5 SCARY HAUNTED Places & REAL Paranormal Evidence Caught on Camera | 2019

5 SCARY HAUNTED Places & REAL Paranormal Evidence Caught on Camera | 2019

an old lunatic asylum underground tunnel
of death abandoned mansion cursed ancient ruins and a terrifying old jail
these are five of the scariest haunted vacations and amazing pieces of
paranormal evidence that have been captured within them. Hi Cryptkeepers
thank you for tuning into Amy’s Crypt I cannot believe that this is the last
video of the year so I thought to send off 2019 in style I would go back and review
some of my best pieces of paranormal evidence at some of the scariest haunted
locations that I visited and made videos for in the past year I also hope this
gets you guys excited for 2020 coming up I have so many cool things planned so
many big amazing locations coming real soon for you guys in the new year now I
wanted to kick this list off of a location that really blew my mind in
terms of paranormal evidence and I wasn’t too surprised that it actually
did because this location is so notorious having the paranormal
community for its hauntings and this makes total sense when reflecting on its
history and I am of course talking about the Aradale Lunatic Asylum in regional
Victoria Australia this mental health facility opened in the late 1800s I was
open through until the 1990s it was very notorious for its poor living conditions
as well as the treatment methods that were used here which included
electroshock therapy as well as the lobotomy there were many many deaths
within the Aradale Asylum also it said that estimates of around 13,000 deaths
occurred here so it’s very understandable why there are so many
ghost stories circulated about Aradale one of the main reasons that I chose to
talk about Aradale on this video was I actually had a couple of weird
experiences myself there the very first one that I can recall was I don’t as
though I heard a man say right in my ear and this was why unfortunately we
weren’t rolling our cameras because we’re actually on a public tour now when
this happened to me my instinct was it’s Jared trying to
whisper something to me so I turned around and there was nobody standing
near me Jared was meters away from me this also happened one of the most
haunted areas of the asylum and that is the men’s ward where they kept the most
dangerous of their patients but the 12 I was talking and I heard a man whisper in
my ear yeah and said hey plug this yeah I actually thought it was Jared say how
it was not me though it wasn’t I was listening and I heard and I turned
around in jars I’ve two meters away from me so I don’t know what that was that
was really really weird now unfortunately we did miss this on camera
but I do bring it up because we returned to this same location
later in the night and I had a very similar experience which was actually
captured on camera so interestingly I felt as though I heard a man’s voice
coming from behind me trying to say something
Jared did not hear this at all but the camera’s audio actually managed to pick
it up maybe the doorway did you know but that door was open I didn’t hear that but this door is
supposed to be closed because I’m not supposed to go in there now I’ll tell
you what guys this wasn’t the only time that this happened to me at our Adel
interestingly when were in a different area of the psalm we were investigating
a bathroom inside the matrons quarters and I felt as though I heard a real loud
deep breath I I stated this at the time and I said oh dude – did you say
something did you hear that – Jared he didn’t hear a thing but then when we
reviewed the audio later it does sound as though he picked up a voice which is
kind of cool because it’s as if Jared’s looking over the toilet door at someone
and someone’s in there take a listen I believe that the voice sounds like it’s
saying hello but let me know if you can hear something different I said oh just
the reason now I actually think that this is really
cool and really amazing that I heard something in the moment with my own ears
that Jared did not hear and just to reiterate what I heard the camera audio
actually managed to pick these up and in the replay it actually sounds as though
there are voices like we are not in that room alone like there’s somebody else
there we did manage to get another EVP which was a little bit similar to the
one that we captured in the bathroom which I just showed you this was
actually in a separate area of the asylum this was in the women’s ward
again in the bathroom I kind of dead Jarrod to go through by himself because
I was really it had a big scary atmosphere in there so I said you go
through he goes through by myself films over the top of one of the bathroom
stall doors again and once again it sounds like a voice is picked up on the
camera so I’m gonna roll that one for you guys now now there is so much that we picked up
on and so much that happened at our now it’s a massive amazing location so I’m
gonna be linking the video for that our das island below as well as all of the
other videos that I cover here today and I really recommend if you guys haven’t
seen them before that you go back and revisit them because I mean especially
our doubt we captured some of the best evidence I think that we have ever
captured at this location all right quick peepers moving on to our next
