108 🌟Subs English🌟 CONTACT DÉFUNTS 🌟 VIDENCIA 🌟 PSYCHIC READING🌟 Eʟsᴀ Mᴀʀɪᴀ Mᴇᴅɪᴜᴍ Sᴘɪʀɪᴛ

108 🌟Subs English🌟 CONTACT DÉFUNTS 🌟 VIDENCIA 🌟 PSYCHIC READING🌟 Eʟsᴀ Mᴀʀɪᴀ Mᴇᴅɪᴜᴍ Sᴘɪʀɪᴛ

Hello my little Carmen, hello my Little Elsa how you are going ? I’m fine I’m Fine and You ?
Well yep it’s all right This is the most important Are you ready for your your session ?
Oh yeah ! Here we go !
go. My baby Jesus of love Our Little Mother in Heaven
God and all the Divine energies that gouvern us Padre Pio, Priest of Ars Santa Therese Santa Rita And all the others Saints & saint Archangels who can come to and I have the Archangel Michael, that is here on us ! in the moment I am talking about
It’s Great ! Come to Protect us
Maybe because that’s making a long time I don’t talk to him
He maybe upset with me Saying I’m here 🙂
My Little Archangel Michael I know that you too
is as stronger as God Come to Protect us With All the others Saints and Saint during this Session, me and Carmen I ask you to help me to help To have answers
What she is waiting to move forward on her way and if there are deceased, don’t hesitate to intervene I hope you’re going to give her beautiful gifts from heaven and that Carmen be a Happy woman after this session
Thank You In The Name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, I thank you to help me to help Carmen
What must I say to her ? the deceased do not hesitate to intervene I’ve just finished a session A Difficult one Then, just the time that I connect ok ? Yes yes There are no reason I don’t succeed 🙂 I Thank you to help me to Help Carmen What must I say to her ? you, You, it was rather the deceaseds ? no, everything it’s a everything…the package
That’s it What must I say to her ?
I Thank you. She needs Guidance in her Life Answers If you could Guide her ? And, if there are deceased one’s don’t hesitate to intervene
Oh yes In The Name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, I thank you to help me to help Carmen What must I say to her ? Remind me where you are in France ? I am in Chartres 28 I Love Chartres Ok What Must I say to Carmen ? What are you telling me ? Help me to Help Carmen please
Thank You What must I say to her ? Please make that this session be very fluid for her to be as magnificent as the others ( session) Thank you To go to the goal
What Carmen needs To answer directly to what she needs the most I know you won’t answer to everything but to bring her solutions for she can go in the good way Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil. AMEN Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.
Amen. In The Name of The father, The Son & the Holy Spirit What must I say to Carmen ? You see Carmen, When I say, I have nothing I have Nothing ! I can’t invent It doesn’t interest me !
See Today I have answers They don’t say all, but saying yes it will happen…. maybe you needed to wait and live, simply and that today I don’t know but it’s cool I can answer you What else must I say to Carmen ? If you have others questions you can ask ! cause it’s seems this way, going more fast for you It’s about my Little Father For his state to know if it’s going to improve ? Your Father ? yes…ok ok, is he ill actually ?
Yes he is ok, is he close to you ? or far from you ? He is far by the distance, but we are very close ok, are you going to see him often ? oh yes, ok ok ! Can you answer me concerning Carmen father’s health ? Is your father 77 years old ? 85 10 more, is he look younger ? oh..no 77 I don’t know to what this number is about forgive me Is he start to have his health’s problem at that age ? yes it must be at that age, that it started ok, is for I understand about the number when they give that to me is for a reason can you tell me more things about the Little Daddy to show him, to take me there to him, please He is confined to bed, your Father !?
Yes Is he at home ? In his Hospital room…heu no did you notice the slip of tongue ? yes yes He is in a nursing home yes ok then He is on a bed, confined on it, anyway
yes Did your father wear a beard ? No….No ? He is not alone, they are another beds close to his no, he has is own room this is weird what are you showing me ? Please you need to be clear, up there ! In The Name of The Father The Son & The Holy Spirit I thank you to help me to help Carmen
concerning her Father Is your father’s nose sharp ?
