5 Early Signs of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) – pre-diagnosis symptoms of M.S. that a neurologist can see

5 Early Signs of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) – pre-diagnosis symptoms of M.S. that a neurologist can see

isn’t this lovely birds feeding over
there in the bird ball thing behind you there’s more birds as well I was gonna
show them a 360 camera I will one day but today’s video I’m gonna tell you
about five early signs of MS now these five signs don’t mean that you’ve got MS
if you’ve got any of these but these are the five things of my early
pre-diagnosis MS number one a lot of people get this and also Jack Osbourne
you know Ozzy Osbourne’s oh yeah that bloke his son Jack has got MS and one of
the first things he had was called optic neuritis yeah a little blind spot but a
vision problem many people report early on pre-diagnosis having some sort of
visual disturbance either like a blind spot you know a blind spot you ever did
that to finger blind spot tests in primary school similar to that or it
could be like Buggles you ever get the Buggles in your eye when they can GED
only you can see them do you need to trim some sort of ocular some sort of
eyeball thing either nerves on your eyeball or the interpretation of the
note depends on where in your nervous system if you have MS affection in your
in your sight number two this is very common pins and needles have you ever
fallen asleep on your arm and then you wake up or if you stop the toilet
reading the book or playing a game one of those those mobile games and then you
stand up and you got all pins and eve’s anything it’s like that but without the
laying on your arm sitting on the crapper kind of reason you know it’s
just randomly or it could be buzzing in the bottom of the spine there there was
a girl a DJ on radio one and she was saying all she got buzzing in her spine
and someone phoned in said oh you might have a miss turns out she did so
guaranteed MS have you got that then no I’m just kidding
just that on its own isn’t a sign you’ve got MS usually in my experience at least
and from other people I’ve talked to on my facebook page MS video diary and
and ms that’s where you search for my youtube channel as well many people
about that feeling as well that that buzz just doesn’t mean you’ve got it but
if you have it that’s could be what and precursors my experience is you need
more than one thing isolated incident your doctor your GP before you get
diagnose by a neurologist you’ll get referred to him if you have these
historical things happen in you number three number three it’s like a pain I
had like a not like a pulled muscle like if you pulled a muscle a few weeks
ago and still feel they pulled the muscle but it was like some sort pain
here or could be anyway depends on where in your nervous system
if there is damage in your spine or wherever that’s where it affects it how
you can have like a scratch here but you can feel it over here that kind of
crisscross of nerves and nerve coatings being damaged so if you get some sort of
pain like a a droopy pain that in your knee and your toe somewhere not just on
your own if you get any pain anytime your MS blimey I’m having trouble with
it but along with optic neuritis along with pins and needles or tingling or
little buzzing sensations sometimes you’ve got there is a there is a word
for it when you lift your over after doing some ways you can clearly go
climbs twang it’s like an electrical little zip it’s like that but without
having to do the stuff that called causa hello me next number four this is one
that I used to get I’ve seen a lot of people get is drop foot you know is that
of having a two heel toe walking method after you get bit fatigued or it’s too
hot or whatever may exacerbate your your own stress levels you start flopping
it’s just like way if you wear flippers you know how kids wear flippers they got
a walk and they’re gonna flop but it’s just one foot usually it could be both
but usually is just one foot that has it depends on which side of the brain is
having a problem it never happens in your hand though
you never get dropped put in your hand so if you’ve got drop foot in your hand
well I know doctor but see a doctor number 5 number 5 thing coke fog
cognitive disorder now this is the same as being confused or oh where did I put
the keys this is like I’ll give you an example when I used to work as doing
delivery for a Chinese takeaway I went to go somewhere all the way there I know
where I’m going I got there just about knock on the door and then BOOM
I’m on the other side of town anyway I’m sorry little birds I’ve got to say hello
to them because I think one day they will talk back then I know I’ve got a
problem another thing to do with a cognitive disorder it’s not like you’re
confused it’s like everything’s normal but suddenly boom everything goes to pot
another one for me personally this is why I stopped driving I was pulling out
of a disabled parking space because I got a bad you know bad you can run
little animals over high school you ain’t got a disabled badge everybody
like mr. bean when he run is in the vinegar I will reverse that I was read
I’m a good driver I used to be I should say I reversed out and there was no old
lady B I mix this disabled area I suppose and anyway I was really careful
and I’m right I’m gonna go forward so automatic car as well then they have to
change gear just move the thing so there’s a little Robin oh look look look
I wonder if I can turn the gamble that spooking it now it’s big stupid Robin
yeah you should see it was lovely huh anyway so this old lady others really
were reversing really well and alright I’ll go I’ll pull away that so I put it
the indicator on and I press the accelerator slowly because I know what
I’m like and then I still go backwards I stopped it but oh what am i doing I need
the runner over cuz the old lady behind me right I thought I know what the
problem is I’ve put the indicator on ooh stupid so I put the indicator the other
way and then press it was still robic that kind of thing you don’t understand
how stupid you are when you’re being stupid
you’d have to be clever to know you’re stupid so you wouldn’t be stupid so
those are my five early symptoms number one or killer something visual happening
number two pins and needles or buzzing your spine or number three rocford when
you start to get text or you have to lift up your thigh to get a perfect up a
curb or something number four pain some sort of pain
somewhere somewhere an aching pain not an acute pain because acute pain is not
sharp it’s a cute is there a short time like an acute angle it’s very small
doesn’t mean it’s small pain means it’s a small time period of time chronic pain
is lasting a long time so if you’ve got an ache that you go along that’s eight
and the GP or the neurologist that you get referred to will be able to look at
all your history so don’t forget to see your GP or with the way things are
nowadays phone your GP let me know what’s going on do I need to come in
he’ll probably say no come back you’d be dead that’s the way you’d save money on
the NHS you know her not political much number what did I say one visual thing
two pins annealed three drop foot for pain and number five cog fog you get a
bit confused if you get stuff you’d be you but you put the TV control in the
fridge now that’s not to be confused when you distracted and thinking about
other stuff about Jon’s bird down the road bird a alright so those things
doesn’t mean that you’ve got a mess if you got all those things although I
recommend seeing the doctor anytime you have any one of those things not
actually seeing the but 11 low because that go in your history and the new role
is can look at your history and see if that is worth warranting an MRI a big a
magnetic resonance imager an MRI anyway cat scan
because cats can a dog stubborn they don’t know but the cat scan


