2019 Full Christian Movie “It’s Good to Believe in God” | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed)

2019 Full Christian Movie “It’s Good to Believe in God” | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed)

Sell your copper, your iron, your old appliances! Sell your beer bottles, your cans! The chicken for the private room is ready. Coming. Hey, they need to pay some of their tab for once. Here, Mr. Wu, have some more.
(Yeah, please eat, have more.) Here you go. (Okay, your chicken is ready.) Ms. Ding, (Yes?) if you need something, just talk to Wu! He’ll help you! (From now on,
you can count on Mr. Wu!) Call me if you ever need help! Also, get two more packs. Alright. Here, let’s try that chicken! (Yeah, dig in.) Hey Yan, come take these cigarettes in. (Okay.) Eat up men, it’s delicious! (Here here! Cheers!) The chicken was great. Done eating? All done. Good day. Thank you! Mr. Wu, can you please settle your tab today? Next time. We’ll pay, don’t worry. Uh, but sir, it’s just your tab is so high.
At least pay some of it. Sir, listen, we don’t have the turnover to sustain this. Just what are you saying? Huh? You’ll get paid next time, didn’t you hear? We can’t wait. We borrowed money to open the restaurant, we haven’t paid it back. We can’t even pay our workers their salaries. We get our liquor, cigarettes, and food on credit. If you don’t pay your bill, we won’t be able to remain open. Please, can’t the Party take care of us? Mrs. Ding, you must be flexible
when you deal with the government. That’s the way to keep your business open. Don’t you agree, hmm? We can’t keep doing this. It’s such an evil world! They eat, they drink, but these government scum never pay a cent. They’re worse than bandits and robbers! Oh, Mrs. Ding! (Hi.) I’m surprised you have time to see me. I need a favor. (Oh.) We’re a bit short at the restaurant
and need to borrow more. What? We borrowed money to pay for this truck, I’m really sorry. We’d like to help but we have to pay our loan back. I just ordered more medicine, so money is very tight now. I’m really sorry, but I can’t help. It’s fine. Yesterday the quality inspectors came. They claimed we’re not up to standard,
so they fined us. It’s just outright tyranny. Ruilin, (Yes?) business is hard just now,
and this is all that I have. But I want you to take it. Thank you. You’re welcome. Chief Hou, that was some luck last night. You won a lot. (Cheers!) I did pretty well. (Let’s drink.) Let’s have another. Great night. Another round. (Cheers!) Mr. Chen? Yes, of course. Not to worry, we’ll get the job done.
(The bureau chief.) Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what’s wrong? (What happened?) He wants the job done. Damn! They always do this around the holidays. The damn fine quotas get higher every year. The bosses sit in their office drinking tea, while we run around in a sweat, doing all the work! And they give us the worst jobs every time! It’s true. (Come on, don’t be mad.) There’s no point complaining. If we don’t finish it, we don’t get a bonus, not to mention promotions. Let’s find a reason to give a fine. Come on. Hey. Stay, let’s dance. (We’re leaving.) Till next time. Here’s your change. Two and a half yuan. Here’s the money. Thanks. Mr. Zhang, you gave me too much! I must be getting old and senile. You saw a 50 as a 10. How much is it? Yan? What’s up? Yeah. Based on just one call of complaint, you say we defraud customers
by selling broiler chicken as free-range? We’d never do something like that. Why did you freeze our business license? Yeah, why? We’re just following the law. (Following the law?) You’ve accused us of a crime without any real proof! We can’t accept this fine! It’s not up to us, so don’t waste our time, ‘kay? Pay your fine and you’ll get your license back. Take it! (If you have a problem,
talk to the bureau chief!) What? How much! (How could …) Last time you fined us 5,000, this time you want 18,000? (You …) Please! (You have to at least
leave us enough to survive!) Stop! You shut up! Don’t pay, we’ll close you down! Get out! Go on! Get moving! (But …) What you’re doing is blatant robbery!
(Where do we go?) Get out of here! (Is this how you serve the people?) Get out! You watch your mouth! Keep it up, you’ll be in obstruction. Now go! You can’t … This is an outrage! (Go!) But … … plus 1850 equals 7600. 342 plus 275 plus 8 … Mama, the teacher said we have to pay tuition. I know that! If we don’t pay, they won’t let me go to school. Pay, pay, pay! That’s all they ever want! Mama, don’t be angry. If you don’t have the money,
I just won’t go to school. Come Lei, go to your room, okay? Let’s do your homework. Don’t yell at him for money we owe! I said we shouldn’t own a restaurant. With the CCP, one can’t run a business. You didn’t believe me.