Yes There is something in the nivel of the mouth, he is not having his teeth, something like this ? he is not having his teeth because his mouth is often open this is the problem actually he breath by the mouth ( mouth open) this is Amazing..yes yes..ok ok his arms are Tightened in front of him he don’t move too much I feel like he don’t recognize either that’s it ? yes
For me he is not here anymore somewhere else your Daddy What I was told ? This is the End You need to prepare your-self to it Forgive me
no no Elsa I prefere to know anyway finishing like this, I say no Well, right now, your Father is not him self
you must to know it he is imprisoned in this body he’s nothing but a shadow of himself and now, he need really and you too, you can’t do nothing more for him I know he is you Father, I put myself in your place You can imagine, The Father, how much is important a Father but right now, he is not him self he is not here by spirit, soul anymore He is almost left what is givin to me ? I don’t see intravenous I don’t see him plugged into machines is this correct ?
yes except, due dehydratation they put a pocket on him all right ok I don’t see nothing in the arms I see that he is Cold, The father is cold
Yes he is always cold I feel cold with him his hands are dig there are hollows in his hands even the face on the cheeks the mouth open, always open yes What is the story of the scarf ? Each time I always put on him the scarf ! He is always wearing a scarf ? Not always, but yes before ..always always the nurses don’t put on him the scarf as we came to see him saw him cold, I put the scarf on him Isn’t this beautiful ? yes
And you father is still alive ! Maybe I am comunicating with his soul This will be the second time it happen Do you remember the session with the man into COMA ? Yes yes I do remember Well, right now I am communicating with the soul of your father waw it’s crazy, it’s beautiful..it’s beautiful Carmen you see was difficult but today this is wonderfull for you so your father, I continue with the father the hairs bristle LET ME GO he is saying you, your too much hang on your father, LET HIM GO…Next time you got o see him Tell him IT S OK DADDY You can Go if you want to ! ok..because sometimes they don’t go because people call them and cling them to life
This is not a help for ur father He can’t support this anymore, too much exhausted The name of your father, isn’t Jean ? no my throat is hurting
Is ur Father having some pain with his throat ? well no..
For breathing with the mouth ? well maybe I don’t know He don’t say nothing
he can’t communicate yes I know but maybe the nurses told you about it Yes he is having great troubles making wrong ways ( problems of eating, Risk to suffocate) the food is mixed to become liquid Risk to suffocate ok ok so maybe this is his way to express the things Don’t forget, it’s his soul , he is still alive and he communicates with you
this is crazy…yeah it’s Beautiful it’s Beautiful…You are the second person, with whom it happened to me, so I find it AMAZING This is Wonderful…so…let’s go the Little. .what’s the name of your father ? Désiré..( desired) Oh it’s so cute it’s beautiful Désiré was because his mother only had girls and she said the boy that will come will be named Désiré It’s a beautiful name
yes it’s beautiful as name so.. what for the father must I said, Désiré ? There are people waiting for him, in the other side oh yes !? I see a kid I see a man carrying a boy I see lots of people waiting there, for your father and a man carrying a kid to this remind you of someone ? no no hum yes, it can be my brother I have 2 brothers that passed away and a child ? Do you have a little brother ? no…a little brother gone as a child ? no no I see a man carrying a child, a boy, 4 or 5 years old Have you lost in the family a little boy ? yes in my husband side ok that’s it those people are wainting for him, these 2 ones are in the front of all the people behind them So..when you Father will pass away, he will go to in a good nivel That’s good ………so it’s crazy it’s crazy but beautiful in the same time yeah, because it makes you feel better
that he won’t be alone what else can I say about the father of Carmen ? your mother is not there…yes she is she is not going to him often