  1. I dont know if its optic neuritis or something else but ive had a pressure like feeling along with slighty decreased vision in my left eye twice now. Once 9 months ago which lasted for a month or so and now it has come again. The eye dr didnt see anything wrong with the eye so i dont know what to do

  2. Check for mold illness or Lyme disease before you let a Dr. diagnose you with MS. Genetic testing will only tell you the truth which insurance won't cover. But it's worth it cause the medicine they give you is hell. Fix the problem, not heal the symptoms. I suggest IgeneX or find a Lyme literate Dr.

  3. I’m currently under investigation for MS. Waiting for my MRI appointment to arrive.
    I’m a medical doctor in 2 years.

    This is horrifying

  4. I struggle watching these videos. My dad had MS and while I know it's not necessarily hereditary, it is tied to genetics. I've got my own laundry list of pains, symptoms and problems, most of which overlap with MS of course, and all my tests are normal, besides my blood pressure and having a disorder similar to scoliosis.
    It makes it difficult not to worry and wonder.

  5. MS doesn't sound so bad when it's spoken about with such a beautiful accent! My most annoying and common (seriously. All day. Every day) symptom is EXTREME vertigo. I, still, have yet to meet another MSer that understands. Trust me, it sucks balls.

  6. You are a really good communicator, really natural. I’ve learnt something today thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing your experience. 🖖🏽

  7. What a great Personality!! Am Afraid I have a friend with MS he has not told me yet so this is What brought me to your channel. Thank you.!!!

  8. I get pins an needles all over my back an down my back an spine an also white flashes in my periphal vision..an weakness in in left leg

  9. So glad I came across this video. I’m currently being tested for lymes and many other things but was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a couple other minor things. But something in my gut is telling me Ms. I have all of these symptoms and then some and it scares me. I saw my mother in law suffer for many years and my mother was recently diagnosed so I do know what I’m looking for. I just don’t want to be misdiagnosed and not be getting the treatment I truly need.

  10. I have started feeling a sensation of water drop /splash going down my legs and this specially happens after I go to rest room. Sometimes when I check there is nothing but just dry skin!
    My doctor said ignore it but it really pisses me off !

