11 Mysterious Paranormal Events Caught on Tape

11 Mysterious Paranormal Events Caught on Tape

Some people believe that ghosts exist all
around us. If you’ve ever had personal belongings frequently
go missing, felt like you were being watched, or have seen something move out of the corner
of your eye, then you could have had a paranormal encounter without even realizing it. As these videos suggest, these ghostly encounters
happen all of the time, seemingly at random. CHILLS 11. “Just Around the Corner”: Two girls are
sharing a meal while their mother lovingly watches. It looks like a nice family moment until the
girl closest to the camera notices something in the other room and lets out a frightened
whimper. Nobody else sees it and they continue eating. Her sister tries to cheer the worried girl
up, but she sees something again and starts to cry out of fear. Her mom asks her what’s wrong and all the
girl can do is point to the other room. She stands up, no longer able to be near whatever
it is that she sees, and then she runs to her mom for protection. Her sister is laughing hysterically at all
of this, but then she turns around and sees it for herself . . . The video ends shortly afterwards, but that’s
not all. Some YouTubers say that they can the outline
of a figure peering around the corner just moments before the video cuts out. It’s supposed to appear on the righthand
side of the doorway. Let me know if you see anything. 10. “The Kitchen Crashers”: This apparent
apparition wastes no time completely demolishing the kitchen of a YouTuber named Chris Well. It starts at the far end of the room and makes
its way forward. Things quiet down for a moment and then the
mayhem resumes, this time even closer to the camera. I will admit that video looks very realistic. I can’t see any strings and some of the
things that happen, like the flying chairs at the end, would be very hard to fake. Besides, I don’t know why someone would
go to the effort of trashing their own house just to make a YouTube video. It hardly seems worth it. Chris Wells claims he has no idea what happened
that night. He is very upset and even went so far as to
personally demand answers directly from the poltergeist itself, but of course to no avail. 9. “The Ghost Doll”: This doll is supposedly
100 years old and should have no way of moving by itself. Its owner has been feeling suspicious that
it could be haunted, so they sat it on a chair in front of a camera and recorded it for 24
hours. Nothing happens for a while, but then . . . If this was fake, then a fishing line should
show up against the dark background. I’d definitely like to hear your thoughts
on how this could be faked, or if you believe it’s real. 8. “The Store Orb”: This footage comes from
a convenience store in India after it was captured by an old security camera late one
night. An orb glows with bright intensity as it glides
around the empty store at random. The next day, a group of workers watch the
tapes in amazement. I normally don’t include orb videos because
they tend to all look the same to me, but this video looks a little different. First, it seems to match the same grainy footage
of the CCTV system very well. Second, the sides of the orb appear to be
shimmering in a random pattern that would be hard to fake. If anyone can translate what they are saying
in this video, then please let me know. Also, tell me if it sounds like they are legitimately
surprised or just acting. 7. “Haunted Explorations”: A YouTuber named
nuggetnoggin is exploring an old abandoned home one evening somewhere in the Deep South. He’s been here only once before, and it
gave him such a strange and foreboding feeling that he couldn’t take anymore and he had
to leave. Now he’s mustered up enough courage to come
back and check out the rest of the house. He wants to get up to the second floor . . . Much to his dismay, he finds a door has been
laid over top the stairway so that nobody can get through. He tries to push on the horizontal door. One moment it feels as if a heavy force is
standing on top of it, and the next moment the weight is suddenly gone, and nuggetnoggin
can get upstairs. Some rooms give him the same weird feeling
that made him flee before. He remembers that the front door was kicked
in, possibly someone broke in. Maybe a family was living here long ago and
things did not end well for them. nuggetnoggin doesn’t find much else and
leaves. When he’s reviewing the footage, however,
he does notice what could be the face of a small girl. Take a look at this picture and tell me if
it looks like anything paranormal to you. 6. “Ghost Claws”: The Menger [“Men-jer”]
Hotel in San Antonio, Texas [“Tex-is”] claims to be one of the most haunted areas
in the entire state, and there are plenty of videos to back up this statement. One of these videos involves a brother and
sister who both suddenly get a strange feeling from the building and decide to start recording. They are exploring a very small and cramped
area of the hotel. As they are discussing the possibilities out
loud, the woman suddenly announces that she is extremely uncomfortable. You can’t see it very well at first, but
soon the camera zooms in and reveals three deep scratches along the woman’s bare shoulder. They look fresh and sting badly. She says that she was simply sitting on the
steps for just one moment, and the jagged marks appeared as soon as she stood up. Judging from this video, it looks as though
she may have been literally cut by an angry ghost. 5. “Ghost Guests”: Here’s another video
from the mysterious Menger hotel. A woman is bored and giving a brief tour of
her room when suddenly a paranormal presence makes itself known. She waits for a tense moment, hoping that
her boyfriend Mike is playing a prank nearby. When nobody answers her, she bravely opens
up the door and looks into the other room. Here is what she finds: Something has dumped all of her possessions
onto the floor in a quick fit of rage. While it’s possible that she could have
done this herself, it’s also quite possible that this really was a paranormal encounter. Especially when you consider that fires, missing
things, and other strange happenings have become the norm over the years at this hotel,
which was also built over the famous Alamo [“Al-la-mo”] battle site. 4. “Ryan”: Avery [“Aa-ver-ree”] is almost
two years old. He’s happily babbling away in the kitchen
when his mother starts to feel a strange presence. This has happened a few times before, so she
decides to start recording. Normally her child is very quiet, but every
once and a while he will become very active and start having a conversation with someone
who neither of his parents could see. Avery’s mother finds this behavior very
perplexing, so she starts to ask him over and over who he is talking to. Finally, after the third or fourth time, she
gets a sinister reply. Her child looks over his shoulder, almost
as if someone is there. When he turns his back to her, a raspy voice
says “Ryan”. Listen again with the sound up if you don’t
hear it. I guess the voice could be coming from Avery,
but it sounds like it’s coming from someplace much closer, almost right next to the camera. It also sounds like a slightly different voice
than Avery’s. Maybe Ryan is a ghostly pal who is looking
to make a new friend. 3. “The Kitchen Mist”: A man is cooking in
his kitchen when a black mist appears behind him. Look for it on the left side your screen. The man has his back turned and does not seem
to notice what’s going on behind him. What’s especially strange is how the black
mist starts to back away from the door when the man heads into the other room. Once the homeowner is safely out of view,
the mist turns very dark and quickly darts in front of the doorway. No clear explanation has ever been provided,
though I’d like to hear yours. Whatever this thing is, it’s never been
recorded again since. 2. “Audio Haunting”: Okay, so this isn’t
a video per se [“per say”], but it was still too eerie to pass up. This was recorded around 10 years ago in a
home in Philadelphia. The family kept hearing noises coming from
the basement, so they decided hire a paranormal team, who placed a recorder down there and
waited. Nothing happened for three days, and then,
at 3:12 a.m., they recorded this. The horrible recording continues to go on
and on, seemingly forever. No video evidence was ever produced, but these
possibly paranormal screams will continue to live on YouTube for years to come. Before we get to number 1, if you’ve ever
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and feel free to send me a DM if you have a questions or suggestions. If you’d like to see more of these videos
in the future, then hit that subscribe button because I upload a new video every Thursday. 1. “Tim’s Intrusion” Tim and two of his
friends are going to explore a house that is legendarily haunted. According to local lore, this is a place where
devil worshiping members used to perform rituals, and the surrounding area has never been the
same since. Beyond this information, all they know is
that its general location is somewhere deep in the woods. They follow a trail and eventually come across
a large abandoned house in the middle of the night. The three of them all get a strange feeling
and instantly know that they found the right spot. The door is open and they bravely march inside. Beyond a room filled with strange scrawlings,
they find a dark room that stinks like something rotting. Dolls are hanging by their necks. Just when they are about to leave, they suddenly
are approached by something that comes up from behind. A strange and unsettling gurgling noise follows
them as they run out of the house and into the open night air. Whether this was scripted or legitimate is
anyone’s guess. Only they know for sure, but even still, they
may be too shaken to talk about it. Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because I upload a new
video every Thursday. Or if you’re still not convinced, here are
some of my other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy!