haunted location this one is in Baguio of the Philippines and this is reported
to be a super super haunted city and I did visit a lot of the spooky locations
here but there was one that kind of stood out for me probably one of the
more underrated haunted locations in Baguio and that is the Japanese tunnel
so there is actually a system of underground tunnels that are just below
either ground of Baguio and they span pretty far these were actually occupied
and used by the Japanese during World War two and some pretty dark things
happened down there including the deaths of many many Japanese soldiers so
basically the story goes that the US military had gained some information and
allowed them to learn that the Japanese were occupying these tunnels and that
they were going to use the tunnels against them so they thought that they
would act first and they actually bombed sealing off all of the entrances and
exits to this tunnel henceforth trapping a lot of people within the tunnels now
unfortunately this led to the deaths of many many people a lot of people
committed suicide down there because they preferred not to starve to death
and then there were some who are a little more hopeful thinking that maybe
one day they could get out so they actually resorted to cannibalism to stay
alive just that little bit longer now during this investigation I honestly was
incredibly distracted I felt incredibly ill that day but I thought I would
soldier on because this was a location that I
I really wanted to check out and share with you guys and I’ve got to admit that
whilst we were filming I didn’t really think that we picked up on much and it
wasn’t until I later reviewed the footage that I realized that we had got
some interesting stuff in there so one of the first things that I kind of
noticed was as I was reaching out to the spirits there were some noises such as
make a sound after I had asked them to make a sound so I’m going to roll a
little bit of a clip now for you guys just to show you that can you make a
noise that is not the most interesting thing
that happened in this tunnel that we captured on camera there was actually
one part of the footage where we caught a weird mist forming right in front of
me to me it kind of looked like when you are somewhat very cold and you have that
cold breath come out of your mouth and you can actually visibly see it it
looked a lot like that but I’ll play it for you guys and you’ll see that it is
far too low to be coming out of my own mouth is there anyone in this tunnel
with us can you make a noise or show yourself can you make a noise or show
yourself can you make a noise or show yourself can you make a noise or show
yourself can you make a noise or show yourself
now I did think that this was very weird so I put it to you guys what do you
believe that it was and there was a number of you who thought that it was
something paranormal something supernatural I play it back after
reading all your comments I can kind of see where you’re coming from that it
looks as if there is someone who’s shorter than me standing near me and
it’s their breath now there were a couple of you who are a bit more
skeptical of that which you know it is fantastic I’m a skeptic myself and they
said that it could be some kind of natural mist forming this happens in
caves especially when they’re quite damp apparently I do have to admit this cave
was quite damp and there were some particles flying around in the air but
there was nothing that looked quite like this weird missed in that formed in any
of the other footage so I wanted to share with you guys because I thought
that it was very interesting all right so onto our next location this one
actually brings us to Malaysia and into the very terrifying bukit tong khoo
mansion and man just want to look at this place it sends too
down your spine but to know that a woman who used to live there actually
committed suicide within the house makes it far more chilling now it’s a little
bit of a mystery as to what transpired for the family who lived within the
house once their family member this lady had committed suicide but eventually at
this house was left in abandonment and is now fully reclaimed by the jungle as
you guys will see but there are a lot of rumors that say that this family
actually left because they became haunted after this woman’s death now I
did choose this location for this list because it is particularly scary but all
that aside we did actually managed to pick up on some very interesting
evidence now the first thing that I want to share with you guys is actually what
could be an EVP it really really sounds like somebody’s voice and it makes me
question if we were actually there in that house alone it really sounds like
there’s someone with us so if this was during a time that I was just getting my
phone set up to run a ghost to obsession and Jared was just rolling or waiting
for me to be ready and as we were just standing there I was fiddling around
with my phone you can hear a voice which does not sound like either of us and
when I first edited the footage I actually thought that the voice was
saying okay but now that I send to it back all this time later there’s more of
us I could tone at the beginning of that okay almost as if it’s saying I’ll play
it for you guys but take a closer s’en let me know if you think that you can
