20 Minute Gentle Yoga and Meditation Day 21 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

20 Minute Gentle Yoga and Meditation Day 21 | Fightmaster Yoga Videos


  1. You look gorgeous, Lesley! I just did your Hatha Happiness yoga and save this for the evening :-)) I know I am going to love this gentle yoga…

  2. Was still awake when this popped up, so I decided to do it now instead of in the mornings as I usually do. Nice one for winding down after a very long day.

  3. Thank you so much for this lovely meditation Lesley. It really touched my heart. I will definitely come back to this meditation again and again.

  4. thank you so much for this Meditation,
    it was such an intense experience, it made me cry but I it also felt so good afterwards.
    best wishes to all of you

  5. Thank u lesley for all ur love and all the beautiful yoga. I have a broken ankle and in a full cast i was wondering if it's possible for you to do practice for ppl afflicted with this injury. Even the broken needs yoga lol.

  6. Day 21 done! Yay, the leg warmers are back! Always love this meditation, it's a Fightmaster classic 🤗. See you tomorrow Lesley and Duke 💖🙏🏻

  7. There should be a disclaimer that you may or may not need a box of tissue during or after this practice. Thank you for a wonderful meditation.

  8. I really enjoy this type of meditation. Being always active in the mood of mindfulness and remembering the actual happiness are always boost my energy. I did this one again and again after your hatha yoga happiness teaching. Doing in #YogaFix30 is also made my day. Thanks to you beautiful woman ❤️

  9. Meditation is surprisingly tough, I can't maintain visualization very well or for very long. This is something I need to keep practicing. Thank you for the practice.

  10. This was an intense meditation for me. Whenever I experience an extreme feeling, I normally cry and I can't help it, this is just who I am. And today I cried because it hit me. I felt loved, happy, relaxed, missed, lucky and all in between!
    Thank you Lesley, this was what I needed to feel relaxed and in peace before my exam tomorrow!
    Love from Denmark

  11. I am huge fan of loving kindness meditation and always interested in different variations. Thanks for sharing this Metta practice with us :-). Sorry that I am late with comments… it’s a lot going on at the moment 🤪

  12. My heart is filled with loving kindness. Sending out love and light to you and your family Lesley ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Wow that is powerful, I love those little phrases, they cover all I need in life + the love that we already feel. 😍 Thank you!

  14. Started the program on July 2nd along with some dear members of my favorite group on FB, and loving the classes so far, they are a nice addition to my morning yoga routine. Thank you Lesley and Duke for making them! Sunshine and butterflies to both of you!

  15. good to know I'm not the only one that cried 🙂 thank you for this wonderful practise lesly, I am having a hard time right know and I'm feeling you are bringing me back on a good way :*

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