20 Years of Lucid Dreaming

20 Years of Lucid Dreaming

All right, welcome back! Today I’m gonna
talk about my whole lucid dreaming journey. I’m gonna try to keep it short
even though it’s about 20 years of my life. And the reason for this is partly
because I have new subscribers. Hi new subscribers! Thanks for joining us. As a
direct result of being involved in the Team Lucid Dream Facebook page, which, if
you don’t know what I’m talking about you should go check that out which I’ll
link in the description. Yeah, I’ve sort of been taken under the
wing of much more experienced youtubers who wanted to band together, who
have a very scientific and non-commercial mindset and I think
that’s great. So thanks new subscribers. And I thought
this video would give you a bit of an idea of who I am and kind of what I
bring to the table and my angle and things like that. So also, I’m making this
video because people ask me a lot how I got interested in lucid dreaming and I
find that a little difficult of a question to answer as a natural lucid
dreamer. That’s what the scientific literature calls us. It sounds braggy. I
don’t mean to put it that way. But basically, sometimes people differentiate
between people who have learned how to lucid dream intentionally, reading books
watching videos etc., and people who just spontaneously have lucid dreams. And you
can kind of be a combination of both, you could be a natural lucid dreamer but
only have a couple lucid dreams and then read lots of books on it and
practice. So it’s not a terribly important distinction, but it is
necessary for me to say that in order to answer the question of how I got
interested in lucid dreaming. Because it wasn’t a matter of a book or a movie or
a person. Lucid dreams got me interested in lucid dreams. I just had them. I’m not
sure exactly how young I was but I was definitely under the age of 10. I might
have been as young as say 7, maybe 9, I’m not really sure but it’s definitely
about 20 years ago now, or more. And yeah, that’s kind of cool. That’s kind of a
cool milestone I suppose. And so what happened was, I had spontaneous lucid
dreams as a child. I’m gonna kind of walk you through the role that lucid dream
has played in my life, the things that I have done with that
skill over time, because it’s definitely changed. Unsurprisingly, something I
learned to do when I was seven or so, accidentally started doing when I was
seven or eight you know, I don’t approach it the same way now. But when I first
started having lucid dreams… so I was also really into the movie Matilda. I
remember my lucid dreams were very much just me liking the idea of being magic.
And I really did play out a lot of like, Matilda-esque, I liked to
move objects with my mind and change them with my mind and things like that. I
would often even do that as a reality test- try to like move an object with my
mind. Which is fascinating because, I would never do that as a reality test
now. That sounds hard. I actually think, I don’t want to say that my ability has
decreased over time, but I think there was something really special and amazing
about being able to lucid dream at like eight years old with such confidence in
myself, because children, you know, I don’t want to generalize, not every child but lots
of children have much more confidence than adults, haven’t been like worn down
by mistakes and it just seems like a developmental thing. If you’re that young
you tend to be pretty confident, you tend to want to try things in a way that
adults maybe sometimes shy away more. I know that’s a huge generalization. Not
true for everyone. For me, I had a lot more confidence then, and lucid dreams
were so easy to control. It was so black and white to me: oh I’m dreaming, that
means I can do whatever I want, I have ultimate say. And I did. And I feel
like that obviously that really speaks to the importance of confidence and
expectation and belief. It also, to me, points to maybe the fact that we should
be teaching children how to lucid dream. Something I feel really strongly about. Because they can. And because it was a really beautiful thing in my life
and really gave me a feeling of control. Children don’t often have a lot of
control over their lives they’re just sort of being dragged around from thing
to thing. They don’t have to work, but they don’t really get to have a say in
what they do. And I yeah, I really loved to lucid dreaming as a kid maybe even more
than I do now as much as I still love it. It was just so magical and I loved
talking to people about it even though they kind of looked at me funny. Other
kids were always really interested. Again, I think we should teach children this.
And some people knew, you know, what I was was talking about. “Oh that’s happened to me once
or twice.” But hardly anyone really was experienced, other than my siblings. I have
two older brothers and they also have lucid dreams, they also have sleep paralysis.
Everyone in my immediate family has sleep paralysis. Makes me wonder maybe we
should be studying biological genetic factors you know two people is an
nuclear biological family of people with one lucid dreamer do they all lucid
dream more likely sorry that we really have to rephrase that as a research
question but I think you know what I mean
so yeah that’s me as a kid you know get into the teen years I’m sleeping a lot
teenagers sleep a lot but REM also decreases over time so yeah
childhood is the perfect time to lose the dream you got confidence you sleep a