I feel you father, alone… there are people, but not so much people goes to see him yeah, I feel him alone..the Daddy mother goes there rarely ok, this is why I though your mother was here try to talk in the microphone, maybe ur put ur finger and hearing you, feels like ur so far now I hear you go on talk a little and now ? It’s ok I hear you don’t move anymore, I forbid you ! lol What elsa must I say to Carmen ? If you have question please ask; cause works for you, don’t hesitate yes…I want to know if if, my brother that passed away recently yes..if Daddy… Knows that he is gone, cause we didn’t want to tell him He suspects it or he saw him in his room, the spirit of my brother ? is the brother gone 1 month ago ? 1 month, this is 1 month I see yes Anyway, in the state ur father is he is no longer aware of reality, we are agree ? yes..ok ..now I go to ask him He is close to me yeah..he just said it..your father ..yeah waw it’s crazy I’m relieved, I don’t know which one says it if it’s the brother of Carmen, saying that don’t hesitate to give informations about you you’re passed away 1 month ago, it wasn’t long ago he stays, he is saying I stay close to daddy You must go to the light sir You saw, an Alain earlier…it’s him how ? his name is Jean-Louis Yes I saw a first name composed of 2 earlier…jean and something I didn’t go any further, because you said no I started by jean then…it’s the brother, he is here for a moment hey you are Lucky today yeah..now yes…well Jean-Louis I saw a composed first name, but as you said no his name is not Jean, I stopped I am going to slap my self
I deserve sometimes Jean-Louis, THANK YOU What can you bring to us ? If you’re here it’s because, you need to communicate with Carmen Saying things to you for sure So please..go on And bring me that evidence that only Carmen and You can know between you it’s ur turn Jean-Louis I don’t see him clearly I am in the dark right now he is aside ur Daddy but you can move and go somewhere else to make me live another things Your brother was a smoker ? yes a big one, a big one He was rather brown yes Thin, big 5″8 no no ..5″5 he was little yes that’s funny, I see him tall he was a smoker …he was thin it’s funny cause I see him tall depend how I see him ! Was he wearing long coats, or raincoat ? no..no ? this is weird what’s the coat story ? I don’t see Elsa I see and I think it’s ur Brother He smoked cigarettes yes..He was right-handed ? yes yes and when he smoked, was with style..he was a handsome boy yes he was not bad …it’s funny Imagine, I describe you, what I see… I see him in the darkness, like if there was a street lamp..like if he is on the street there’s a street lamp above him ..lighting him a little in the dark and he is there under that light, as I talk to you I am dying of cold he wears a raincoat a coat or raincoat light color he is smoking his cigarette his left hand in his pocket of the pant he has beautiful hair Nice hair clear…that like when he was young then !? now I have the feeling that I see him when he was young oh yeah yeah in his 30 years old was he wearing a coat ? or a rain coat, when he was young ? no no he never wear rain coat so why do he insist ? He got dressed well your brother
he was elegant yes yes you know when it points to something specific it’s because there’s a connection yeah, I could have told to you, he was wearing a jacket it would have been easier for me or simply told you, he was in shirt but right now I see him with a long coat like in the 50’s, 60’s, what men wore at that time so I don’t know, try to, after maybe now it doesn’t come to your memorie but he’s referring to a coat ok… there was nothing between you, concerning a coat ? no no well think about it after it ‘ ll come back to you Otherwise I don’t understand..why he is talking to me about the coat maybe he is cold..what will surprise me cause he has no body anymore or maybe he is jocking with me I don’t think so He left ? oh yes 1 month I have say..was cold when he left ? hum..no no did he passed away at night ? we suppose I try to understand the picture..you see..yes I have the lamp street, it’s the night He is in the twilight he is smoking his cigarette and he wear that coat and his left hand inside the pocket of his pant Beautiful shoes he wears..I see him like when he was young if this don’t remind you nothing..I continue we got o see something else You ask your self this question :HAS HE SUFFERED ? YES..He telling you : I DIDN T SUFFER ! ok NO I didn’t Suffer ! It’s clear ! I don’t know the cause of his death, if he want to say, it would be cool but he is telling me : No I didn’t suffer ! Was more simplier that what I imagined ah ! can you tell me more ? that’s cool,
some decesead talk more than the others if they all could talk the same to give as much sentences and words It’s beautiful like that yeah I have the feeling and I think, he will confirm what I say that he didn’t believe to life after death
oh yes yes ? yes maybe.. so when he say I didn’t think it would be that easy
that’s what I said ? yes yes I think, that he imagined anyway,
that maybe he had doubts at the last moment And that He didn’t think that it would be easier to pass from this life to the other I think that maybe he had to have
and he is confirming to me at the last time he had doubts that we can understand..yes of course my self, I suppose, in that case maybe I will be surprise but but it can be that I may have a burst of doubt I think it comes to everyone because theres is the fear, a certain
form of fear of the unknown thank God there are enought evidence to telling us I don’t say maybe at a some time I could have….but I can’t this is so Real all that I have brought as proof..
