3 TRUTHS About Timeline Shifting That Will Change Your Life

3 TRUTHS About Timeline Shifting That Will Change Your Life

this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
the three truths on shifting timelines that once you know will totally
transform your life I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that and how to use it
so that you start to do it in a powerful way welcome back to another video my
name is Erin and I hope we will expand their consciousness now in this video
I’m gonna be sharing with you the three truths about shifting timelines that a
lot of people don’t talk about but nonetheless when you know these ideas it
can totally transform the way you go about making choices the way you go
about your life in general because then you’ll see that if you do certain things
you’re going to end up on a certain timeline now when it comes to timelines
understand that this is something that happens naturally in reality and what we
experience as linear time and space when we’re going about our days and we’re
going through different experiences we’re constantly shifting through
different timelines now think of it like this there’s always an infinite number
of possibility of what we’re experiencing however we always get a
reflection of what we believe to be true and what we believe to be able to be
most probable so what happens is as we make certain choices as we do certain
things and we have a certain momentum that will be a certain timeline now
there’s a general timeline for the way our life is going at the moment and if
that timeline stays the same meaning the momentum stays the same as the emotions
who are feeling the actions were taking and all is these different things then
it stay on the same timeline however if we make a decision that is different
than what that timeline has inside of it then we will then shift to another
timeline now here is the thing shifting timelines is something we all do
naturally so it’s not something we necessarily have to try to learn how to
do this isn’t something that is really anything other than just what we do in
day-to-day life now you’ve ever seen somebody that goes to
maybe a clairvoyant person and that clairvoyant person says hey this is
something that’s probable it’s gonna happen well that’s on the current
timeline that that person is on but as we shift from moment to moment to moment
there may be a different timeline that we begin to experience now think of it
like this if you’ve ever seen a movie projector this analogy made it easy for
me to understand a movie projector you know that on a movie projector there’s a
film reel on that film reel if you were to take it out and look at the
individual frames you could you could stretch out the frames and look at all
of them and see that’s a whole bunch of individual frames that are on that film
reel however you know that each individual frame exists at the same time
right now and at the same way all the infinite parallel realities you can
imagine they all exists right now it is not about you having to create them from
something that doesn’t already exist it is simply about realizing you’re already
shifting you’re already shifting you’re already shifting and that is a natural
byproduct of who you are and the way reality works now the thing that strings
all of these together and the first thing you need to know about that of
timeline shifting that will change your life is understanding emotions emotions
lock you in to certain timelines now what this means there’s a certain
vibrational range it is more so actually also that we are generating and we are
picking up on the frequencies of certain timelines the way our mind works is our
mind can never really imagine that and create something new our mind just
reiterates the past and reiterates from what is already there now the idea is
what we can do and what we do is we are generating the vibrational frequency of
different realities based on our emotions now if we’re feeling really
good then we’re on a certain timeline and as we feel really good we are then
starting to split into better and better versions of that timeline they give it
like there’s always this general base point and then
there’s there’s this buffer of things that are great and a buffer that things
that aren’t so great now our state of being our emotions is what determines
which of these we end up going on and the thing is is the timelines they all
exist right now the thing that makes it different to which ones we will perceive
of and then which ones we will experience it’s our emotional state
because our emotional state is what then encapsulate the realities that are equal
to whatever feeling we have so we always experience in life a reflection of
either what we believe to be true or of our current state of being you ever
notice that when you’re feeling really good you find more and more reasons to
feel really good and when you’re having a bad day or don’t feel good you find
more reasons for that so it depends upon your frequency range of the emotions you
have now in the moment that something happens if you give it a negative
meaning then you will then shift yourself to a less optimal timeline
because of the meaning you give it but the thing is is just as much as you
could do that you could also give it a positive meaning which means then it
bumps up to a better timeline both opportunity both options are exist at
the same moment the difference is the meaning you give the situations and if
you base the situation as the dependency to your state of being if you’re if the
way you feel is dependent upon what is happening on the outside world
now everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside anyways and the
timelines that you experience the ones that you shift to will all depend upon
the state of being that you are in the state of being is what has it so you
perceive of what is equal to the things that you experience in our life and a
lot of your emotions if not all of your emotions has to do with the meaning you
give things this is something I realized in my own life I remember when I was
working at Barneys New York there were times that I would I was a sales
commission job there were times I’d pick up customers that I thought weren’t
going to be good people that I could tell were in a way in a bad mood or
somebody would pass off the customer to me pretending like they were
and I had to take care of him because they didn’t want to deal with it there
were times I would give that a positive meaning even though the past mind the
past egos like this probably isn’t going to end out well but I would give it a
positive meaning and there were times when it would just completely blow me
away there were times when people would not only buy so much but they would do