You insisted on the restaurant. You said we needed it, so Lei could go to college. How’d that turn out? Did we earn anything? The CCP runs China.
There’ll be no fairness while they rule. Every day it’s deceit and blackmail. You couldn’t see it, but I did all along! I didn’t think they’d be so evil! These corrupt officials! Sanitation, Commerce, Taxation, Health, every department takes bribes. If you can’t pay, they find ways to frame you, then they either fine you or close your business. They never pay any of their bills, and now there’s forty to fifty thousand
we’ll never get back. All that we worked so hard for
sucked away clean by corrupt officials. Ruilin … With the CCP in power, all officials are corrupt. Common people like us have no power. We have no choice but to be oppressed. Running a business and having a decent life
in China is nothing but a dream. Forget about a good life. The loans we took to open up the restaurant will take half our lives to pay off. China is an awful place; there’s no way to live here. Now you finally understand! This is the darkness we live in with the CCP. Ordinary people can’t survive. I asked you to believe in God,
but you didn’t listen. You both insisted on doing this. And after all of that suffering,
you earned nothing and have such large debts. Had I known this would be the result,
I’d have believed instead. At the time, I was worried about the CCP’s
persecution of religious faith. I thought, if I were arrested,
our lives would be even worse. I never thought a business would end up like this. Hello? Hey, it’s me. Oh, hi. Have you two made a decision
about coming to work in Korea? The agent fee alone is more than a hundred thousand. Where will I get it? If we can’t find work,
we’ll have spent a fortune on nothing. Don’t worry about it. I’ll loan you the money for now. You can pay it back when you have it. Listen, you’d have to work years in China
to earn what you make in one year here. I promise you won’t regret coming to Korea. If the money problem is solved,
we’re happy to go abroad! Alright, it sounds like a plan. Okay. Hey, Mingyi, Yongzhi says he’ll loan us the money. Let’s go to Korea! Korea is a democratic country. There’s rule of law. There won’t be corrupt officials blackmailing us. If we both get jobs in Korea
and work for a few years, we’ll be able to pay off our debts, and save the money for Lei to go to college. In Korea, we could go to meetings and believe in God. What do you think? Mama. It’s a good plan, but if we both go, what about your mother and Lei? You don’t need to worry about us. I’ll care for Lei. Go and do what must be done. Mama, call me when you are in Korea … Hey, Mingyi! Yeah? Look here, the light is wonderful! Not bad at all. Hey, Ruilin, (Yes?) how’s the apartment? It looks alright? Mm. It’s great. Here, here you go. Hey! I need soy sauce! Bring me some! Coming! Here, your chicken. There, casserole’s ready! Careful, it’s hot. Here’s table 6. (Got it.) 38,000 won. Okay, just a minute. Hi, what can I get you? Table 7, Shredded Pork. Hmm, it needs a bit more heat. Here, it’s table ten’s order. Preparing food isn’t bad work.
Let’s do that! (I need a plate!) Coming! Wash this, we’re waiting to use it. (‘Kay.) Hey, you know those pastries you made? They were very interesting. Maybe one day you can be our pastry chef! Is that so? Hey, you OK? You alright? I’m fine. What’s going on? I’m very sorry. I’ll pay more attention. Be careful! I will. Everyone keep the pace up! Mr. Guo, you alright? I’m alright. It’s an old condition. Stand over ten hours a day, you develop pains. Mr. Guo, you should go get it looked at. You can’t keep this up. It’s true. You’re pushing yourself like a robot. Well, what can I do? I took out a high-interest loan
to come with my son to Korea. But he just refuses to learn decent habits,
and spends more than he earns. The burden of the debt falls on me alone. I don’t have the time to be sick! I’m like a donkey, that’s tied to a millstone. I can only keep going. I can’t go back. Mr. Guo, don’t be so pessimistic. Now, here’s what I think. It’s true that things are hard
and tiring for us right now, but after a few years, things will change. I won’t lie, next month I’m going to Busan
to help a friend with his restaurant. So you made the decision? Yeah. And I’ve made up my mind. Once I save enough, I’ll open my own restaurant, then I’ll be the boss. People need to have a clear vision. Look past, the here and now. Isn’t that right? Indeed. We may suffer now, but as they say, “If you want to appear dignified
when people are looking, you have to suffer when they aren’t.” Once we’ve saved enough,
