5 Most Cursed Paranormal & Horror Movie Sets Of All Time

5 Most Cursed Paranormal & Horror Movie Sets Of All Time

Possession The possession was a paranormal movie based
off of the legendary haunted dibbuk box that like in real life attaches itself to people
and brings about strange and horrible events in their lives. One of the actors in the film Jeffrey Dean
Morgan has himself worked on many supernatural movies and was quoted as saying he had never
experienced anything on any of the other paranormal shows or films he has been on before until
he started shooting the possession. Morgan himself is said to be a sceptic, but
couldn’t help being freaked out by some of the things that happened while they were
filming on set. This included lights exploding for no good
reason and chilly breezes wafting through closed sets. It only seemed to occur when integral scenes
were in the process of being filmed. However, an, even more, sinister event happened
that creeped out the members of the cast. During filming the facility that kept all
of the props for the film mysteriously caught fire. An investigation into the blaze confirmed
that it could not be blamed on arson or an electrical fault and caught up in the blaze
was the prop dibbuk box. the real dibbuk box as offered for the cast
to use for the rest of filming however due to the strange events the crew turned the
offer down. The Omen The omen truly was a creepy film and at the
time of it being made it did fill people with fear. However, it wasn’t just the movie that was
scary, in fact, the actual filming of the film was said to be filled with strange happenings
and tragedy. Before the film even started production one
of the main stars Gregory Peck tragically lost his son after he committed suicide. As soon as the production of the film began
taking place one of the crew members was involved in a traffic accident, however, he did survive. The scriptwriter of the film had his plane
struck by lightning while he was travelling and strangely enough just hours later the
plane in which Gregory Peck and the executive producer were travelling in was also struck
by lighting. Due to this string of strange and unfortunate
events, the crew decided to hire their plane to schedule flights, however, one of their
planned flights was postponed due to the plane being booked at short notice by businessmen. Shortly after the plane took off the plane
experienced problems and eventually crashed down onto a road, this sparked two other vehicles
to crash and subsequently left everyone involved dead. Batman Dark Knight Rises Over the past decade, there have been many
strange and tragic occurrences that are said to be blamed on the Batman curse. The 2012 Colorado shooting was one of the
most recent and the worst that ok place. The shooter managed to storm the midnight
showing of batman the dark knight rises and kill 12 people by shooting off with an assault
rifle into the crowd. Just four years earlier the death of Heath
Ledger after filming the dark knight shocked everyone in the movie industry. Ledger was warned by friends not to take the
part of the Joker. However, he took the part and soon found experienced
the role consuming him. He ould only average around 2 hours of sleep
per night while playing the part and many said that he was finding it hard to fight
depression. What’s even more creepy is that while he was
filming the part of the joker he would keep a diary, now what’s weird is that on the last
page he wrote by bye with a picture f him as the joker. What do you guys think was his role truly
cursed or was it ledgers personal problems the conjuring The Conjuring was a paranormal movie based
on the case of the Perron family in the 70s by paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine
Warren. The family even visited the movie set on a
few occasions however corn Perron would never set foot even on the movie. Some very strange activity surrounded the
set of the movie. At one point while the family was on the set
they felt a strong blast of wind. However, the rest of the crew working on the
set noticed that none of the nearby trees was swaying. At the same time, the mother Carolyn who had
stayed a home experienced something evil in her house similar to what she had experienced
in the 70s. At the same time she was unexplainably pushed
down the stairs, that required her to take up hospital treatment. No, more than a few days later the hotel that
actors and some of the crew were staying in mysteriously caught fire and required all
of the actors to be evacuated The Amityville Horror The original Amityville movie was produced
in 1979 and starred James Brolin. It was also based on a true story. Originally Bolin was sceptical about doing
the movie but agreed to take a look at the script. While reading the script in the early hours
of the morning bolts pants that he had hung up mysteriously fell off the hanger causing
Bolin to be truly spooked and eventually led him to accept the part. When the remark was due to start shooting
in 2005, a dead body mysteriously cast up on the beach close to the set. Ryan Reynolds who starred in the remake is
quoted as saying some members of the cast would wake p at quarter part 3 fo consecutive
nights while filming. Now what’s weird about that is the real murders
took place in the Amityville house are thought to have happened at quarter past 3 in the

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