1127 Why Change Memories | Importance of Memory Reimprinting | Neurology based Healing

1127 Why Change Memories | Importance of Memory Reimprinting | Neurology based Healing

Is it different? Change the memory that erase the memory or block the memory. What is the difference? Good question. Alright, so here’s the difference. First of all, you have to understand the ground rules. A memory is recorded on your cortex. It’s not the real experience first. secondly, inside the memory, it has components that make it seem real, which is, you have visual construction, kinesthetics feelings, auditory construction and maybe taste and smell. So a good example, I should really demonstrate a good example. Hmm, I usually do this when I when I teach about addictions, I will bring in crackers, chips. Everybody will take chips. Now everybody knows that a cracker is when you taste it and smell it, it’s real. I mean it’s real. But I can demonstrate it and we can work to end it that cracker changes flavor, taste and smell with tapping. Alright? The reason is is that our brain gives meaning to it. So if you address a memory, you’re addressing how you encoded in your mind. That means it’s not the real memory, it’s a distorted recording. So you go to the actual memory and you change how its internalized represented. And if you have, let’s see how I draw this. if you have a memory, let’s say this is a memory and it’s encoded in the way it’s encoded. Alright, if you have, okay, this is this is how your brain works. This is a memory. This memory is who you think you are, it’s an experience. And let’s say it’s a bad experience like, I feel rejected in the band because this experience. You don’t want to feel abandoned and rejected in your life. So what you want? So what what people will do is they will try to find what you call an alternative. Alright? So then what they do is, I go find another a positive memory. Alright. So now here it is, your brain has two memories now, a positive one and a negative one. You will not change your behaviours by having two, because in order for the brain to have better performance, you’ve got to have the original to be changed. That means if you can’t have a replacement, you got to have to change the original. Now by the way your original is not the original. You understand what I said? Because how your brain encoder encoded it, wrote it down in your mind is based on your perceptions at the time your filters and so if you have two learnings here, two ways of performing, your brain will say which one? In order to to have a new behavior, a new way of performance, you must change this one. All changes whether you cycle therapy, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, EFT therapy, TFT therapy or any type of therapies, the only way changes will occur, as if you take the bad and the good, and they have to fire off and change the bad. Neurologically if you have two, your brain can pick either one, but if you take a bad and good feeling and they fire off at the same time, it’ll dissipate and can change the bad performance. So if you have a bad memory, and you say I don’t want to look at it, and I want to be positive. Where is the bad memory while you’re trying to be positive? Still there. If you ignore your bad memories and pretend like they’re not there, where are they? Still there. If you swim to the bottom of the sea to avoid your bad feelings, where are they? At the bottom of the sea. neurologically, you’ve got to change the information inside the memory itself. Now why do people do not want to change the memory? That’s the biggest and major reason and the problem we have. And the reason is, this memory has value. This memory has connections with people, places, things and security. And if you choose not to change your bad memories, you’re actually choosing to keep experiencing the same bad feelings because if you look at it from a logical practical way, your brain is just a computer. It’s just a computer. This bad memory is a program on how to feel bad, act bad, date people who are bad and work for bad people. And I feel bad every time I go there. So if you look at your brain this way, then you say, okay, it’s okay to change the bad memories. The good thing about change the bad memories, it does not change the past. Why? It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist. The problem is that we carry our past today, we use our past to make us feel bad today and perform badly. So what happens if I go to this memory? This memory wherever my dad memory is, my dad memory, if I don’t change the bad memory, does it take the original event? No. What does it change? It changes me. It changes my value system. It changes how I act and treat myself and other people. Now if your value comes from being a worthless piece of shit, guilty, have no value, you don’t want to screw up your value system. That’s where the conflict starts happening when if you change the bad memories, the question is who am I going to be? And I say better off. See this is where the problem is. And this is, when I started working and I mean comes again remember, mean I don’t come from cycle therapy. I did study some when I was a kid. I did take psychology 101 and I passed, made a B. Okay? So but my study is not in college, because see people who are in the in the medical field and in the psychological field and any all these other fields, they’re trained and taught from an angle and a viewpoint. And the viewpoint they are taught was all they know. and of course you know we got good people in these fields who really want to help people. They made straight A’s in college. But if they’ve been taught one thing to see things in a certain way, it’s hard to see outside the paradigm. Because it’s breaking the rules. And so what I have done is, I created my system based on many systems, to look at things in a logical practical way, and make it simple and easy to use. And unfortunately,it does clash with belief systems because this is a belief system too, but I think it’s a practical logical systems say, look at your brain, look how you do it, change how you do it, your life changes. Is that make sense? In order to give your brain a new change, a new way of performing, you must collapse the bad and turn it into good. Then you’ll have a good memory. There’s a good video on internet, I use it in my training, is called memory reconsolidation. And he basically shares what I’ve been doing for years. And as reprinting changing memory, memory reconsolidation, you can look it up. I don’t know the video number, I just know that’s what it’s called. Alright, so ,so you must change the original. Reason why you don’t want to change, because you have values inside the original. That’s why. You gotta change the value system. [Music]
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  1. I understand and this helps, but I need to walk threw the tapping to make it happen, or I just sit and agree with what you say lol… Thanks

  2. it is not exactly clear. Lets say Memory A is bad and we want to change. We change it by modifying the information of the memory A by creating something good or we go in our memory and find something good, something that has really happened and we replace the bad memory with the good one which has really happened before. Is this what you are saying or do we modify the bad memory and give it a different story that will make us feel good?

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