(you brought us so much proof ) That’s it which relieves somewhere No needs to be afraid anyway, even if he believed , he had doubts doesn’t last too long cause he saying, was more faster that I though well..can you tell us more bro ? He’s handsome, he shows him self to me young waw The Class You are his little sister ? Yes
You are more younger than him !? yes yes because he is saying my little sister He called you : my little sister ? no..no ? my sista sista ? yep so, maybe he is only tell me that to me she my little sister yes because…I don’t know,
you could have been his old sister ! yes yes it’s true Do you have a message, for your beloved sister ? he is in the energy, your brother he is not, yet, up he is still a little down
your brother But that goes well for him,
he is not lost like he was in observation Maybe he is waiting for your Father !
Like I told you a while ago yeah maybe..
That he will leave with him maybe they will go in the same place so..maybe the fact to put on the coat maybe for showing that he is waiting that he is waiting I don’t see him in the Light yet Your Brother Can you add more things, my little Jean-Louis ? For your Sister !? Can you bring me back the
confirmation I am waiting for Please, between you and ur sister something you’ve only experienced together
Please When you were little,did you have light curly hair? no…no ? but not curly short..the hair was short ?
no ..long hair long !? Does he have a girl with short, curly hair ?
undulating ? undulating …yes ok, his daughter hair are light ? no…dark grrr why the hair are light ????
Is it her that I see first ? I don’t know you see..you said his daughter,
ur not supposed to know ! that he has a daughter Yeah !!!! it’s true 🙂 it’s true 🙂 it’s crazy you see, I am living it for me it seems that he played a lot with his daughter !? yes when she was little did she had a train in wood
not the train making bip bip or and turning around in the rails a simple train I cannot tell you
We remained for a long time distant oh 🙁 ok by distance we didn’t know the kids game what they do his daughter is a little bit fat yes yes
yes then it’s his daughter that I see ok ok so he played with her and she is saying it’s mine it’s mine
playing with that toy she is saying it’s mine it’s mine was she personnal your little niece ? I told you I don’t know oh !!! grrrrr ok so he is showing me that he played with his daughter this is what I see he lying down the floor did he lie down to play with his daughter ???? you can’t tell either no but I imagine but it’s possible !? yes yes because he was playing and taking care of his kids yes especially…her yes
the image it’s only him and her He bother and teases her and that irritated her ! this is what is show to me ok
this is beautiful …yeah this is a point to confirm you but will be cool only between you and him you have memories with him alone right !?
yes well go on bro ! something particular
to calm Carmen that is really calm anyway this is just for giving her, a big happiness in her heart simply he loved his daughter very much !? He was very close to his daughter ! yes….because it’s like it was she had a lot of admiration for her father it was like
he teached her lots of things showing her lots of things oh yes I can believe that ! This is what he is showing me ….You see him in ur right, her on the left,
always little and him always young and he points with his finger
and I feel all this in the moment I tell you that She listened and admired her father a lot..
and him was someone teaching her a lot of things you confirm…. yeah ok so…You see this is really your brother yes…passed away 1 month ago he si here with us hi Bro…isn’t this beautiful you can talk with him go on you can ask him questions Did you see your children ? I didn’t understand the question if he saw his children in the moment he was put on the coffin I don’t understand your question It’s been 26 years since he saw his children oh ok they’ve tried to come to see him it was going to happen
but he passed away at that time gosh
his daughter is the most marked ? yes
that’s why he brings me to her yes I think that he maybe saw her wait wait let’s see
for me he saw them because I have the confirmation you need to know that the deceased when there is the ceremony, all that the deceased is always there during the process for sure, he saw them ! and I am freezing cold, at the moment
I am telling you this, confirming more that yes,
and you know even if they haven’t seen each other, he’s not angry I suspect elsa i suspect that up there’s no more anger there’s no more things of all this he is confirming me once you get to the other side,
it doesn’t matter anymore The important it’s when we go in the other side as it’s the good side, it’s only LOVE It is love which reigns
NO Judgment In the other side, it’s only us that judge ourselves to relive what we have experienced
to realise what needs to be changed
in the evolution of our soul,simply Do you have something else to add Jean-Louis ? or a message for your children ? would be cool ! you don’t have any contact with them ? Me ? Yes
Yes well it’s fine if he gives a message yes tell them I’m watching over them I will tell them
he’s freshly gone, so if he saying this it’s because he still here a little maybe they keep him here you really need to tell them
To pray for their father, for him to go yes they hold him, but there is also the point that there is your father, and that he is waiting for him yeah they need to pray for both What must I say to Carmen ?