we’ll be our own bosses too. What’s bitter will in time turn sweet. Yeah. That’s the idea. Yes, but now, let’s drink. Mingyi, will you rub my back? Mingyi! (Yeah?) “Time to eat.” What’s that mean? “Meal time.” Wow, your Korean is getting really good. Hello? Mr. Yang. Ah, as soon as we can. What was that? His son is getting married. They need to buy a house. He wants us to pay him back. How much do we have left? Just over 20,000. Over 20,000 … Let’s pay back 20,000. OK. Yongzhi found me part-time cleaning work. The owner’s a germophobe, and very picky, but the pay is good. Do you think I should take the job? If you work 12 hours a day, then do house cleaning, will your body be able to handle it? It will. Let’s pay it back as soon as we can
since we owe so much. Then our unease will stop. Yuanyuan, did you drink your milk? (Yeah.) Mrs. Ding! Yes? Come here. Look at this. This does not look clean to me. Look here, here, here! Can’t you do your job? I’m sorry. I’ll clean it again right now. You know we’re busy, yet you’re so late! Hey, hi Lei! Mama, look, I got first prize in the art contest! Really? I’m so proud! My teacher said that I should take classes
and then enter the city contest. My love, as long as you work hard, I’ll support you with whatever you want. ‘Kay? Ask mom if she’s tired. Mama, are you tired? No, no, I’m not, okay? My love, (Mm?) you be a good boy for grandma. ‘Kay?
(Mrs. Ding, come here for a minute.) Uh, my love, work is busy, so I have to go. Uh, but I can call you tonight. Okay? (OK.) Oh, boss, you’re back! Hello. Back from the mall? You bought so much! (Yes, this is all for my son.) Hey, Jian, I hear you’re going to the U.S. soon. Indeed. In a few days. We need to find time to get that looked at. Medicine isn’t enough for this. It’s fine, it’s just a small issue. I’m so busy every day. I live for money, and my heart always feels empty. Is this really all there is to life? And yet, I keep thinking,
if we had faith, our lives would be better. Once we’re out of debt, we can pursue faith in God. But can we continue existing like this? We really should think about belief in God. Maybe it will help with the emptiness we feel. Let’s find someone and seek answers. Alright. You go ahead and seek. Hello there. Hello to you. (Hello there!) We’re from The Church of Almighty God. Take a look at this brochure. Ding Ruilin? Lin Zhixin? It’s really you! Indeed. You two know each other? We went to high school together. The last few years I ran a restaurant in China. I thought it could make some money. I didn’t know of all the demands that the government
officials from every department would make. They dined without paying,
and had run up a tab of tens of thousands. Not only did I make nothing, I fell into deep debt. With the CCP in power,
ordinary people can’t survive. True. Our debts from the restaurant were too high. We had no options. So, we came to Korea to get jobs. Now that we’re here, things are much better. So tell me, how long have you been in Korea? I’ve been here 7 or 8 years. Life in a real democracy
is so much better than CCP rule. At the very least, there are no officials
who try to blackmail you or eat for free. You also don’t need to pay out endless bribes. Doing business here is easier. I was right to come to Korea,
especially ’cause you’re here. It’s wonderful to see a friend
in a foreign country full of strangers. Hey, may I ask when did you start believing in God? Five years ago. I wanted to believe back on the mainland. (Really?) But seeing the CCP wildly persecute
all religious faiths and arrest Christians, I didn’t dare believe. I thought that if I were to start a business
and save enough for my child to go to college, it wouldn’t be too late to believe in God later. But now here in Korea, I could believe while I work. Wouldn’t that be just great? Of course that would. When people live in this world, if they don’t grasp truth,
no matter what, they will feel miserable. Those in power who have wealth feel empty. When we lack power and are robbed and oppressed, we’re even more miserable and empty. That is why life without believing
is to live a life in vain, that ends with dying still confused. Isn’t that a shame? You’re completely right. In the years I’ve been in business,
I’ve endured so much deceit, I’ve tasted despotism’s bitterness, and it’s felt like death is better, but there can’t be contentment in death! I’ve been thinking, just what is true happiness? How can I live so that I feel true happiness? I haven’t figured it out. My friend, you believe in God. Would you speak with me? Why do you believe in God? What does your faith bring you? That’s what I want to know. Faith brings many good things. Putting it simply, people must grasp why they live;
a life in confusion is worthless. Why should we believe in God? Because mankind was created by God. Our lifespans and fate,
illnesses and death, happiness are all in God’s hands. People often say, “As people act, Heaven watches,” “Man proposes, God disposes.” If what we say and do,
