23 Tips on How To Meditate with Ease and Joy | Meditation for Beginners

23 Tips on How To Meditate with Ease and Joy | Meditation for Beginners

Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of Chat with Dia. So today I will be discussing the topic of meditation I Have been experimenting and trying meditation on and off since I was a teenager and I’m 28 years old now but honestly when I first began I had no idea why I was doing it or necessarily how to go about doing it there has been a lot of research done on the subject of meditation and the benefits or the effects of long-term practice such as Reducing anxiety stress prevent or treat depression or depressive thoughts Also things like improving cognition and improving increasing productivity I’ve also done kind of woo woo stuff like a guided meditation to meet or speak to my spirit guides So I am someone who is open to all Possibilities. So let’s get started on these ideas and tips so that you may also be the benefit of increased awareness and mindfulness through the practice of meditation So tip number one don’t have to sit in a lotus position in fact You don’t even have to sit upright some people out There may have a physical ailment that doesn’t allow them to sit up straight or sit cross-legged in a lotus position I personally found that the most comfortable position for me is to lay down in savasana or the ‘corpse pose’ I feel that when I’m laying down with my Arms and legs extended I can actually breathe more fully and feel a lot more comfortable The number two find the best time for you to meditate Now for me that’s morning because when I wake up, I actually have a lot of stuff going on in my mind But I know some people might be busy getting to work so it’s okay to if you have some time right before you go to bed or In the middle of the day taking a lunch break Anything that works for you and number three Set a timer when you first begin so that can be five minutes ten minutes or fifteen minutes It’s not only to keep you on the schedule. Let’s say you have to go to work in 30 minutes or something like that It’s also that I know when you first begin just sitting there to meditate and feel like an eternity with no end setting a timer Gives you a peace of mind that you know You’re gonna be here for five to fifteen minutes, and it also holds you accountable To stay in that space for that duration number four start with smaller increments Don’t feel like you have to sit there for thirty minutes to an hour when you first start you can like I said before do As short as five minutes or all the way up to 15 minutes if you want to number six is to listen to guided meditation so the guided meditations are really really great, especially for beginners because I know Thoughts come up and you start to think about what you want for lunch or dinner There’s honestly a ton of wonderful Guided meditations that you can find on YouTube and they go anywhere from 10 minutes to like nine hours. I think those are for sleeping Number seven setting the mood personally for me I really care about the space that I live and sit in when I meditate So if you want to use some white sage to move energy around or if you want to just light a candle or two That really helps or an incense anything to just get you in that quiet and Zen Mindfulness tip number eight is your thoughts are not the enemy So there’s this misconception that you must not think at all. No thoughts should come up meditation We’re supposed to dump and empty our mind and just sit in this State of presence. Yes, that is true. However, when a thought does come up and it will come up Don’t try to repress it down because what that does is you’re just giving you more energy and for it to come up later for You if I thought comes up during meditation simply do not get frustrated and just Bring your awareness to the thought give it space and then allow it to float away and you can do that by returning the focus Back to your breathing or to your heartbeat or just to the feelings and sensations in your body and this is part of the reason why people meditate is to become mindful of the distinction between You versus your thoughts number nine use crystals I know this may not be for everyone before example each crystal does have their own energetic vibration and they vibrate at its own frequency and there are a lot of varieties of Crystals that are believed to have different healing properties and purposes just a list a couple Rose quartz is great for easing anger and just bringing an overall sense of calm and love things like black obsidian is great for protection against negative energy and things like the amethyst is Great for bringing more spiritual awareness and opening your crown chakra Number ten is using prayer or at mala beads So I tried this method of well a long time ago basically using those prayer beads they usually come in a certain number of sets like 18 27 54 or 108 and on these necklaces Aside from the regular beads. There was also an extra part that dangles down from the necklace so you can set an intention Let’s say for allowing more positivity into your life And what you can do is just touch and feel each bead as you Either speak or think of your intention or your mantra and just keep rotating the beads one to the next to the next to the next Until you go the full round and reach that little dangly part at the end number 11 Useful apps that can help you ease into meditation in the beginning. There’s a lot of popular meditation apps like headspace or calm I personally have tried some of them but not using it at the moment because I think there’s already a lot of resources on Online on youtube for free and these meditation apps do are free to download But sometimes when you want to get into the more extensive ones, you do have to pay number 12 setting an intention for your practice Again, I must emphasize here meditation isn’t just about sitting in silence and quieting your mind It’s actually a great time for you to set an intention for the day Or the week or the month and this is also a really great time for you to not only set an intention but maybe try manifesting something that you want or you intend because you’re already sitting in meditation and Your awareness is more heightened You’re more connected to your subconscious and there’s less clutter of the normal thoughts that you would have on day to day basis number 13 Journal your meditation. This can be quite useful in two different ways that I can think of and possibly more one Is that you’re keeping track and the progress of your practice? So sometimes you know you get to a certain point of your life and You think oh god. I haven’t done much. I haven’t achieved anything But when you look back on the goals that you made 10 months ago six months ago you realize you’ve made all your goals already So meditation journaling is sort of the same thing. It helps you track the progress that you come Maybe you were only sitting for five minutes before now you’re sitting for thirty Number two reason that’s really great Is it helps you to Write down any inside or clarity that comes up to you or any repeating patterns that you see yourself thinking when you’re sitting in meditation Those things are all helpful for you to bring more awareness Into your consciousness