In the Name of The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit This is a beautiful session
I am Happy for you Carmen wonderful it feels good yes, it feels good to the heart What must I say to Carmen ? And the deceased don’t hesitate to communicate SO..Jean-Louis don’t hesitate if you want to say others things
if there are others deceased don’t hesitate to come May I ask a question Elsa ?
Yes yes Please Did he ? Did he find his other brother ? Christophe
Who is Guillaume ? Guillaume ? I don’t know That’s funny, same time you talk
about his other brother, I saw this name not a big deal ! What’s the name of his other brother ?
Christophe Christophe It’d be cool if he showed up too ! would be cool, cause he is your brother too then ! Yes waw you have people in the other side ! yes yes unfortunately yes but they are Fine, they going fine
That you know that’s what you need to be reassured about
yeah I know totally totally
Christophe are you with us ? Jean-Louis did you find your brother ? For me he is alone for the moment, Jean-Louis I didn’t see others deceased or other forms of souls around him in the place he is I think that he is waiting for your father to go for me it’s that ! He wants to accompany your father for him to don’t go alone What must I say to Carmen ? The others deceased don’t hesitate to intervene Jean-Louis you want to add something ? Christophe if you listen to us and that you want to show you How long ago did he leave, Christophe ? It’s going to make 5 years in august 5 years ok We had him in session really !?
You must remember it never happened to you,
you witnessed his autopsy Do You remember that session ?
yes yes was you ! lol that’s making a long time ago !
yes a long ago ok ok ok If he wants too, I invite him Why do I hear : do you remember the first communion ? yes we do remember wait I don’t know what I am talking about, the signification I know what is a communion I am not stupid at that point lol ! but between you and your brother,
is there a connection ? Remember the first communion he is saying,
we were together it was ok, was it an important moment ? Something special happened ? No no but it’s important in the way that as we are believers was the party, you see ok ..With the godfather the godmother and the parents then it was a wonderful day for you both !
Oh yes then you see this is not everyone people
making their communion together ! we didn’t make it together ! for the fisrt communion who was the one ? was Jean Louis as you see this is a particular detail
yes yes yes
you see to show that it’s really him ! it’s true today it’s not ike before the communions it’s not as much religious than before you see in my family no one made it new generation yes you see this is more remarkable as a message, showing it’s really him yes, and that is Wonderfull What must I say ? Who liked tap dancing? Who liked tap dancing?
Clap the dancing or just the clap ? The clap dancing yes the clap on the shoes I think he loved it I feel like it’s him
Did he make clap dancing ? no..maybe he would have liked ? no..but do you remember
I don’t know But I think that you Before we had shoes with irons iron yes …you see…yeah it’s true he had shoes like that and he clap with the feet Holy cow this is crazy it’s beautiful that’s why he makes reference to the clap ok !! so he claped with his shoes,
when he walked in fact..yes waw this is genious I was not thinking of it ! I know that it existed a long ago
this is so far in my existence I was really thinking of the clap dancing you dance and you clap and it’s right the irons I do remember at that time lot’s of people had irons on the shoes not to use the sole of the shoes,
putting it on the shoes Thank You Jean-Louis you see how much ur lucky ! yeah ..he is going fine anyway thank god it’s clear Do you want to add more things ? Jean-Louis ? Thanks to be here after 1 month this is really exceptionnal I told you that tonight you’ll be a changed woman That she goes to peace He is saying You see ( him too) you don’t have to worry about anything
Things are going to be made you worries too much
U must stop now yeah..now u say to ur self it’s going to be sold you put all up there
Everything is gonna be all right and all will follow is way that’s it
There’s no point for you to worry I thank them for the confirmation because until today I hadn’t succeed Now you can rest assured I’m told Reassure you u’re someone who makes her brain work too much when u think of something let it aside, tell ur self now,