understand what it is saying keep in mind as well we are in Malaysia so it’s
not necessarily saying something in English now there were some other weird noises
that we picked up on within the abandoned mansion that were of interest
to me some of these were bangs that we recorded that sounded as though they
were upstairs which is kind of interesting considering you can’t get up
to the second level of this place that was way too dilapidated there’s also no
floor the second level doesn’t really exist anymore now you do have to keep in
mind there were a lot of bats and the animals here as well as this place
literally falling apart so it definitely could have been a natural noise but
these ones do sound a little bit weird that it’s not gone out or not those and sounds like something in addition to
these noises we also picked up on a noise which sounds very much like a
branch snapping not just a small twig or something it sounds like it’s got a bit
of you know meat to it we also had another weird noise that
sounded very much like a footstep right near me and we get the footstep noise
just after I say Oh like I feel weird like I had some weird kind of the
shivers down my spine you like can you make a noise very close to me so that I
know that you’re here now of course we also conducted a spirit
box session here and there were a couple of words that we heard comfrey that were
a little bit oh okay that’s a bit odd the first one being ma and this seemed
kind of relevant because the woman who committed suicide in the house was
actually a mother now there was another voice that seemed to very clearly say
hello which I thought was pretty cool and then the last one I swear I can hear
a voice saying evil through the spirit box so one more thing that actually happened
personally to me why we’re standing in this house was I felt something going up
my leg and it was something heavy gripping my leg there was a bit of
weight to it we were in a abandoned mansion that is very very overgrown so
it could have been an animal or it was probably like a bloody tarantula or
something climbing up my leg but when I did feel it
I obviously go oh ok I’ve got a sauce out my leg
it seemed fine there was nothing there we were in complete darkness I can’t
tell you that that’s paranormal but it was a little bit scary for me kenapa
I was something now the very last interesting thing that
happened here was probably not paranormal but I always think maybe this
could have added to energy which could have helped us get these other pieces of
energy and I was seeing bright flashing light from outside the house while we
were inside and they’re so bright that it almost looks as if someone is taking
a photograph with the flash on so what I said guys was a flash of light almost
like someone was taking a photo out just out there we’re in a vacant lot in this
abandoned house we’re completely alone like I am for once not fearful that
there’s actually going to be squatters or anyone here so it’s very odd to see
now I had experiences that another haunted location in India in the past
and I learned from you guys my viewers my subscribers that it could have been
heat lightning now I don’t see any physical actual lightning in the sky
it’s just as if the sky lights up and that happened a number of times why
we’re in this house so I always wonder or maybe there was a little bit of
energy going on there that could have helped the spirits communicate with us
okay so let’s move on to a number two location this one is said to be the most
haunted place in India anger for and it was amazing how many people suggested
this location to me as soon as people found out that I was visiting India
everyone was saying you need to visit this location so how could I’m not the
most haunted place in the country I gotta go see that now this place banging
for actually dates back to the 17th century and is said to be incredibly
haunted as well as cursed and it is so wanted that you are not allowed there at
night because it is believed if you visit at night the ghosts will not let
you return and basically you die now there are a couple of legends as to why
this place is haunted and cursed one involves a curse from a local guru that
other involves it to being cursed by a sort of sorcerer whether there’s any
truth behind these it’s not really known but this place is very notorious and
feared by a lot of people in India so one thing that actually
scared me and concern me the most about this was why were there at night of
filming were approached by a security personnel and actually told us that
there are tigers and leopards in this area who have been known to attack and
kill people so that really freaked me out and you know things like that scare
me a lot more than ghosts ever will now the one main thing that I wanted to
discuss with you guys is actually quite a personal thing that happened to me why
we were at the fort and it just overtook me it was a really intense of feeling
and I actually had to leave the area that we were in we had ventured deep
into the belly of the fort and I just I’m not one to leave a location while
we’re investigating but this place I had to get out of it I had to leave now just
a bit of background information Jarrah and I spent about a month
filming in India and I was sick for almost the entire month and the couple
of days leading up to before we went to bang it I was incredibly ill but you