if our path aligns with God’s will, we’ll gain God’s blessings. If we follow Him, we gain God’s protection, and our lives will be peaceful and joyous. Why is our world so dark and evil, and why are people so corrupt? People can’t provide clear answers. God saves mankind
and explains these matters clearly. Without belief in God, we can not grasp the truth, and we can not walk the path of life. In the years I’ve believed,
I’ve read a lot of God’s word, I’ve understood the truth about life, I’ve learned of the root of darkness in the world, and I’ve come to grasp that people are evil
because Satan has corrupted mankind. I have come to know
just what kind of people hold power, why people’s lives are empty and miserable,
as well as the cause, where people came from, where they are going, God’s will in creating people,
what kinds of people God saves and curses, where people’s endings can be found,
and so much more. I grasp the truths of these mysteries, and my heart is ever so much brighter. I know how to live to find peace and joy, and how to live to gain God’s blessing. In this dark world of ours, only Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. When the Lord Jesus appeared, He said, Now the Lord Jesus has returned, and the kingdom of heaven has come to earth. If we believe in God and follow Him,
we’ll gain the truth as life, then we can enter the kingdom of heaven,
a beautiful destination. This is such a great blessing! Those who don’t believe, they can only live in sin, and then, when the great disaster comes,
they’ll fall directly to hell. The kingdom of heaven has now come, so what will you choose? I didn’t know that faith
lets you see things so clearly! I’m so happy I could meet with you
and discuss belief in God. I would love to hear more of your thoughts. Of course. I know this isn’t an easy thing. How’s this? First, I’ll show you two videos
of readings of God’s word. Yes. Alright. Never before have I heard such things. These words are wonderful. They describe all of life’s mysteries! Yes. When we hear God’s words,
we can feel God’s existence, as if He’s speaking right to us. Heaven and earth were created by God,
as well as mankind. All of our fates, our gifts and abilities,
everything we have is arranged by God. It was in the Age of Law that God proclaimed, People’s poverty, wealth, honor, humbleness,
life, and death are all preordained by God. The saying goes, “What goes around will come around.” This proves that God dominates
the fates of all mankind. People say Heaven decides fate.
It looks like that’s the case. That’s right. Then why is there such evil
and darkness within the world? What is the root cause? When the Lord Jesus appeared, He proclaimed, The Bible also says In our world, there’s nothing more evil than the CCP. They suppress religious faith
and persecute believers in God. The land ruled by the CCP
is the world’s darkest and most evil place. You’ve seen that their officials
are filthy and corrupt, that few are decent. This is the root of the Chinese people’s misery. You already have first hand experience
of how the CCP teaches people. Every day it promotes evolution and atheism to deceive and corrupt Chinese people. From a young age we are steeped
in atheistic education, planting deep in our minds
the awful seeds of atheism. No matter how empty we feel as we live in this world, we never know the reason why. When people depart from God and live
in the evil and darkness of the world, they can only be deceived,
trampled upon, and harmed by Satan. Just like children, who run from their parents, they have no support, they’ve no care or protection, and in society, they can only
be seduced, toyed with, and bullied. How could they not be miserable? That really makes a great deal of sense. Ruilin, read this passage of the word of God. Ah, alright. In the last days, God has expressed many words to purify and save mankind, to reveal the truth, so they understand it
and escape Satan’s corruption. This is God’s love for mankind. In the years I’ve believed, the more I read God’s word,
the brighter my heart feels. I’ve come to see things clearly, including family, and life, and work, and marriage, and so much more. Wealth and status no longer attract me; I no longer suffer from their bondage. I now feel more relaxed and free,
and life isn’t so exhausting. What I think is understanding truth is great. I think truth has value, that the truth is the highest maxim in life. When we live by truth,
we can escape Satan’s corruption. When we grasp truth, we understand how to live, how to obey and to worship God. And then we can receive God’s blessings,
and we feel real peace. This is what true happiness means. Hearing you say all that, I think it’s important for people
to understand truth. For we who don’t understand truth, we have one goal. We pursue reputation and status, and though we suffer from it, we won’t stop pursuing. We don’t understand why the world