  11. Thank you for the video.
    I'll have my neurology appointment next week to rule out M.S.
    I lost my vision in my right eye twice within a month. That's what made me decide to see a doctor. Finally.

  12. I have most of these and was just dx with autoimmune disease years ago and recently by M.D. was dx with dementia. I am seeing a specialist in February. I appreciate this video.

  13. I have a story very similar to yours.  It was raining, and I turned my blinker on and off like 5 times before I realized that the switch for the windshield wipers was on the other side of the steering wheel.  All the way stupid….

  14. 🐦🐥🐦 I love birds they are very soothing. Being around nature is healing and relaxing. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I have to ask…who was playing the drums in the background? If you know them pls tell them they suck !!! Thanks.😂

  15. My friends right foot was it when i first met him i noticed his foot was lagging toe was dragging on the floor when he walked later we found out it was ms from his father, went to his fathers doctor by accident, father never told him he had it.

  16. While this is a good laugh it's also very scary. I've actually been reconsidering the symptoms I've developed over time. The most notable are exactly what is described in this video along with dropping things… I also have had a long term lower back ache (only way I can describe it is feeling like an elephant is sitting on my butt and crushing my lower back and pelvic area) that comes and goes often as well as a a sudden feeling of sunburn in random spots of my body when it's the middle of winter. I used to have a kung fu grip (so I thought anyway) and now I go to walk away with my cup and it just… drops. Pens? Dropped. My beloved books? Those too. It's gradually gotten worse. Seeing as how I'm one of those people who never go to the doctor for anything I feel like if i spring this on him suddenly he'll think i'm just a hypochondriac when the truth is, I just chalked it up to being young and clumsy. Not to mention the sudden 'stare' I get. Most of the time I can continue speaking or go with only half a sentence and then it's like my eyes go into a trance and can't look away from one spot until suddenly it's like I have control of my eyes back and it's NOTICEABLE. It's not like I can hide a thousand yard stare… It's that or my eyes suddenly get blurry. Until I got to the age I am now and it's only gotten worse. Now I'm starting to ask myself, should I be concerned? I'll be 26 this year.

  17. Hello Sir, have you tried yoga and ayurvedic medicine I am from India diagnosed with MS this January and with the modern medication I also started Yoga and Ayurvedic medication, have to change my diet (stop eating red chilly, red meat and other foods that generate heat in body) my Ayurvedic doctor told me that we will have new MRI after one year and if they don't found any new lesions and if current lesions disappear or reduce in no. (currently I have 3-5 lesions) there is a very high chance I can cure MS, also after starting yoga and pranayam (breathing exercise) I am feeling much better

  18. I have a buzzing feeling every morning down the front middle of my body like an earthquake is going on. I thought it was my heart racing. It only happens when I first wake up for the first five minutes. Around when this started I had a vision problem where everything was blurry unless I covered one eye, which my eye doctor said was my eyes going two different directions. It happens late at night when I am tired. An MRI did show MS.

  19. In 2011 I woke up and my legs were numb. I figured I slept on them the wrong way or had a pinched nerve. Also my feet kept dragging on the floor and i would sort of trip a little bit. Turns out I had (have) MS. After steroids things got better for a few years but this past July I fell and broke 9 ribs, spending 3 days in the hospital. I kept falling. Then I started getting tremors, mostly in my hands but sometimes straight down the middle of my face/body. I don't trust myself driving more than short distances.. This is all very disturbing because a year ago I was benching 300 lbs at the gym but now my sense of balance is so poor I can't even go to the gym. My sister died of MS in December. I finally qualified for disability two weeks ago but was turned down when I first applied. Hopefully that willl help. Wish me luck and my love to everyone who has MS.

  20. Yess I was recently diagnosed with MS and in 2018 of January I remember my right eye went out for a whole week I couldn’t see out of it … and now this year it got worse I woke up one morning could barely get out of my bed I tried to get to my moms room I fell straight on the floor my whole left side of my body was numb and my face ughh.