know I thought I’m gonna power on through this I have to go see Bhangra
for what we have to go film it I need to show this to you guys on my channel so
we went for it and as we ventured into the belly of the fort I began to feel
really ill there was one room in particular that we stood to do a spirit
box and I’ll tell you what I actually felt like I was gonna I was gonna vomit
everywhere it was disgusting I admit it’s stunk in there there was a lot of
bats hanging around living in there and it stunk like it was horrible but you
know I was like no this is where I feel weird this is where we should do a
spirit box so we began the spirit box and we were doing it in there until I
just was overwhelmed I had to get out I freaked out a little bit to be honest I
went really dizzy faint and I felt like I was gonna throw
up and I had to leave the room now interestingly as I left I felt so much
better just that bit of fresh air might have done it but it was almost like an
instant you know thing it just like I was a lot more relieved leaving that
room then I was staying you know I caught my breath I had some water got
some air I did feel better I carried on the rest of the day and the
night and I was fine it was just that one moment in that room that really
really got to me actually feel a bit sick I need to get out of here right so
I just in one of the rooms in in the fort and it was very dark in there and
it stunk so bad but and I felt started I had to leave I felt really sick and I
feel really really faint right now right I just felt really dizzy in that room
although chucking this little hissy fit and leaving is pretty out of character
for me I’m also not one to get overcome by physiological symptoms when I’m
around the paranormal I it’s very rare that I pick up on feelings or feel ill
or anything like that but what I find most interesting about this piece of
footage is actually a voice that we picked up just before I really threw in
the towel and freaked out said I need to get out there is a voice it sounds very
much like a male voice while we’re doing the spirit box and it seems to be saying
my name it sounds very much like it says Amy and I’ve got to tell you I’ll play
it for you guys take a really close to listen to it because to me it doesn’t
sound like it’s coming through the spirit box it actually sounds like maybe
there’s someone in the room with us and they say Amy and straight after they say
it I’m like that’s it I’m out I got a good low mean out kind of thing so it’s
interesting that we got that response and then it was paired with me okay
let’s go I actually feel a bit sick I need to get out of here now a little bit
later on in the night we did venture back into the exact same area of the
fort and I didn’t really get any weird feelings like I wasn’t overcome with
illness or any other sensations but there is something that we picked up on
the camera audio that very much sounds like a woman humming which doesn’t
appear to be near doesn’t to be Jared we were in the room alone it
makes it difficult to say that this was a EVP or something paranormal because we
are moving around at the time and we are both talking but I’ll play the audio and
the clip for you guys now take a close this and it really sounds like there’s a
woman in there with us fingers are holding the ground up here’s be careful
be careful be careful be careful okay guys I’m tell that citation this is
my number one spot for the year and I’ve honestly saved a special one from my
home here in South Australia that is the old Adelaide jail now there’s places for
to be incredibly haunted it functioned as a maximum-security prison for a
hundred and forty seven years processing some 300,000 prisoners there’s also been
a lot of death there at the old Adelaide show when you start thinking
about murders suicides disease then there was also 45 executions by hanging
that occurred there on the grounds of the jail now the first pieces of
evidence that I want to discuss with you guys actually ones that involve the REM
pod now this is a piece of paranormal equipment if you don’t know a lot about
it it’s actually a proximity sensor so if anything gets close to it goes near
it it will trigger sound and flashing lights now we actually use this in one
of the most haunted buildings of the jail which is known as the new building
and whilst we were using it it really felt like someone was there playing a
game with us It was as if it was messing with us so
every time that we went to leave the area that we had placed the REM pod to
investigate another you know section or wing of the new building it would
trigger and it would go off whenever we were to stop rolling the camera it would
trigger and it would go off and I’ll show you some footage now where we we
tried to play the game back and trick the REM pod because we were saying I’ll
turn the camera off we’re leaving now and leave
and it does trigger it felt like something was just messing with us down
the hallway he just went off because we show off the camera and then we were
just collecting up some gear to move boom
that guy’s often we miss it but I promise it went off guys I’m not pretend
to shut the camera off again let’s go things are better we’re gonna
go around anyway now the most interesting piece of rempod
activity I believe was actually what we captured inside the hanging tower now