tip number 14 trying a local yoga or meditation class This may not also be for everyone because hello introverts. I am one as well So if you are comfortable with the idea of attending a beginners meditation or yoga class, it can be really helpful the instructor will guide the whole room into a deeper meditative space and you can find that sometimes the energy is quite powerful when you’ve got A lot of people in the room or more people in the room and while yoga class is a great alternative as well So savasana, which is the corpse pose at the end of each Yoga session is a meditative pose. And the reason why you do that at the very end It’s because if you find a little bit hard to quiet your mind Physical exercise really helps you basically just tire yourself out physically so that you can also calm your mind easier as well Number 15 change your perception about the practice let’s say you’ve been practicing for a while and you don’t notice a Significant difference sitting or laying down in meditation isn’t a cure-all for all your troubles and problems However, I think it is a huge step towards self-care and self-love It’s taking the time to really honor yourself and give yourself the space and the quiet that you need Throughout your busy day or schedule tip number 16 read books and videos to inspire your practice We all need a little bit of nudge sometimes I know I get caught up and wanting to just work all the time by sometimes I read books or watch videos on YouTube that are really inspiring Material that lets me know all the benefits or the success stories or whatever It is about people whose practice before me really helps motivate me to stick to it and all this some of my favorite materials down below in the description If you want to check it out. Numbers 19, leave all your expectations out the door every day Every time will be a different experience some days you might fall asleep Some days you might have a great feeling and a sense of calm and clarity Some days might make you anxious because you know, you’ve got a long list of to do in the day and somehow sitting down It’s just not helping whatever it may be just keep an open mind and heart and be easy on yourself number 18, Begin to become aware and tap into what it is that you need so in relation to tip number 17 like I said Every time you sit down it will be a different experience and as you start to practice more and more Listen to yourself. What kind of meditation practice do you need today? Maybe it’s just to get through a busy work day maybe it’s to really focus and meet the deadlines for a big project or just to set some positive Intentions maybe just to listen to yourself just quiet down and see if anything will come up for you at all So just become aware of whatever it is you need before you set foot or before you lay down Into your meditation practice number 19 create your own playlist Whether that’s guided meditation on YouTube or just songs that really gets you in the calm mood. also, I’ve done this thing where I’ll watch a really good like meditation video and I want to stay in that space but YouTube will Play another video right afterward. That’s just like loud and very disruptive So it snaps me right out of my peaceful space So I find it would be helpful to actually create a playlist so You know that you can just sit there and peace and calm with all your favorite songs or videos tip number 20 Know that just because you’ve started practicing meditation does not mean you have to be perfect Sitting down and shutting up is just a small part of the bigger picture It’s okay, if you get frustrated or still have bouts of anger, it’s okay If you feel blue and sad or no reason on a random day You are not expected to become a perfect human being Just because you begin to seek a spiritual path always have compassion for your own Imperfections and always be gentle and loving towards yourself number 21 Try meditation in nature one of the fastest ways to increase your joy is to simply step outside. if you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside or Nature is really accessible to you. That’s wonderful Just go out there take off your shoes and your socks and lay down on the grass What I really like to do is take a blanket with me go out to a space where there’s grass and trees and just choose A big tree to lay under and just breathe and be one with the nature that you’re in I think it’s really one of the quickest ways to take you out of your mind and just be one and be present. number 22 activate your imagination using visualization as the technique and actually lead to really powerful results some days when I feel especially Erratic, or just in a grumpy mood? I will sit and visualize there are roots like trees Roots growing out from my body and down into the earth that and that is transferring all of my negativity and my crazy energy Down and grounding me in that way. So I visualized all of this like it’s happening You can also visualize a white light surrounding you when you’re meditating so you know in these research and studies when there’s participants that are placed in a placebo group and Strangely sometimes even though they’re not taking the medication they show significant improvements So if you believe if you believe that when you visualize a white light protecting you that will wash away some Negativities in your life if you believe that that works you never know I think it could just work at least that’s what I believe and that’s what I try and I think it could be quite powerful If you’re feeling all good and peachy for that day for that particular meditation Send some of that loving energy and vibe to someone that might need it or just anyone in general Tip number 23 and the final one is to just play and have fun with meditating. There’s so many different methods and ways of Meditation that you can find out there. There are also some that people just created for themselves that works for them It doesn’t have to feel serious or like homework. It doesn’t have to feel frustrating or make you lose your patience You can create and shape this experience into anything you want It could helping you clarity and relaxation It could help you inspire new ideas Or increase your productivity and focus and it could also just be an experience of openness acceptance and joy So I hope you found these tips helpful and that they encouraged you to just sit down and shut up and have a wonderful joyful experience I think Meditation is a great huge commitment to self-care and self-love and we all could use a little bit more of that I have actually written an article on my website that’s exactly like this video But just in written form with some recommended products that you can try out So if you’re interested in that, I’ll link it down below And also if you’re interested in subject and topics such as the one I’m talking about today feel free to check out the rest of the Chat with Dia series and I think that is all for Today. if you’ve already seen the benefits of meditation Please leave a comments below and let us know and encourage other people to try it and not be scared of it or get frustrated With the practice so ountil the next episode I hope you guys are having a wonderful day wherever in the world you are watching from and happy meditating