is so evil, why it’s so dark. People really are foolish not to believe in God. It seems believers often read God’s word
and understand some truth, you see the world so clearly, and you avoid many twisted paths! But what’s more, you feel peace and joy,
and you have a good destination. We have struggled for our entire lives, and at death we still go to hell. It’s better to believe in God! I want to read more of God’s word
and understand truth. Alright! In that case, I’ll help you install
The Church of Almighty God app on your phone. Hey, these words actually sound nice! Indeed. And they so warm my heart as I read them. Hey, when you can, you should read God’s word. Let’s believe together. Huh? Believe in God? Yeah. Belief in God is good, it’s being good and on the right path, but we’re busy dawn to dusk, day in and day out. We don’t have time to believe in God! In the past, we only focused on making money, right? And so our lives seemed so meaningless. Now, I’ve been reading God’s word, I feel like I grasp some things about life, and I feel joy and peace well up in my heart. Hey, it’s great to believe in God! Then, you go ahead and believe. Back home in China, you would be persecuted, and maybe put in jail, but Korea is a true democratic country, and so there is no threat of arrest. Go ahead, believe. Great. At lunch, take what we bought mom
and Lei to the post office. Sure, okay. Hey you two. (Hey.) You’re here early, Mr. Guo. (Hey, Mr. Guo.) Hey. Ruilin, you’re here. Yeah, you’re early too. Have you all heard the news? What news? Well, what I heard is the boss
and her family are moving to the U.S. What of the restaurant? Will it stay open? I don’t know. Anyway, we’re out of time, let’s get to work. Hey, Ruilin, (Yeah?) the restaurant, they’re selling it. Yongzhi wants to partner with us,
so we could purchase it. This is an opportunity. I heard, everyone was whispering about the sale. But now, I truly believe in God. It was hard to find the right path in life. I now feel so secure and relaxed. And I never want that kind
of worry or suffering again. Okay, how about I take care of the worrying? It won’t affect your belief in God. Besides, isn’t earning money
the whole reason we came abroad? Hey, I’ve done all the math, each month the restaurant
brings in over 100,000 yuan. It’s an opportunity, and who knows if we’ll get another one. Hey. Hi. Have you made your decision? Not many who come to Korea
to work get a chance like this. Don’t worry about the money,
I’ll put down the bulk of it. Just invest as much as you can. I’m busy here in Busan. Once we buy the restaurant,
it’ll be yours to manage. With the restaurant, in a few years,
you’ll have a car, a house, and everything else you want. You’ll also be able to
bring your mom and Lei over here. So let me know. Let’s work hard and get things done. And so, all our efforts today
are so we can build a far better tomorrow. Right. Yes. I always say people need to have— People need to have vision. You can’t just look at what’s in front of you. You’ve learned it! Starting right now, our next project is to launch a brand-new menu. Hey Yu, move it a bit over this way. Like this? Further down. (Like this?) Hey, hey, that side up. (How’s this?) Let me. You take a break. There, a little bit higher. (Okay.) Hello! (My friends just opened this restaurant.) Welcome! Right this way if you please. Welcome! Come right in. Pardon, just the check please. (Thank you so much.) Thanks! (Thank you!) Have a nice day, sir! Welcome everyone! Table 5! That’s everything you ordered.
(Bring us some more water.) ‘Kay. There. Enjoy. (Thank you!) You’re welcome. Please bring us some soda and wine. Have a nice day! Is it ready? Table 7 is getting impatient. Cheers! Mrs. Ding! Excuse me, we’re short on these ingredients. You’ll have to call the supplier! It’s so good. Hello welcome! Hey, Yu, come here. Yes, Mrs. Ding? (I have an appointment at 2 p.m.) And I’m late. Can you watch the register? Okay then. Goodbye. (Thanks!) You’re finally here. I’m sorry I’m late. I’m so sorry. It’s fine. Work’s been busy? Yes, there’s been so much to do. Your coffee, ma’am. Thanks. Be careful of your health. I’m fine. I’m sorry, I need to take this. Sure, go ahead. Hello there. Yes, Mr. Kim? Yes. Right now? Finished? Sorry. It’s the restaurant. It’s urgent. We’ll have to meet another day. Yes, another time. Goodbye then. Take it easy, be careful. Sure. See you. This is their specialty. It sure looks tasty. Then Mr. Lee, I’ll leave my business in your hands! Okay, here comes the soup! It’s a great recipe. (It all looks great.) I can’t wait! (We can eat! Enjoy it.) First, let me say a few words. The tremendous success
that our restaurant has achieved couldn’t have happened
without your hard work and effort. (Right!) Thank you all. Thank you for all you’ve done!