this is actually a former guard tower that was converted for a place that they
could do executions I don’t think they actually hanged too many people in here
before they stopped doing those executions at the jail but there had
been a number of deaths in there and people have reported some pretty
sinister paranormal things occurring in here now actually place the rem-pod
on the top of the trapdoor so when you get hanged trapdoor drops out below me
and I know that that’s a really creepy place to put it but that is where we put
it it actually went off a couple of times it went off on command as well
when I asked it to go towards the REM pod it actually triggered which was
really amazing can you go towards that red lightning
trap thank you now other than the REM pods going off we also had some pretty
weird sounds and noises going on within the jail some of these were actually on
command as well so when we asked for something to happen
you get like a knock or a tap which was kind of interesting too top of the stairs right yeah now during
this investigation we also decided to do some alone vigils so at one point Joe
and I actually split up he went into one cell I went into my own cell we got
locked within these cells and these were actually places where they put condemned
prisoners so they were there in solitary and they are they’re basically awaiting
their execution a lot of people have reported strange occurrences to happen
in there and I can tell you what we picked up some pretty interesting things
in the cell that I sat in alone the first of those things being an obvious
response if you guys don’t know what that is it’s again a piece paranormal
equipment and it measures environmental things going on around it which could
correlate to a database filled with words and when certain triggers are
reached then you might get a word and people believe that spirits can interact
with the environment to select these words and hence communicate with you I
did get a word that I felt was quite relevant to what I was doing at the time
now I was messing around with these balls that we use it’s just another
piece of equipment and as I was doing that my camera was kind of hung around
my neck and it was swaying right in front of the Ovilus and then it said to
me camera so I felt like that was quite intelligent
I’m very careful here oh no way this literally just said a camera to me did
you just say that to me for me Larry that is not the coolest
piece of evidence that I picked up in this cell and this piece of evidence
I only realized that I had captured later when I was
and it’s a piece of audio that very much sounds like a deep male breath now
you’ve got to remember that I was in this cell alone and when you watch the
footage it really does not look like this breath comes out of me it seems as
though there is someone else in the cell with me
now the most interesting part about this is you hear the breath and then straight
after that I say oh I’m getting mad chills guys as if I just had a sudden
drop in temperature that I could actually physically feel so paired that
with the breath that I didn’t realize how to code at the time that makes it a
lot more interesting there’s a woman to get a hot damn bad chills or I do man
shows now another reason that I really wanted
to highlight the old Lake Jail here for you guys is there was actually another
experience that I had there where I actually saw something hit with my own
eyes now I’m not gonna be talking about it today because we did not capture this
on camera which is very very sad but I saw something that was pretty cool so
I’m thinking maybe this belongs in a separate video where I can tell you
about this experience and it’ll be more of maybe a storytime so please let me
know if you would even be interested in hearing about that now I do hope that
you guys liked this video I thought it was something a little bit different and
a little bit fun to close out the year it’s really nice to reflect on
everything that we’ve been through together in 2019 please let me know your
thoughts as well on all of these pieces of the evidence are there any that you
know are your favorite or anything that you think is really compelling maybe
there’s some pieces here that you don’t think a paranormal at all and that is
totally fine I always respect skepticism so if you’ve got an idea about what
something could be then please leave me a comment I always have to hear about it
you guys know I really love to hear from you you really make my day every time
that you leave me a comment it is greatly appreciated now remember as well
guys 2020 is coming in hot and I’m so excited for the new year not that 2019
hasn’t been great for less crypt keeper’s 2020 is going to be even better
I have a lot of big surprises in the works I’m hoping to travel again and
just bring you guys more spooky content from all around the world the most
haunted places in the world guys so if you did enjoy this video please remember
to Like comment share and subscribe you know that really really does help me out
if you want to do any more reading on any of these locations or any of the
other haunted places that I have visited head to my website amyscrypt.com you
guys can also keep up with me @amyscrypt on Facebook Twitter and Instagram
thanks you Cryptkeepers until next time


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