  21. I've had the "buggles" many times over the years. I've had three ocular migraines in the last couple of years, and one nighttime thing were my vision was red for about an hour. I have numbness regularly, not always in the same place except my left forearm. The buzz (like your foot coming awake after being completely asleep, that intense icky feeling) in my lower back is daily. My left leg is droopy painful when I walk. I don't have L'Hermitte's, though. I do get drop foot sometimes when I'm not paying attention, randomly. I've even tripped a couple of times and my left leg has reacted by going completely straight and rigid. Very concerning. Cog Fog as described all the time these days.Unfortunately, there have been a few incidents driving that were concerning this way. Thankfully not often, and no damage done. *grits teeth*. Thank you, btw, for your lovely attitude.

  22. How gorgeous you are! I don’t think MS is my issue after watching this but I’m really glad I chose your vid from search results! Sweet gorgeous funny intelligent human you are! 💖🦋

  23. Drop foot – if I supplement magnesium (as I don't eat enough leafy greens or veg) I can walk on both heels – when I stop talking it I get left foot drop.

    I don't have MS but due to poor diet I'm studying nutritional deficiency (minerals vitamins and essential fatty acids) and the effect of magnesium is my own doing and has worked for me-
    edit- I also boost my mackerel and sardines (fatty acids) and it helps too (after years of no fish at all)

    My sister in law passed several years ago (was vegan ) and had MS so I'd thought I'd share- best wishes

  24. My mom has ms and her right arm is always dead and she has really lost a lot of balance she needs to be on a drip for two hours each month

  25. My signs were 1. Numbness in both calves. 2. Vision. 3. Shaky hands. 4. Almost pissing myself. 5. Loss of taste on just one side of my mouth. It's crazy that food I loved tasted like shit for a very long time. I had strange pains now I have severe neuropathy in both legs. I have numbness in both hands and for about a month I was blind. I've gotten somethings back. I can't walk straight, but I can see. My taste for my favorite foods came back but my mouth is still divided in the strangest way. I've had MS my entire life but didn't get diagnosed with it until 2008. All the things from my childhood started to make sense. I say that I might have MS, but MS doesn't have me.

  26. For me it was pins and needles, nerve pain increased fatigue and worsening in severity of migraines, since then I have been getting occasional blurred vision and my left foot not always wanting to move I am nearly two years out from diagnosis I have three lesions in my brain and possibly some on my spine

  27. I've got all those symptoms, I'm going to get a brain scan Saturday and I've got an appt with a neurologist booked. Thank you for this video it's very informative

  28. How much of your eyesight did you regain when you recovered from optic neuritis? Also, how long did it take for your vision to recover to its full potential?

    Great video thank you sir. I hope you’re doing well!

  29. Been seeing a rheumatologist for six months, my diagnonsence keeps changing. Turned 40 in January. Psoriatic arthritis is all a thing, and I've had fibromyalgia and CFS since 1992, when I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus. In Feb I got a sharp pain in the back of my head (and behind my eye), and I had facial drooping on the left side of my face (I still can't feel it), I did go to the ER, where I passed the feild sobriety test administered by a 12 year old resident. Apparently if you can touch your nose and walk heel to toe, you're a ok to go home, without any furthur investigation. Now the entire left side feels swollen, sore and weak. My body is unable to control its tempturature, I'm having what feels like hypoglycemic episodes in the night, but I'm really just fucking freezing, chattering teeth and all, then if I move at all I'm covered in sweat and cooking from the inside. It hurts to think. Mri of spine on the 25th, waiting for date for my brain. Thanks for reminding me how to laugh x

  30. I've missed you! Used to follow your video diaries on Facebook. Left Facebook, then randomly found u again today. Well, not so randomly. Been looking up info on MS as I amnt walking or thinking too well anymore. Happened yrs ago and cleared up. Tests inconclusive. This yr back for another MRI and waiting to see neuro again. Might get a diagnosis this time – whatever it may be!