  1. Hi guys, it's been a whirlwind of driving around and doing touristy things since I got back home to Los Angeles. This happens to be the last video I made while living in Thailand. 🙂 As much as I love traveling, having a routine practice and quiet moments to myself are so important to keep my mind healthy. I hope you found these helpful or it may get you to start trying meditation again. Lots of of love to you all! – Dia

  2. Thank You Dia.!!
    That's an interesting topic,!..👍
    Whenever possible i try meditation,but i'm still a beginner..
    I should follow your tips.!!..
    On the other hand,anytime i take a look at the Sky at night,i find it a lot easier to attempt meditation…..🤔
    All that bright stuff.!!🔆🔆

  3. I 💛 your chats more than your travel videos – not that don't love your travel videos. But your chats are so profound. 👍

  4. Hi Dia',
    Nice video and some good advice…Its great to be able to connect and support people to help themselves and find their beauty within.. 🙂
    If i can also suggest a few tips i learn't that might help some people.
    * Best not to pay for it. All the best thing in life a provided in this world free of charge.. ie the air we breath a seed sprouting, the flower becoming the fruit, the elements in nature, it all happens spontaneously without any effort from us. So everything we need is also already build inside us to help us evolve and to become enlightened. Its really amazingly beautiful world and when we have a real sense of gratitude and awe for its many gifts and majesty daily through our meditation this is the power which can really help us overcome things in our lives.
    * One candle can light many without gaining anything itself , just creates more lights so having this discrimination around who is giving love purely for love sake and those who might be benefiting financially or mesmerizing, or superficial is important in this day and age. Best if we can become our own masters but yes we all need guidance but knowing which advice to take can become confusing but is important to reach the destination of complete freedom and joy.
    *So another tip is to just try one technique at a time to really see which ones are actually helping you which can be hard to know if your trying many things practices at same time. There is a saying the cow gets the nourished from the one pasture or something like this. which is not easy if we very thirsty and every drink looks like it will quench us.ha ha So just stick try to one practice for a bit to see what it actually gives you.
    *About your thoughts are also coming in waves so yes its natural to have thought's but it's the gaps between the thoughts which is the true present and hopefully with practice can expand more into thoughtless awareness. This can be helped a lot if our kundalini is awakened up as she is our individual mother and reflection of Divine who's job is to sooth us down and bring our spirit into our attention.. The liver is our seat of attention so if our liver is hot or it will be very difficult to meditate without thoughts (love your liver and it will love you back.. he he )
    *Just don't get discouraged and having desire to help yourself and keep trying as it will be soooo worth it…
    Anyway too much to talk about , i don;t want to seem to judge anyone or seem too self righteous but these are things i have learn't on my journey and i wish i knew before so i didn't make it so difficult for myself over the years and make it so much harder on myself to find it.I know its not easy and we all going on our own seeking path but we can make it harder to find ourselves by the many things we can loose ourselves in.
    Anyway if anyone is interested here is a great free online course someone might to try. 🙂
    All the best….

  5. Hi Dia thank you for this video and all the super information you make it so easy to understand yourself amazing again thank love it ,FROM PADDY LAND,

  6. Great Vid Dia. Really appreciate all the tips on meditation. I find watching long distance train journeys here on YouTube great for meditation.

  7. These are great tips Dia! And interesting too. Seems like a really useful practice 👍🙂 Watching from Singapore! – Yen

  8. How about just falling asleep? Meaning to or not. If you meditate with the aroma of Lavender around you you're more than likely to fall asleep. Or, I would. 💤💤💤💤

  9. Dia: Question. Have you ever given thought to becoming a model? Any style interest you, or has the idea never crossed your mind?

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