(It’s nothing, Mrs. Ding. Our pleasure.) Here, Yu. (Thank you.) I’ll work even harder in the future. (Limei.) Thank you so much! Thank you, Mrs. Ding! Here Zhang. Thank you, Mrs. Ding! We’ve worked together for so long. Enjoy yourselves. Yeah. Mr. Guo. Thank you so much! No, thank you! Mrs. Ding, have a seat. (Thanks.) Enjoy yourselves. Mrs. Ding, a toast to you. Thanks. It’s delicious! Everyone keep eating, let’s enjoy ourselves. I’m just so happy today. What’s wrong? Don’t move me! My waist! (What’s the matter?) Get her to a hospital! Call an ambulance! (Hurry, we need an ambulance!) Go call now! (Okay. I’m going.) The lumbar disc in your wife’s spine
is severely herniated, and is pressing against the nerve. This is numbing her legs and making it
impossible for her to walk right now. I’m sorry to say that
if we do not treat the condition, your wife is at risk for long-term paralysis. We advise operating as soon as possible. Doctor, does the operation itself carry any risks? Isn’t there anything else we can do? We can apply traction to her spine for now, but if her condition doesn’t improve … Here. You need to eat. Don’t start thinking too much. You’re sick, you need treatment. That’s all there is to it. I’m still so young, and I’m already paralyzed and bed-ridden? God, please have mercy on me. The words of God are ever so practical. People labor and run themselves
ragged for wealth and fame, but on the brink of death, neither their wealth nor their fame can save them. Even if people are fabulously wealthy
and have a prominent position, of what use are these things? They can’t take those things when they die. Wealth and status are empty and worthless. They pass in an instant. I’ve struggled for so many years, and endured so much suffering and humiliation. In the end, what have I gained for it? While people live, we should pursue the truth and follow God. The results of your traction
the last few days have been good. Now you just need rest. Thank you very much. You’re welcome. How are you feeling? Hello. Hello to you. (Mingyi.) Hey, Zhixin! Good to see you! Look. Hello. Do you feel better? When you preached me the gospel, it sounded grand, and I wanted to believe. Once we took over the restaurant, I was so busy and didn’t have time for meetings. I only cared about money. In the end I exhausted myself. As I was lying here, I finally calmed down and read God’s words, and considered my life. I finally realized that if people only pursue
wealth and status, or fame, they find only emptiness and misery. Only by pursuing the truth, following God, can I feel peace, safety, and security. It’s wonderful you understand. While I’ve been in here, I’ve seen so many people just tormented by illness. Some who are here one day, pass away the next. People’s lives are really ever so fragile. I started to think, why do people get sick and die? Why do we feel so empty
and so miserable in our lives? I so want to believe in God, but why can I not escape the temptation of wealth? Life is so easy for you now that you believe. I admire you for that. Ruilin, when we suffer illness, being able to calmly reflect on our path, being able to discover our weakness
and rebelliousness, and seeking the truth is a wonderful thing. God saves those who genuinely believe in Him. Many will claim to believe in God
just to gain blessings, and no matter how many times they fail
or how much they suffer, they never reflect on themselves. They never seek the truth
and will never be able to grasp God’s will. Such people have no way of gaining the truth as life. No matter how long they believe,
their effort is in vain. But you, after just a few months of believing,
when you experience setbacks, you’re able to self-reflect and seek the truth. That’s extremely rare. It’s true, those who truly believe in God
experience God’s work in this way, and ultimately gain understanding
of truth and knowledge of God. In time, all of their difficulties are resolved, and they no longer suffer
the constraints of wealth or of status. Let’s read some of God’s word. Please. Help me sit up. Are you sure? Yes. Okay? Yes. I can read the next one. (OK.) Yes. Almighty God’s words so clearly explain
how Satan both deceives and corrupts mankind. All of mankind’s misery
comes directly from Satan’s corruption. Because mankind has been corrupted by Satan
and we have betrayed God, we live in darkness and misery. For millennia, Satan has used
the kings of devils, famous men to fabricate fallacious theories to corrupt mankind. Ideas like “This world is devoid of God,
and there has never been a Savior,” “One’s fate is within his own hands,” “Every man for himself
and the devil take the hindmost,” “Those who use their minds
will rule over those who don’t.” Also, “Attain fame to honor ancestors,” “Money is first,” “Money isn’t everything, but without it,
there is nothing you can do,” and so on. These are the fallacious theories that Satan uses
to deceive and corrupt mankind. (Yes!) From the moment we start school,
we start a satanic education. Satanic forces promote theories like evolution. They use knowledge and science to replace the truth, which leads people to deny and betray God. Once mankind accepts Satan’s
evil sayings and false theories, they deny God’s existence, they deny God’s creation and dominion. They even deny and condemn
