141013 Psychic Medium Tarot Spiritualist Clairvoyant Oracle EPetition

141013 Psychic Medium Tarot Spiritualist Clairvoyant Oracle EPetition

Now YOU can actually make a difference! WHY have “They” got away with stealing for so long? These thieves are stealing from vulnerable people and . . . The Government actually condones it! You can now make your opinions known. Sign the epetition. Let ALL your contacts know THEY can help as well. We need a massive 99,999 like YOU to get a new law. Whilst people have the right to believe anything they want No matter HOW stupid SURELY it is up to you (if you are mentally fit) To, at least, TRY to educate them. If you are upset at the thought of young people (or the feeble-minded) being influenced by the unbelievingly stupid myths still perpetuated Don’t you think you should DO something? If it takes two minutes, twenty-seven seconds to sign the epetition Why not sign it? Contribute to forcing the government to raise a new law Make it illegal for these theievs to advertise or perform!


  1. ANYONE claiming to be psychic is in one, or both, of only TWO states.
    1) A CON ARTIST.
    How many of the con artists display the disclaimer, “For entertainment purposes only”?
    In any event, they should not be permitted to influence the feeble-minded or vulnerable people who might believe such nonsense!
    Whilst most of them look and sound incredibly stupid to those with more than two firing synapses, one can only assume these thieves they simply don’t care because they are making so much money,.
    Trying to con others is one thing but, if you are trying to fool yourself, you need urgent help.
    (Incidentally, if YOU are one of the many people who genuinely believe in such garbage, I defend your absolute right to believe in whatever nonsense you chose, no matter how stupid. However, it is highly recommended you seek urgent help immediately.)
    NOW, at last, YOU can actually DO something positive! Click the link above and sign the petition!
    Join the campaign to stop these evil individuals stealing from so many such unfortunate individuals.  Email your M.P. and request the issue be raised in parliament to prohibit these thieves from advertising or performing.
    If ALL thieves should be imprisoned, why does the government condone this huge (and growing) group of con artists stealing with impunity? They should also be imprisoned and their vast profits applied to support victims. It’s nothing short of legalised theft!
    The truth is posted everywhere that these con artists should be in PRISON like ANY con artist so isn’t it strange why they never try to sue me if they claim they really possess such a supernatural skill ? !
    Check THIS out ! Going to go VIRAL ! ! ! !
    Sceptic Mark Tilbrook confronted and abused by family of "psychic" Sally Morgan

  2. Very clever, Youtube. You don't inform me but my comments and posts on the theives and con artists videos are not shown!
    So "Free speech", eh?
    WHY should they be allowed to advertise their lies and I can not point that out to vulnerable people?
    More cencorship in favour of the thieves! Son now more important thatn ever, sensible people make the availability of the epetition know!

  3. ALL con artists should be prohibited from advertising or performing!
    141023 Psychics Mediums Tarot/Astrologers et cetera epetition.

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