15 Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

15 Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

hey everyone I'm Peter from top thing and today we are going to learn about fifteen psychological facts that will blow your mind now let's begin number one the dunning-kruger effect in 1999 two social psychologists discovered something about intelligent people they rarely think they're smart in fact they often rank themselves way below average on the other hand people with low intelligence do the exact opposite they almost always overestimate their rank by a longshot the dunning-kruger effect basically proves the old adage ignorance is bliss let's say you're trying to learn how to draw when you finish your first drawing you'll probably think you're great at it but once you practice and realize how much you don't know you won't think you're very good anymore this is why people with low intelligence often rate themselves so highly they don't understand how little they know just look at the man who inspired Dunning and Kruger 's original experiment he decided to put lemon juice on his face in order to rob banks since lemon juice is used to make invisible ink he believed he was completely invisible to the bank's cameras of course that wasn't true he just had high expectations and no knowledge so he thought of himself as a genius number two remember remembering what's your earliest memory you might remember playing with your parents in the park or one of your first birthdays but can you actually remember that far back neuro scientists recently discovered that your memory works a lot differently than most people think when you think back to that early memory your mind isn't jumping back in time it's remembering the last time you remembered in other words your memory is like playing telephone every time you re remember something it changes a little bit more eventually you won't be able to tell what actually happened and what you added along the way number three music changes perception the type of music you listen to actually affects how you view the world around you we all know that music can change your mood an upbeat song can leave you feeling on top of the world while a sad one can send you into a downward spiral but that's not all a 2011 study looked at whether or not music could affect the way you perceive your environment subjects were asked to identify happy and sad faces while different songs played turns out people struggle to recognize happy faces during sad songs and vice versa the music was making them see things that weren't there it created something called a perceptual expectation when you hear one thing through your ears your brain will expect to see something similar through your eyes this is why music can improve a workout or help after a breakup it sets the tone by creating that perceptual expectation number four foreign language logic we all make bad decisions but what if I told you that you could think more rationally if you do it in another language a study from the University of Chicago found that people make more logical choices when using a second language our reasoning skills are divided into two parts one is systematic and logical while the other is unconscious and emotional when you use your first language you let that emotional side take over your biases and knee-jerk reactions cloud your judgment when you use a less natural language that rational side steps in you're forced to put more thought into what you say next time you're about to accept a new job or make a big purchase frame it in a different language then you'll know whether or not it's actually a good idea number five singing reduces anxiety singing in the car or shower is a great way to fend off anxiety and depression let's say you're driving into work you're about to give the most important presentation of your life naturally you're a nervous wreck so how can you keep yourself calm turn on your favorite song and sing as loud as you can it sounds ridiculous but singing floods your brain with endorphins and oxytocin both of them relieve stress and improve your mood they make you feel comfortable while keeping your heartrate and cortisol levels low and don't worry you don't have to be good even if you're the worst singer in the world like me belting it can reduce anxiety and turn your day around number six rejection hurts imagine you made a new friend over the weekend but when you ask them to hang out a few days later they blow you off what does that feel like to your brain you might as well have been punched in the face that's because our brains process emotional and physical pain the same way both kinds of pain release the same chemicals and activate the same areas if you've ever wondered why social rejection hurts so much this is why number seven canonical perspective have you ever thought about how things look in your memory in the 1980's psychologists discovered that we remember almost all objects from the canonical perspective that means we see things from the side and slightly above if you don't believe me try and draw a cup did you draw one circle as though you were looking down on it or did you draw it from the side and add an angle so you could just barely see inside well there are a few individual exceptions you unconsciously see most objects from the exact same vantage point number eight evolving anxiety about 15 years ago a study found that the average high school student was as anxious as the average psychiatric patient in the 1950s over the last few decades mental health conditions like anxiety and mood disorders have become increasingly common in fact they're treated as a normal thing if that study were conducted today I'm sure the numbers would be through the roof as humanity becomes more disconnected stress and scared it's more important than ever to pay attention to your mental health number nine the negativity gene what if negativity wasn't a choice a 2013 study found that some people are genetically predisposed to negative thoughts this means you automatically react with stronger negative emotions in that study researchers looked at how people with this gene reacted to various images while most people enjoy pictures of waterfalls and beaches people with the negativity gene found them dangerous and alarming when shown a picture of a crowded room they honed in on angry or sad faces so if you're a naturally negative or cautious person you may have been born that way number 10 healthy sarcasm being sarcastic can actually improve the health of your brain while sarcasm can be insulting it's one of the most common signs of intelligence sarcastic people tend to be quick witty and creative their sarcasm may make them unlikable but they excel at thinking outside the box biologically sarcastic comments require quite a bit of brain function you have to instantly understand tone meaning and perspective then spin them in a way that makes something funny this is why sarcastic people are so good at understanding abstract concepts and solving complex problems number eleven the power of sunlight have you ever noticed you feel down when you've been inside all day but when you walk outside your mood instantly changes sunlight isn't just good for your bones it can actually prevent mood disorders like depression the vitamin D you get from the Sun acts as a mood stabilizer and releases pleasurable hormones in your brain this is why people in countries with less sunlight are more likely to be depressed all you need is 10 minutes of direct sunlight to literally and figuratively brighten up your world number 12 dopamine addiction why is it so easy to stare at your phone for hours on end a recent study found that texting and social media trigger the release of dopamine in your brain dopamine is commonly associated with pleasure but that isn't why you can't put your phone down dopamine plays another important role it controls desire it tells you when you want something and compels you to get it this is what pushes you to keep talking clicking or scrolling each time you do dopamine sends more pleasure signals to the brain it's a dangerous cycle because the longer you let it go on the harder it is to break number 13 the over sleepers paradox after sleeping for 10 or 11 hours how do you feel you gave your brain plenty of time to relax and detoxify yet somehow you feel tired almost like you didn't sleep enough sleeping too much is just as detrimental as not sleeping enough it will leave you feeling foggy and fatigued because it throws off your biological clock imagine you're trying to do a flip if you don't flip enough you fall but when you flip too much the same thing happens you have to hit it just right sleeping works the same way the only way to avoid feeling tired is to sleep the perfect amount number 14 reading faster have you ever wondered why newspapers use such thin columns years ago publishers figured out that people liked shorter lines people were more likely to keep reading so newspapers kept their lines between 30 and 50 characters since we like short lines better shouldn't we read them faster too psychologists recently discovered the opposite short lines make us read slower 100 characters is actually the ideal line length even though it's double or triple what most newspapers and magazines use number 15 mood sickness being in a bad mood isn't just hard on your brain it can significantly impact your physical health our bodies and brains are inexplicably tied together when one suffers the other does too so when you're feeling unhappy you might have aches inflammation and lower immune function so if you can try to find ways to improve your mental state every single day happiness is a big part of being healthy thank you for watching Top think and be sure to subscribe because more incredible content is on the way