all God’s work to redeem and to save mankind. They deny the truth, and instead live by these satanic laws, which causes their dispositions to become
ever more self-important, deceitful, and greedy. They become completely consumed by desire for wealth, fame, status, and pleasures of the flesh. To attain these, people will even kill one another. They are capable of any act, no matter how immoral. They sell their bodies and betray their dignity. They deceive, steal, and even commit murder
just to further their own interests. Yes. For the sake of their interests, best of friends, even spouses,
will deceive and betray one another too, parent against child, siblings turned foes. They lost all normal humanity
and live more like devils than humans. Having been so corrupted,
how can mankind not be miserable? Life in this dark world’s no different than living in the darkness of hell. Where is there any happiness or joy to speak of? The harm done to mankind
by Satan’s toxins is inestimable. Ideas like the saying, “One’s fate is within his own hands,” and such mottos of the CCP as, “Man rules nature,” “To battle with Heaven is fun! To battle with earth is fun! To battle with people is fun!” Once these lies take root in people, they look down upon God, become arrogant. They come to believe that they can control
and change their own fates, so they try to fight their destinies. Many people struggle their entire lives, and what is the result? They not only fail to change their own fate, they bloody their brows and live in utter torment, and in the end admit fate controls all. When people don’t know God’s dominance, they live by Satan’s evil philosophies, and struggle to attain their ambitions. But doing this is only hurting them. Now we should be able to clearly see the reason why people’s lives are full of emptiness and misery. If people refuse to accept God’s words, and submit to Satan’s power and the lies of devils, they’ll fall into darkness and a life of misery. Only through believing in God
and accepting God’s word, can we escape the sway of Satan
and satanic corruption, and live free and at ease in the presence of God, and live out a meaningful life. In the past, I couldn’t see this clearly, but now I get it. The reason people’s lives are miserable is due to Satan’s corrupting influence and harm. Right. In the past, I regarded these ubiquitous sayings
by famous people as truths to live by. Having heard your fellowship, I now see that these are Satan’s tricks
used to deceive and corrupt people. Without believing in God and reading God’s words, it’s impossible to see this. (That’s right.) It’s good to believe in God
and understand the truth. From now on, I will read more of God’s word
and attend more meetings. Then, I will understand truth
and see into the essence of problems. I’ll be able to escape the bondage of the flesh. My life won’t be so bitter and exhausting. Yes. When we believe in God, attain the truth, once we are purified
and have attained God’s salvation, God will bring us to His kingdom. When that happens, we’ll have genuine happiness and beautiful lives. It’s just like the prophecy in Revelation, Let’s watch a recitation of the words of God. Sure. Life in the kingdom looks so wonderful! Hey, Zhixin, the last few days, I’ve been reading God’s words, and I’ve come to see
how God’s words reveal the methods that Satan uses in order to corrupt people. I’ve really gained discernment! For instance, Satan uses such notions as “Money is first,” “Money makes the world go round”
to trick and corrupt man, to make people feel that
they are unable to live without money, that money is a requirement to live with dignity, and that without it they’re second-class citizens. I nearly worked myself to death
just to earn some money, and all I achieved was illness and injury. I was simply a slave to Satan and money! Ruilin, thanks be to God you now understand this. I finally see clearly that without God and God’s words, people can’t live. When people don’t grasp truth, Satan will corrupt them and
subject them to bondage and constraints, which is terrible! Yes. Thankfully, I believe in God, and from reading God’s word,
I finally understand this about life. Without believing in God or reading God’s words, there’s no way to escape Satan’s corruption; we can only struggle in darkness and torment, with no hope of escape. It seems believing in God is the path to salvation, that only by accepting the truth
are we able to live with true dignity, and that this is genuine happiness. Since you’ve read Almighty God’s
word and gained insight, you seem more, more relaxed and at ease. Hey, let’s sit here. It’s good to believe in God! And it’s my good fortune
I followed your lead in believing. How sad that most can’t see
the absurdity of these satanic toxins. Therefore they still live by them. They think money is everything,
that it brings happiness, but is that really the truth of the matter? Can money help people to escape emptiness? Can it save us from disaster? Can it allow people to escape the bondage
of their satanic dispositions and bring them into God’s kingdom? It can not. Money can just change your material life, and improve your fleshly enjoyment. But those things are just temporary. If people don’t believe, they can’t gain truth, and so when the great disaster comes, they will die all the same. To solve the crucial questions