  31. Thanks for this. I wish I had realized what was going on when I got drop foot, and went ahead and went to the doctor. Silly me thought it was because I crossed my legs when I was sitting, few months later it was back, couple months after that, I just didn't feel right, then I had a painful… Still not sure what to call it, as I've had normal blackout siezures before, and they didn't bother me much, it was like falling asleep then coming back and feeling lightheaded for a bit, but this time it felt like a drill, which was audible was spinning inside of me, and Everytime I tried harder to resist and control my body, which was in excruciating pain, it would get more intense, and hurt even more. Worst pain hands down in my life, luckily it was shorter than the third degree burns. I tried to call for help but my vocals left unusable, and my mouth left chattering uncontrollably like the rest of my body. Afterwards it was like I was dove into this whole world, where everything was growing, and the room was spinning, and lines were almost vibrating, like a little aura around it, it's still happening now. I started to stare at these things, which almost seemed to be breathing, and they would grow until I reset my focus, eventually becoming like a blank spot, which is hard to describe, because the lack of seeing it doesn't make it black, but just not there. Other than that, balancing and walking sucks, pounding headaches, nerve pain to no end, random pains and short sensations all across my body, sometimes tingling, sometimes pins and needles, like you said, sometimes painful aching or burning, even occassionally it feels like a bug had zipped across my leg. The most noticable of all of these is the room spinning effect, even when just focusing on my phone, to type this, it is making me almost sick. Straight lines look bowed is another thing I would definitely look out for, and if you have optic MS symptoms, you will most likely know what I'm talking about, especially if you have the one pupil bigger than the other thing I have.

  32. You have a wonderful personality. I love how you say Hello to the birds. Animal lovers are the Best people. Love you!

  33. Take my statement with skepticism but I think Fibro/ME/CFS/MS are all similar. It might be worth it to look into antivirals such as AZT/Valacyclovir/Valganciclovir if you're up for it.
    AZT (one of the first drugs approved for HIV treatment), it might be worth a go https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29510325

  34. Great videos mate, I have fibromyalgia syndrome which was disanosed in 1992 and it affects my whole body. Pain every where 24/7. I bought a posh all terrain mobility scooter to get me out about 6 months ago, it's a drive medical Royale 4. But I've yet to venture out on it, I don't know why I've not used it, I've stayed indoors instead. I just can't get my self to venture out on it, it's People looking at me and the whole stigma around it I guess. I've watched your video and others to try and encourage me get out there and enjoy the freedom once again. I'm 53 years old so no spring chicken. Keep up the good work and am enjoying your content..

  35. Hello Andy….What kind of testing is done to diagnose MS? Your wonderful accent reminds me of Davey Jones.

  36. I have all of these symptoms however I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, purely because my balance test was fine. These nerve conditions are awful.

  37. I have trouble with words shaky hands and numbness in arms and legs. Feels like I am being zapped in the fingers. I am waiting for neurologist appointment. Beginning to think it might be MS.

  38. Thanks for the video… you are FAF! Lol… keep up the good work man

    On a side note, does anyone know where we can meet other MS singles.?.. dating is hard… girls seem to run a mile when you tell them… there is such a stigma… any help would be amazing. X

  39. OMG I am so glad I clicked on this, I'm looking for symptoms (which are all what you describe) and I am laughing so hard! you cheered me up no end! THANK YOU!!!

  40. Have got a lot of problems of my own which is a long story, but I enjoyed this video, very informative. I have true respect for you mate, your spirit is very uplifting.

  41. They are keeping an eye on me for possible MS, but I also have type 1 diabetes so my problems could be due to that as well. However, up to 5% of type 1 diabetics have MS as well, so it's not an impossibility.
    I have regular bouts of blurry vision, with almost no visible damage to the retina (it comes at times and heals up again), that seem to last longer and longer, but that can also happen with long standing diabetes (had it for 15 years). I get numb spots on my skin, or really painful spots that feel like shingles without a rash, have regular episodes of shaky hands, really heat intolerant (which only started 5 years ago) and have extreme sweating during those periods – especially on my face. Have short bouts of vertigo, because my left ear gets that "bomb effect" that is seen in movies – that ringing and sort of weird deafness. It only lasts a few minutes. None of the symptoms last long enough to categorize it as MS, so it's a mystery at the moment.

  42. I would like to recommend a cure . Pins and needles means blood circulation. I would like to recommend tube in nose with a spray that goes in a persons stomach and sprays water inside the person to make the blood move. I believe ms is a blood circulation condition . I believe the spray inside the stomach would work better than a drip system . I have tremors from epiellspy and the reason for the tremors is my blood moves at a different speed causing my nervous system to spasm to take the blood at the speed it is moving . That's my belief.

  43. Lower back buzz. Check. Pins and needles. Check. Can hardly walk. Check. Memory issues. Check. F this thing.

    Ps. Tired and needed naps. Check.