  1. You’re not that smart if you think you aren’t, how is that smart? Lol if you’re smart you’ll know you’re smart cause people will remind you because you’ll realize how stupid they are, so I don’t know about these facts, how can you be certain its true?

  2. my perceptual expectation of this video after hearing some of your click N bait mojo is ….go blow your own mind ….smh ….these theories your ranting out are so vague and bad. Go back to the drawing board …its so wack that YouTube is filling up with a bunch of need a job Social media heads needing a quick buck .What is @Youtube gonna do when the intellectual people that actually wanna learn new things and are searching for different types of truths, leave this site. Then all they'll be left with is a bunch of new age salesmen trying to sell each other a dream….🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 #theothers

  3. The second language we all must learn to speak is Mathematical and Scientifical Language
    and their rules which are Mathematical Proof and Scientific Method, because contrary to
    other languages, in Mathematics it is obvious when something goes wrong.
    Of course, if someone wants to learn a Language like English, I would strongly recommend
    the Greek Language ( Ancient as well as Modern ) because the Greek Language
    provides the foundations of Mathematics and Science.

  4. Rule nr. 1 is bullshit. Maybe it wasn’t in 1999. Stupid people know they are stupid and intelligent people clearly see their advantage in 2019.

  5. So, what I see in others is actually my own mental state (perceptive lens)… yet the rest of the video seems to pretend that is not the case at all. In other words how can I read anyone instantly if I'm actually just reading myself in an attempt to read them due to my perceptive lens? One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone has such a skewed perceptive lens, altho it is common. It might be a good idea for us to find a way to verify the accuracy of our lens.

  6. Dopamine is the WANT chemical, not the Happiness chemical:

    Years ago, a researcher noticed that the text-book dogma was wrong, when he noticed that dopamine-knockout rats wouldn't move 2" to get a food pellet ( they would simply lie there & starve to death ), but if you put it at their mouth, they would eat & do their kind's smile ( which looks to us like a grimace ).

    I wish I could find the source, but it was on that search-broken Science Daily site, which doesn't narrow-down search when adding terms, it instead broadens search, making pinpoint searching non-possible.
    ( gave up on that site's adamant-incompetence years ago )

    This also, however, highlights how shamefully non-evidence-based our knowing is, from a completely different angle:

    Schizophrenics are a category of people who supposedly are dopamine-amplified, yet have a 10% suicide rate, which is spectacular UNhappiness.

    & we didn't notice that contradiction to our "established knowing"!

    Some "evidence based" knowing our medicine is!

    Salut, Namaste, & Kaizen!

  7. Psychological facts about life which are very useful in your daily life.


  8. I always hum when I’m upset, people think I’m weird because you only sing when you re happy but.,, now it makes sense

  9. When I was younger I thought I was dumber than most people or just average anyway. It wasn't until I absorbed how to write code and then I took a couple of IQ tests that I realized I'm way smarter than all of you slobs! 😄

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