lot and you have lots of REM and it decreases by the time you’re 18 there’s
a but as a teenager still really into lucid dreaming I started reading books
about it started keeping a dream journal my lucid dreaming interests got much
more just like hedonistic pleasure seeking etc and then after a few years
that got old and I got to basically the stage I’m in now which is that I’m
interested in dreams interested in using lissajous to understand what dreams are
like and kind of got tired of all the activities probably because I tried
everything a flying what have everything did it all and then it got to a point
where I was like you know what I’m just gonna observe I’m gonna be a passive
observer and part of that was because my strongest interest ultimately became I
just want to have long highly clear lucid dreams I wanna English duties on a
spectrum I want to have those really lucid dreams where I know who I am you
know what time it is you know how old I am I know where I live that sounds so
basic but I’m dream sometimes you really don’t know you’re like dreaming about
being back in college and you think it’s real I want to have all that information
I want to be thinking logically I want to
have my lucid dream really lasts and I became my biggest concern for many years
is just kind of getting good at lucid dreaming in a different way I guess I
had already had a really high C’s level of skill with control which actually
decreased over time as I lost confidence but then I you know refocused on okay I
don’t really need to control a dream it’s not even necessarily that
interesting anymore I just want to control myself control my
emotional reactions control my logical you know thinking levels and just have
really long lucid dreams and then most most recently like I’m since starting
this YouTube channel I’ve sort of sparked a new interest for me in the
connection between mindfulness and meditation and lucid dreaming and I have
twice now experimented with meditating in a dream which I’ll make a whole video
about but I want to do it a few more times before I talk about it because
it’s been harder than I thought and well not harder than I thought but I just I’m
you know I’m experiencing once again the difficulty of staying in a lucid dream
which as I said I’d really perfected that was like I sold my most recent sort
of phase of lucid dreaming practice was focused on that and now that I’ve tried
to start meditating it’s gotten a little loose I’ve you know woken up by accident
things like that so I’ll make a whole video about that at some point but
anyway that’s me long story that’s how I got interested in those dreams that’s my
20-year journey with lucid dreaming so far and you know if you’re new to this
youtube channel or just in general you should know I guess that I’m pretty
scientifically minded I like to base everything I say on either my own
experience which I’ll qualify as just being my experience can I was
generalized or some sort of research and I’ll try my best to cite where I’m
getting that from which is hard cuz I read lots of things and then I absorbed
information then I try my best to cite my sources as well and other parts of my
like angle every you know dreamers different certainly every youtuber has a
little bit of a different angle and I am really focused like I said on that
connection to meditation which isn’t not like I’m alone in that but that’s
something I’m interested in and also anxiety like waking life anxiety feeling
not just with nightmares but using lucid dreaming to curb your waking anxieties
something I’m thinking a lot about and that’s another focus of mine and yeah
I’m not really that interested in the spiritual pursuits I’m not that
interested in the philosophical arguments a little interested in
psychology self-help type stuff but mostly interested in it scientifically
exploring the nature of dreaming itself so that’s a long explanation I always
try to make short videos and they’re always about 10 minutes long I guess
that’s just how long I like to talk for ten straight minutes that’s all for now
I make videos on lucid dreaming every Thursday I occasionally post some music
and comedy and other things but the lucid dreaming videos are consistently
every Thursday and so if you subscribe you’ll get better at lucid dream and
I’ll see you next time


  1. It's cool to see the progression/eras of a single person. Going from interest to focus to goals is really cool to see.

  2. Really interesting to hear your lucid dreaming history and focus. Meditating in lucid dreams quickly became my bread and butter, but it's definitely not like doing it while awake. It's a lot harder in that there can be more distractions and sometimes it's hard to maintain awareness when the experience quickly wants to turn into one reminiscent of a psychedelic trip. You can break through to some really interesting states of mind, though. Look forward hearing about your experiences with it.

  3. Great video!
    If you been doing it for 20 years then that means you gotta have explored the universe right? Make a video about it because I'm kinda scared a little bit.

  4. I think if we work together there would be a good chance we could boost each other's view time as well as subscribers.. surely you realize how difficult it is LOL not what we originally think about when we want to start a channel! SO Hard! I'm almost up to 300 subscribers which feels pretty good. I'd be up to dropping your video links in my videos.

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