everything is gonna be all right with my new companion ? it will be great this is to you ti decide I think that it’s fine you, you are the only one to decide yeah how much, 5 years you are together ? yes 5 – 6 years That last in the time you need to i can’t unless I was told there is an end or else marriage I don’t know but I will tell you the truth I won’t hide u nothing we must not interfere in relationships but I think if the relationship laster for 5 years
Will last even for a long time yes yes it’s because is still something more than 5 the time goes by so fast must be 8 years now in fact 8 years !!! well you have
crossed the period of 7 years it’s ok don’t even ask u the question now I don’t ask myself questions, before yes no more questions, I take life as it comes now u need to enjoy ur second part of life and to enjoy in the happiness don’t worry anymore u need to move forward what else must I say to Carmen ? If you have another questions, don’t hesitate ok And Mother in all this ? what’s gonna happen to her ? Is she going to pull this together? Your Mom lives at her home !? Yes this is a woman that has a good health she is strong strong with her health I don’t see her fragile she is a woman strong with her health morally too yeah yeah must be She’s at an advanced age your mom !? 80 years old What must I say about the mother ? And after I gonna stop the session was quick
Wonderful SO, I am very Happy about this ! For the Little mama, what’s her name ? Louisette I adore This is for going faster and she is alive it’s useless is ur mom often sitting ? yes I see her seated, yes they don’t show me everything, I don’t know where she is at her home for sure,
but they don’t show me everything Your mother it is a solitary person she is very independante and has a strong character don’t worry for her, it gonna be all right for her ok, she she’s aware of things,
she’s all there , your mom yes Don’t worry for her she will overcome all this we are here that’s what we say to her she knows what gonna happen already She is she resigns herself,
in any case she has no choice she cannot changes the things For me, ur mother she will be strong till the end can I have the confirmation please !? Jean Louis, if u have another
things to say about ur Mom don’t hesitate I have the feeling that ur Mom
will pass away in her sleep peacefully, it is the most beautiful death It’s the most beautiful death then, don’t worry for ur Mama
She is strong you are there she will fight till the end she’ll feel the pain like everyone else but she is a woman that
already suffer so much in the past resigned so much Now, nothing can touch her That’s it My Little Carmen
what I can say about ur Mom this is wonderful that’s the way I felt for her I am happy for gave you confirmations after so much difficulties I had to succeed, and I didn’t with all my energy I did put on for it
You see when I say I don’t decide nothing when it doesn’t want to come it doesn’t come but watch today was fast, u got all the answers u wanted that’s it, yes i was fine wonderful u see, now you go forward don’t worry anymore ur daddy is fine get ready that he will pass away soon…ur brother is there he awaits for him
he awaits him.. gonna guide him and you especially for you think a little bit more of you it’s time !!!! yes yes Elsa stop to forgetting you You too, you deserve to live
and to think of you ok ! ? it don’t prevent you
you have a so Big Heart That it can LOVE everybody But to LOve you first before all And to take care of you ! definetely you forget you a little yes that’s it that’s it,when we have the generosity of the heart yes yes I think so the others the others ok but u’re very important At a certain time, need to think about ourself I hope that ur happy about ur session my Little Carmen, anyway we stay in touch yes yes Elsa we say next year for another session
exactly, there is a change coming I wish wonderful changes that you will be fulfilled in all things and that I Will have the happiness to bring you other things for your life path and beautiful contact with the spirit world yes thank you Elsa
I kiss you strongly Carmen Take Care of you kiss kiss
I kiss you Strongly Kiss Ciao allo, allo Carmen it’s Elsa ah Elsa My Little Elsa I just read ur message…and I’m devastated because I understand why we didn’t succeed in our sessions before this one and that it was today that it had to be done yes was today, I am waiting for my friend to go together you see….I go to Normandie He is in Normandie
Yes yes How much time do you have for the ride ?
2h30 and my sister was beside him and she has put the earphone on him ( father Désiré) ) and I said , he is not having reactions wait for me little daddy, I am coming I’d like to say goodbye before in heaven…yes yes ..it’s going to happen it’s going to happen Elsa ?