it in such a good attitude I would just have fun with them I would make it less
about how much money could I make from this commission to how can I just have
fun how could I just increased my state of being I would enjoy crowned the
person and the side effect of that was them then butting in themselves into a
buying state where then they wanted to buy so there were so many times in my
own life when I realized that if I simply give situations a positive
meaning regardless of what my ego would have said in the past of this being a
negative thing then I would then shift to a timeline that is more optimal so
remember all the different variations of what you can experience exists right now
it’s not a question of can you create it it’s can you perceive it because of the
meaning you give the present moment understand that if you give it a
positive meaning and you increase your state of being you make it more about
how you feel then what is happening you will increase your vibration you will
then perceive our realities that are more in alignment with how you feel so
this is about understanding that you’re already shifting and all you have to do
is give it a positive meaning so the second truth about timelines shifting
that will totally transform your life is knowing as I said a little bit ago you
don’t have to try to do this you naturally do this by simply existing you
are here now the reality you are experiencing is a reflection of either
what you believe to be true or the emotions you’re feeling and you’re
shifting through different timelines sometimes people get stuck and believe
and there’s only one timeline they’re gonna experience in their whole life but
every time you make a choice you are shifting timelines the key is to
understand that everything in your life is a choice and as you make everything
in your life a choice you then start to take your power back you see the thing
is as most people are on autopilot they’re just simply living
same things day in and day out and because of that they’re experiencing the
same things day in and day out so the key is to wake up from this hypnosis to
wake up from the hypnosis of being in the autopilot mind so many people and
it’s not me you know I’ve been here as well and it’s something that I am able
to go through with awareness but there are so many times that people are just
they think they’re thinking their thoughts but they’re thinking the
thoughts of societal societal conditioning they’re thinking the
thoughts of what the parents thought what their friends think about them
they’re always wondered about what other people think the key to this is shifting
from the level of awareness of being at the effect of everything that’s
happening things are happiness stimulus response stimulus response stimulus
response thinking that we are the ego and when we think we are the ego we then
are giving our power away when we think we are the ego we are trapped in
identification the key to this is being aware of it and then simply knowing that
instead of being at the effect of everything that’s happening this person
did this to me this person did that to me would instead decide and treat every
situation as if you chose it if you treat every situation as if you chose it
you take your power back because then you integrate the experience instead of
resistant remember it’s about your state of being allow things to come into your
life allow there to be a positive meaning and if you integrate it you then
gain this ability to transform it so when you look around and you notice that
everything you may be seeing today is the same as the day before you can start
to say what can I do to wake myself up from the hypnosis the hypnosis of
society you ever seen the movie The Matrix when neo is just in the matrix
and he’s just going around doing this nine-to-five job and doing all of those
things most people are caught up in the hypnosis of their own lives and they
have notice of their own job they’re not really living because everything is on
autopilot they’ll even say thoughts or they think are their own and there’s
like yeah how are you great okay cool yeah great it’s just like this
pilot mine thing now it doesn’t have to be a negative thing but what I’m saying
is to integrate it with awareness and then simply decide that you are going to
really live make the choice make the choice that everything in your life is a
choice literally see everything as a choice even things that you don’t think
are a choice pretend it as if you chose it because in that moment you start to
bring more awareness into it and you start to allow it in the moment you
allow it to be is the moment you begin to transform it so the idea is that most
everything in our life is on autopilot we think on average 90 we think on
average about 60 to 70 thousand thoughts a day and of those 90 percent of
recycled from the day before therefore we are thinking the same thoughts
triggering the same emotions doing the same actions probably talking the same
people having similar conversations therefore creating the same reality the
key is to step outside of that another hack that you can use is to do something
spontaneous to do something you haven’t done to make a choice to do something
you haven’t done before because by doing that you shift yourself and you wake
yourself up from the autopilot mind if you always go to the same place as
you’ve always gone it’s almost like you just know how to act as just comfortable
everything is comfortable the ego loves to be comfortable the ego loves survival
just be comfortable but the key is when you do something different you’re like
you know what I’m gonna go to that yoga class today and I’m gonna have an
amazing class and I’m gonna just go and do this and meet up with this person
that I haven’t talked to you in forever and I didn’t want to talk to them
because that one thing that happened but you know what I know that deep down we
can get along buh-buh-bah you push yourself to do something spontaneous you
then start to shift timelines dr. Joe Dispenza stalk taboc this before where
if you simply get into a new environment you’re in the uncertainty and you can
only create something new in the uncertainty if you’re in the old
autopilot mind you’ll continue to create what you always got the key is shifting
into that awareness sound remember you don’t the create it from the new mind
with a new way of being you simply have to choose it because everything already
exists there’s an infinite number of probabilities that exist there’s an
infinite number of timelines that already exists it’s
simply about perceiving of them and becoming more aware of what you already
do you don’t have to try it is already happening now the third truth about