  44. Thank you for sharing. I also had the vision problem all underlying of an MS diagnosis. I started walking funny got x-rays on my knees I have osteoarthritis blah blah blah blah blah all of it was underlying I have MS now 😱😭

  45. I'm wondering if by "cog fog" he means things like looking in the dirty clothes for clean ones & chopping up a salad just to take a handful or two of it just to toss it into the TRASH before realizing what I'm doing (and it's not the first time I've done that)..
    I'm 32yrs old & was told a few yrs ago that I could be exhibiting early signs of MS. Then last month I had dental work done for a tooth that was really bothering me & that tooth didnt get any better, actually worse. So now I've been told that I MAY have trigeminal neuralgia. The pain IS more widespread than my tooth & only on my left side
    These drs tho, I swear
    So I've turned to the internet lol
    I have had vision changes (left eye only) & the addition of floaters & flashes, chronic pain (in my left shoulder & neck, also both of my forearms as well as my calves)
    now also numbness & tingling in my left foot not only when I sleep but all throughout the day as well.
    Also have random muscle spasms, like twitching in my arm & hand plus eye, which I suppose is another ocular thing – myokymia. I dont believe I have drop foot "yet"
    Does this sound like any of you guys out there? I wish you all the best!
    But Andy is awesome! I loved this video! He was hilarious & literally made me LOL, no matter how painful that was 😂
    Thank you guys in advance! 💜

  46. Hi, I have itching and burning sensations all over my body. Stabbing sharp pains as well in random areas. It's destroying my quality of life and I have no insurance and cant figure it out. Is this a common symptom?

  47. Heheh youre pretty funny 🙂 thanks for this, making me laugh! It's good to chuckle about it. I had five out of five, plus a bit more but its soooo important to bring attention to the optic issue! Optic problem was the most important for me – because if I hadn't had the eye exam, I might not have found out I have MS. I think this is quite common isn't it. Found out when they photographed my eye and showed nerve thinning and if I hadn't got my eyes checked I'd never have known. Also had drop foot that lasted a couple of months, but I assumed it was from a trip and ankle sprain that took too long to heal, I never imagined it was more than that. Arm shoulder pain and stiffness is current, and low leg pain and pins and needles, driving me up the wall. Also phantom itchiness and a big cognitive/motor problem was my handwriting changed on-off into a messy scrawl with dyslexia-like missing letters and back to front spelling or messy squiggles, basically terrible writing like a doctor 🙂 (sorry doctors but you're all bad at writing clearly!)

  48. ""You have to be clever to know your stupid"…🤣🤣🤣🤣…love that! Thx for detailing the possible symptoms.

  49. Hi Andy! I'm from America and just subscribed. I'm from the Dr. Aaron Boster "village;" would love to see u there!! Your video was serious and funny at the same time!!

  50. I've been chatting with a lot of guys suffering with FND and noticed a lot of the presenting MS symptoms in my own Neurological disorders. I looked into how MRIs are used in finding signs of MS and found this info:
    MRI is considered the best test to help diagnose MS. However, 5% of people with MS do not have abnormalities detected on MRI; thus, a "negative"scan does not completely rule out MS. In addition, some common changes ofaging may look like MS on a MRI. To track the progress of disease.
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for your Vlogs as well as being a brilliant source of your daily dealings with MS you always bring a smile and the world seems a little less dark with your wonderful presence around 😊

  51. Funny guy love your sense of humor.
    I do understand what your saying because I have all the symptoms.
    But, the doctor told me I have fibromyalgia.
    I think I need a second opinion.
    I too one day over take 3 cars on a busy road. And I was like what the hell I'm doing. That time I had a flare up and feeling sick. And I think twice I was driving and I think I had a black out for a few seconds. Was in a lot of stress around those times…..and I do get forgetful and confused as to what I'm doing. Your so spot on thanks…..

  52. I have one same exact problem and it’s the pins and needles/prickling on my back and spine! It never goes away! I wake up everyday with the same pins and needles sensations.. it’s also on my feet/hands.
    Other symptoms :
    * Facial Pain
    * weakness in hands
    * fatigue and extreme drowsiness
    * Brain fog, poor concentration (I feel I was much smarter years go, I feel very dumb now!)

    Does this sound like MS? I am 21 years old.
    I only did MRI for the brain and it came back normal.

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