Don’t worry it is necessary it’s amazing what happened today He was able to communicate in despite his state To reassure you really Was today that U needed to hear…yes u see this is amazing, do you realise how it happen when I saw ur message, I said to myself it’s not possible Today was the day That she had to have her session how amazing how you you are are connected to God
You see it’s true ! I have never doubted you never ..the first( session) was magnificent..but now especially in this difficult event for you and more do you know Elsa, if we didn’t talk together today I had to go on Sunday to see my father
Waw ok ! When the Nurse called me at first, she called me , I called her this morning to give me a progress report u see But the fact I had the session I said to my self.. I need to push more further I asked her..what do you think of my father’s condition ? She answered : he is tired
he scared me 2 times he makes stops of breathing I said Ok I am coming The Nurse said ..come if u can..come So I called my partner
I said I’m leaving to go to see my father and I’d love so much, to say goodbye before he goes to heaven I really beg up there, Jesus make that his little daddy can hold on
That she can stay at last 1 hour with her Daddy 1 hour with him yes That she arrives in one piece there that the ride be fine me……. you see I join you in this pain completly, that’s why I call you back because I am very touched by
we lived we have had an incredible session today totaly….Elsa this is what must reassure
you even in your grief…yes yes I grieve I grieve of course You lose ur father it’s normal reaction but deep inside of me..you see I want to hold him so tight To say goodbye so much so much but then I know he’ll be fine He will be fine ur bro is there
don’t forget it, waiting for him yes yes I told it to my Sister Jean Louis is aside our dad he is waiting for him you talk to me and I have the goose bumps and this is confirming, again this is crazy, I don’t know what’s going on I have the confirmation of ur Brother,
that he is waiting for ur father oh yeah u see there was no way, it was today that your session should be done it’s clear Elsa and each time on ur videos, when u say
that the person got nothing there is always something making that wasn’t at that time..exactly…it’s incredible but this is still orchestrating,
in a specific way for you anyway yes because 3 quarters of an hour later I was with my sister on phone another call coming I hang up cause was the nursing home this is when the nurse told me il était 17h59 a short time after our session yes we finished our session at 17h25
something like this I think right now That God is showing you that all is already written all is already written Elsa yes yes after u see that’s why I wanted to know you when happen that pain for my husband cause for me he couldn’t leave He had to stay if I had known you at that time, I think It would have been more easier
easier and I and I would have help him because he was suffering so much
and I wanted him to stay Like you say and it’s true, we must let them go they suffering, we must let them go and I would have reacted differently
you see no but you had to go through there to understand now you know, right now it’s
it’s the pillar of your life that is going to leave
yes yes beyond what I Oh My GOD..I wouldn’t want to be in your place
But I passed there yes you passed there so I understand the PAIN but the experience we we had today is unbelievable cause basically your brother came to reassure you and ur Daddy reassured you in the same time in the same time it’s really a Gift from Heaven and I told you he’ll be leaving soon, I told you earlier yes yes
Like you said The Archangel is with us Michael …yes
Michael you see so you see you’re accompanied I think and I hope that up there they gonna bring you safe to ur destination For you can say a last Good Bye to
ur Daddy stilling alive. yes what would make me happy, and I ask you Lord that he has 5 minutes of awareness to say to you GOODBYE you know that when I talked to him on the phone my sister Violette told me you’d think he wanted to talk Isn’t this amazing ! because the ? became stronger like if just because of my voice when I said to him, Daddy wait for me I am coming like if he wanted..it’s amazing ure experiencing for me ur a person experiencing A spiritual testimony at this time, today you are really experiencing a connection with up there
beyond the Pain all that
but, the beauty what you must understand is GOD doesn’t abandon the people ! and most of all, Your Father is not leaving alone your brother came and both talked to you your father…his soul talked to you it’s amazing Elsa it’s TODAY ! Today Don’t forget it’s today u had ur session and today is the day it happens,
everything happens for a reason all is written …because of you Elsa I Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my soul, my guts I thank you for all you bring us, all of us to all those people when I listen to ur videos, that’s it it’s amazing and I hope that in ur personal life having only the good you see….He would be time 🙂 yes because u had you made the long way at this time, You bring So Much you about what happened today this is little time I am spending with you I feel concerned…. I’m touched and I wouldn’t call you
if I didn’t have a lot of affection for you Thank you Thank You Elsa
