I live right by the river so it gets pretty narrow anyways I was walking and there were cliffs on one side and the other was a huge drop off leading to the river . A train came by and me and my friend had to squeeze against the cliff wall . It wasn’t that scary cause we had a lot of time to figure out where we would go before the train was near us .

  16. Looks to me like “Mat” pretended to be lost so he could have enough time to dress up in the fake gown and stand still, knowing that his friends have shitty video cameras and won’t catch his face on camera. So fake.

  17. The 4th( base on the list) clip is the scariest ever think about it, u dont have the knowledge if u have enough space to avoid the train u lend ur life to MR LUCK and in the end the three exit in 1 peace (more scary than ghost)

  18. I find the train one the scariest. I'd be shitting myself if I was that close to being hit by a train… and then you've got to take into consideration the possibility of being electrocuted. At least ghosts can't kill you. Or can they… ? And as for 'monsters' in tunnels. If they ARE monsters then they're probably more scared of us then we are of them, hence why most sightings end up vague, because the 'monster' has already ran off.

  19. Your Videos Uploading more and more worse!!! Pls Only Upload Good Videos!! This make only you channel reputation down Zzzzzz

  20. "Someone has been rummaging through his stuff"

    Bitch if someone touches my stuff Idgf whether they're demon/ghost/cave creature… Imma grab my baseball bat and beat the shit outta them.

  21. first of all, I wouldn't be in no tunnel, group or not I'd be outside on guard, and 2nd if I saw something run across my view my butt would get the heck up outta there not go towards it

  22. the only near-death I had was when I almost fell into a lake full of snapping turtles and who knows what else the water was dark and green.i was reaching for a ball that a group of kids had lost and I clung to that edge for dear life but I wasn't a very strong child I was very weak and it felt like someone was pulling me up but there was no one there, long story short the ball somehow the ball floated back to me I was able to swat it back up and was far away from that dirty lake

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