timeline shifting that will totally transform your life is this simple idea
this is the this is the difference between an enlightened person in an not
aligned person by the way I’m not saying that I’m enlightened I’m just pointing
out this awareness this little difference that makes all the difference
say yes to the present moment whatever it is say yes if you say yes to the
present moment you increase your state of being whatever that is you see the
truth in life is and what enlightenment is all about is understanding that there
is no meaning to life other than the meaning we give it that this life we
call that what we call life is actually more of a virtual reality to something
that we are experiencing but at a greater level we are immortal spiritual
beings dreaming that this is who we are and in this dream that we call life
things will appear very real because we interpret it through our five senses I
can go like this I can go touch stuff I could say oh this is real but what is
real other than what we agree upon and we are agreeing that what is real is
through the five senses there may be a day when we say you know what even our
five senses can trick us so maybe that’s not even real what is real will depend
upon person-to-person and what each person believes is true so knowing that
there isn’t no real agreed-upon reality of what is real because there’s many
different people with many different interpretations there’s some people that
will tell you that this is an illusion that the five senses are an illusion
it’s just something we experience they’re nothing more than sensations and
vibrational interpretations that we use to experience reality it’s like our
avatar and they’ll say that this isn’t real the real reality the true reality
is you be in an infinite spiritual being that’s just remembering you live in this
temporary human experience and right now you’re becoming more aware of this and
that part of life life is becoming more aware
that we are so much more than we can imagine
but you see enlightenment is about saying yes to the present moment and
knowing that whatever the present moment is that’s it that’s what there is past
future all of these things are concepts in the mind most people live their whole
life in concepts they’re here right now thinking about the future they’re here
right now thinking about the past trying to become more if they could only become
more if they could only get this in this place if they can only do this instead
of being present to the moment and when you are present to the moment everything
begins to transform you will experience more optimal timelines by you singing
yes to the present moment and by understanding the truth the truth is all
truths are true whatever you believe to be true that will be reflected back to
you so you can play a game with yourself a game of all I’m gonna go do this let
me see how this happens let me see how this works I’m still playing the game of
the guy on YouTube that is traveling the world and speaking and doing seminars
that’s the game I’m choosing to play however I’m aware that it is a game that
is the difference most people are not aware that it’s a game they’re not aware
of what they’re doing they don’t have that awareness bring that awareness into
your life and understand that life is a game and when you become aware of the
game that’s when everything begins to change start to take your power back
start to understand that the more you say yes to the present moment the more
you experience the optimal timelines of what you want to experience this is
about shifting to the reality we want by knowing that it already exists if we can
imagine it it already exists it’s simply a matter of vibration and part of our
vibration is the emotions we’re feeling the thing is is everything in our life
is neutral except for what we give it meaning it will be a neutral idea we
give things meaning we are meaning generating type consciousness so when
certain things happen we say that’s good that’s bad
either perspective it’s true it’s just what is serving you stop asking yourself
the question what is true and what is untrue start asking yourself the
question does this work or does this not work is this serving yours it’s not
serving me just switching that question alone will transform your life so the
thing is is everything on that explaining to you right now is about
shifting your level of consciousness shifting your level of awareness waking
up from the autopilot mind knowing you are so much more now I’m creating
something right now that it’s called the shift experience the shift experience
with Erin dowdy I’m gonna be doing live seminars travelling the world teaching
this plus I’ll have a course that you can take that’ll show you exactly how to
do this how to shift your level of consciousness if you want to be the
first to know about this you’ll see a link in the description box below and I
will send you updates as to when that becomes available and it’s something I’m
very excited about because I believe that when we make this shift in
consciousness everything becomes easier this is the shift this is understanding
that what you want already exists is you don’t have to try simply a matter of
vibrational frequency but instead of trying to become something you’re not be
more here now be more save more about the present moment don’t say any more
about it but you know what I mean be here now and know that the present
moment is that all that exists so remember the three truths about timeline
shifting that will transform your life is knowing that your emotions are what
shifts you from timeline to timeline now when you change your emotions you change
what you perceive of the meaning you give situation is gonna be what you get
out of it so give things a positive meaning secondly this is something you
naturally do you don’t have to try to do this the key is to be more aware of what
you’re already creating and wake up from the autopilot mind and then thirdly as
you say yes to the present moment your whole entire life will begin to
transform say yes everything is perfect the way that it is as you are more here
now your life will transform more for you
so another thing I’ll be doing is more live kanae’s on Instagram I post live
Q&A is there so if you interact with me you’ll see that
they’re plus as well I do daily post there so feeling more confident for me
there you go other than that I hope you enjoyed this
video so if you liked it if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already it’s a
little notification here so that you can see the daily vids that I do and that’s
in that as always peace much love and namaste


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