And You see what convinces me today is that I absolutely must continue that I don’t stop at all
so is difficult the way..because it is
But you see This is my Reward
this is a real evidence that what happened between us today during this session was true oh yes, even if you knew it was true
it’s more TRUE…yes yes and this must give you strength
when you got to go there..you know you’ll be Full of Spirituality
And you will not be afraid any more because You know Your father won’t Leave Alone yes it’s already enormous it is not given to everyone Elsa It’s because your are loved from up there You’re gonna need some courage, little Carmen It gonna be all right God is with you don’t forget what Happened
that what gonna help you ! yes yes
Your father spoke to you earlier ! when he can’t talk
Don’t forget it, this is what is strong ! it’s amazing amazing My God everything gonna be all right
everything is taken in charge from Heaven I sending you lots’ of energy
I am with you in this moment..you are in my heart even if I’m not present, I’m still there by my spirit Thank You Elsa …Thank you thank you Be careful on the road…yes and I wish from all my heart
that you’ll have time to talk to your Daddy even if it’s only 5 minutes Of Course if it’s more it’s better You know that look exchanged
between a father and his daughter that saying so much Thank you very much my Little Elsa
for calling me you’re Welcome Carmen
I really Really I Send You all my Love…all my energy and send u lots of people from heaven
to go with you same for ur father to go with him but everything will be all right I know in this moment I speak with u
I already knew but I am more convinced Me too.. with you by my side
I am sure everything will be all right everything will be fine I leave you, My Little Carmen
I kiss you strongly wish you To face with pride this moment…yes I will knowing all this I only can face it with serenity…completly if you ever wanted to call I want you to know That I am here ok Thanks a lot Elsa you are wonderful
For telling you ur not alone Thank you, I know that Now I KNOW Courage Courage don’t forget what happened today
this is what gonna make u strong and that will also allow you
to relieve the others yes yes that too it’s important because
you going to be able to share that yes I’ll can it’s clear it’s amazing…it’s amazing it’s amazing my Little Elsa
Kiss you strongly See you soon
Me too
Kiss kiss
ciao Thank you very much
(translation by Elsa Maria Medium Spirit )


  1. Coucou ma belle elsa j'espère que tu vas bien très belle douce et triste séance et touchante j'envoie mes condoléances à carmen et beaucoup de courage ainsi qu'à sa famille car c'est des moments très difficile même si carmen à été préparée du départ de son papa grasse à toi ma belle elsa sans toi cela n'aurait pas été possible tu es une très belle messagère toi aussi tu es aimé de dieu jésus et Marie pour avoir de tel message je vous envoie plein de gros bisous

  2. Merci Elsa pour cette belle séance magnifique et merci à Carmen Bravo Elsa c'est énorme quel bonheur d'avoir une messagère vrai pure que Dieu te bénisse je t'embrasse fort merci pour l'amour que tu nous donnes je t'adore 😘💙🌹😇

  3. coucou ma ma belle âme Elsa superbe séance tu c est j aimerais pour ma maman qui est dans le même état que son papa elle n est plus avec nous elle ne me reconnait plus j aimerais savoir si elle va s en aller très vite car elle est devenue un vrais légume comme tu dit si bien prisonnière de ce corps c 'est trop difficile a vivre mais après avoir écouté cette belle et magnifique séance l émotion me prend
    merci a Carmen du partage et je compatis pour son papa et mille bisous et merci a toi tu nous redonne tout le temps de la force je t embrasse

  4. Cc ma ptite elsa Je viens d écouter la vidéo avec beaucoup d émotions,les cinq minutes je l’es eux mon ptit père a ouvert ces yeux celas faisait 5 jours qu’ils ne l’es ouvraient plus et cinq minutes avant sont départ ils nous a regarder moi et mes deux sœurs ils voulait nous dire au revoir , que d amours et de bonheur qu’il eu la force de nous regarder c est un moment inoubliable que je souhaite à tous et à toute d avoir la possibilité de pouvoir accompagner leurs proches vers la lumière divine merci 🙏 elsa tu nous a permis de vivres cette instant fort 😘😘

  5. Ma chère et douce Elsa Maria , que dire de plus après tous ses beaux témoignages ❤️grâce à toi Carmen à pu embrasser et revoir son cher papa avant de partir rejoindre le tout puissant avec l’aide se son fils 🙏😇c’est grandiose ,merveilleux, magnifique 🌞🍀❤️tu es un ange 👼 ma petite Elsa, que dieu te garde longtemps et te bénisse 🙏🍀❤️tu apaises les âmes en souffrances, et allèges les cœurs des personnes en deuilles

  6. Je voulais terminer mon message pour te dire toute ma gratitude que j’ai envers toi 👼😇🙏❤️je t’embrasse très fort et te dit à très bientôt pour une séance médiumnique.👼🙏🍀❤️mes condoléances à Carmen ,qui m’a beaucoup émue ,courage à vous 🌹💐😘

  7. Bonjour Elsa
    Que dire de cette séance…..elle ma laisser sans voix. Très belle âme Elsa. Que dieu te bénisse et illumine tes journées.

  8. Bravo Elsa tu est unique comme toujours!!! Je suis obligé d aller sur youtube pour voir tes vidéos car je ne reçois toujours pas de notifications de tes passages..
    Gros gros bisous

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