  1. I can translate he video at 4:41the language is bengali and I am Indian plus bengali,…At first the shop keeper asks that from where it came..then he suspected it to be an insect…But soon realised as the other man remarked that it wasn't an insect

  2. Number 5 are a couple who are ghost adventurers they went that hotel to look for ghosts theres more to the video where she shows you the room minutes before

  3. " felt like your being watched yadayada then there's a possibility you encountered the paranormal "

    Me: 0-0 Mmm……….well……..IM FUCKED!!!!

  4. yes i can recognize what they are saying in hindi.i am from india that somebody's is doing prank with us so, they just ignored it

  5. I think one of those Indian guy was saying "is there gas leaking or burning" and the second one is saying "idk" then another one says "maybe"
    Sorry my English not 100%

  6. Number 5 was a ghost because earlier in this video she shows that her bag is sitting on the luggage rack completely full than she hears the bang snd notices her stuff construed on the floor

  7. nuggett noggin said hees smashin the guy who narrates this video in the teeth. he said the narrators voice makes him wanna stab himself in the ear-drum with a 6" steak knife.i know thats a little extreem, but not if you know what nuggett noggin is about.

  8. Go to Google and search for the global truth project and read the
    book named The Present so you will discover all the answers of the big questions of life ⬆️⬆️

  9. Wrt the shimmering orb in the store video, they're speaking in Bengali where they're debating over the possibility of the orb being an insect. Won't say genuine surprise, but confusion.

  10. It’s called the Crockett hotel it’s hunted by a maid she was is the elevator the elevator was not there.
    she fell 6 stories down I stayed the night there is San Antonio. It’s VERY trippy DO NOT GO THERE

  11. Seriously why do people always have to investigate? If my kid sees something or someone I can’t hear see smell or touch it’s time to call my pastor and elders to bless the house….. Actually I’d probably just move.

  12. #8 is something called ball lightning. It is a very rare phenomenon where plasma is collected into a ball and floats around, passing through walls. My grandmother's friends once had this happen to them.

  13. The first one with the girls seems set up. Why is the mum filming at that point and then keeps filming after her babies are screaming.


  15. Number 5 is only part of the video. In the whole video she opens that door only a few minutes earlier to see that her bag is ok and nothing is on the floor. Than after hearing the noises she opens it to find the bag dumped out . Crazy!!!

  16. Can't see any strings???? You must be joking. It's fishing line and you can see it clearly when the light hits it just right. Looks like shiny sparks in the air. Cockroach on the inside of the video screen.

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