of our fate, destination, and our ending, we must believe in God and accept truth. God’s work to save man is expressing truth
to solve people’s corrupt dispositions. God has expressed the truth
so that man may gain it as life. Only when we gain the truth
can we gain eternal life. So the truth is what’s most valuable of all. If people gain the truth,
then they can gain God’s approval. That’s the greatest blessing of all! Hearing your words has been beneficial. When I reflect back, I realize we became money-making machines, and we suffered for it. We gained wealth but never felt peace. I’ve spent years simply being busy with work. I’m almost 40, yet I still don’t know
what it is to truly be alive. If I don’t believe in God,
won’t I have lived in vain? Right. We’re lucky God has come to save us. That we could hear God’s words and come before God means we’re truly blessed. And here out, I’ll make changes. I’ll pursue God and the truth. Indeed. In my experience, if people lack the guidance of the word of God, they are only groping in darkness, and they will endure endless suffering, yet never find the correct path. I finally grasp that having wealth
is not important in life. Believing in God, gaining the truth, and being saved is what’s most important. Thanks to God for bringing me back into His house. I’ve finally found where my spirit belongs. No longer must I wander!


  1. The Chinese translation is quite different, ..isn't it? …but I can understand why as they are a people that have always used wisdom to understand their path in life, but I will really like to see that translation myself.

  2. God bless and peace,, god is almighty , God love ❤️ us ,just pray ,God is always behind us, Alleluia,Have mercy,Amen, Money 💰 is just a piece of paper,,can’t buy everything,but can’t cure .

  3. Great movie 🙂 Be with God in good times and bad times.. Believe and understanding His teachings leads you to the path of life and you gain peace.

  4. And I thought China is better than the Philippines. Christians belong to various sects and denominations, some are extremists, others judgmental, believing they're the only church saved and all the others who belong to other faiths are going to hell and lost. And I guess that's one of the reasons why there are still atheists and communists around, knowing the dark ages and the dark past of.the church in killing people during the unholy inquisition. I'm NOT an atheist, but I understand their side, just as also The Messiah, or the Christ, wasn't crucified and condemned to death by atheists, but by the Romans and the Pharisees who claim to be servants of GOD. There are good and bad side in every religion, as there is in every person regardless of creed, sex or nationality. And that's what I came to realize by analysis and observation. At the moment, My country the Philippines is at odds with China, due to maritime disputes, yet, I'm not taking sides, neither with the country I was born in, with China or with any other nation. When I look deeper, NONE OF US has the right to claim any land, sea or border as our own because all of them were created and owned by GOD before we were born so who are WE to claim those lands as our own? Like the sky above us and the land and sea beneath us, all of it are part of creation. Everything we see belongs to The Creator and to whomever He wants to give it.

  5. I'm so thankful to know and believed God since my childhood because it open my mind that things in this world are all temporal, the most emportant are those eternal things.It taught me to accept all my failures in life, overcome deppressions and learned to enjoy life no matter how hard it is. If I don't know God, may be I committed suicide in my young age.Bible reading is a great help on me. Matthew 11:28-30 Come unto me, all ye are labour and heavy laden and I will give you rest, 29 Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

  6. Thank you so much for blessing us with quality, truthful Christian movies and personal testimonies that move our hearts into the direction of questioning life, and urging us to seek for the Truth that will set us free. I have dedicated over 20 years serving God in Asia as a Medical Missionary Teacher, and this movie presents the love of God in a practical way where the culture of the wonderful people of Asia can relate too, while bringing tears of joy, filled with hope to those who hunger after righteousness and Truth. When we see Jesus Christ, we see the reflection of God, which is love. Thank you again for your service, you are loved: Your brother in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Bless you, with Aloha from Hawaii.

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  13. We as believers will experience pain trials sufferings. All of which test our faithfulness. Jesus will return soon. Our reward will be with Him. Immortality given to the faithful. The “ Mark” of the beast is the day of worship that is fraudulent sun day worship. The true biblical Sabbath is the seventh day from the garden of eden. The fourth commandment reminds us to keep the sabbath holy. He is our example. We will soon be tried on this topic. Choose truth. Choose carefully. Choose to be on Jesus side.

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