10 Unexplained Paranormal Events

10 Unexplained Paranormal Events

10. The Miracle of the Sun On the 13th of October 1917, between 30,000
and 100,000 people gathered in the small Portuguese village of Fátima to witness a miracle that
had been predicted by three children. Those present in Fátima reported seeing a
spinning disk appearing from dark clouds overhead. It shone a multi-colored, intense light onto
the onlookers before disappearing. The phenomena lasted around 10 minutes and some later claimed
they had seen the Virgin Mary in the light. What people experienced that day remains a
mystery. In 1951 the event was officially recognized as a miracle by the Pope. However,
scientific explanations argue that the incident was the result of people staring at the sun
for too long. Sources: Zenit, Haffert, J., ‘Meet the Witnesses:
Of the Miracle of the Sun” 09. The Devil’s Footprints Following heavy snowfall in the Devon region
of England in 1855, a series of strange footprints were left behind. They were from cloven feet
and spread out across around 170 kilometers (100 miles), leading people to conclude that
they were made by Satan. Frightened residents refused to leave their
homes and footprints were reported in locations near impossible to reach, such as rooftops
and closed off areas behind high walls. Aside from an actual visit by the devil, various
theories have blamed escaped kangaroos, hopping mice, lost experimental balloons, or even
badgers for the footprints – but these all remain speculative. Sources: The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Times,
Western Times 08. The Mansion Hauntings The Mansion is a famous LA recording studio
used by the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and David Bowie, but it’s also
the reported home of various evil spirits. The drummer of Slipknot has stated that he
was sexually assaulted by a ghost in the basement and will no longer set foot in the room, while
the band’s singer photographed two floating orbs in another part of the building. The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer refuses
to stay in the house during recordings, but guitarist John Frusciante says the spectral
presence is a positive force, and he claims to have masturbated in front of the ghosts. Sources: ABC, Kerrang!, Slipknot Metal 07. Black Eyed Children In 1998 journalist Brian Bethel reported a
sinister paranormal event during which he was approached by two boys with completely
black eyes, asking for a lift in his car. Brian stated that he’d been overcome with
a feeling of dread and an incredible urge to do as the children asked, as if they were
controlling him. Since his story was published, multiple accounts of events of the same nature
have been reported across the world. The stories are mostly without evidence and
as such dismissed as hysterical episodes or urban legends. While Brian stands by his story,
skeptics claim that he does so just to attract more exposure and further his writing career. Sources: Daily Star, Abeline Reporter News,
Columbian.com 06. Dyatlov Pass Incident On the night of February 2nd, 1959, 9 hikers
were killed while trekking in the Ural mountains in Russia. The cause of their death is still
a mystery. Their bodies were found on the side of ‘Dead
Mountain’. 6 of them had died of hypothermia, but curiously 3 had been killed by skull and
chest fractures. There were no signs of struggle, but they had fled the campsite – some barefoot.
One woman was missing her tongue, lips, and eyes. Soviet authorities claimed they were killed
by an “unknown compelling force” and had reported strange orange orbs in the sky that
night. This led to theories of an extraterrestrial encounter, or a tongue-eating Yeti. The best
rational explanation is that they camped in a military testing ground for parachute mines,
but this is as yet an unproven theory. Source: Discovery Channel, St. Petersburg
Times, BBC 05. Death of Elisa Lam Elisa Lam’s dead body was recovered from
a water tank on top of a Los Angeles hotel in 2013. No one is sure how she got there. However, CCTV footage surfaced of Elisa’s
unsettling activities in the hotel before she died. In it she can be seen interacting
with an unseen force, hiding, talking and gesturing to it. Paranormal experts claim that she was possessed,
and some say this theory is supported by the fact that authorities failed to discover how
Elisa got into the inaccessible water tank. There was no ladder, the tank’s lids were
too heavy for one person, and police dogs found no trace of Elisa on the roof. Elisa’s death remains puzzling, and has
been likened to the events of horror film ‘Dark Water’, in which a malicious spirit
takes over people’s bodies and drowns them. Sources: KN-BCTV, Los Angeles Police Department,
College Times 04. Lead Mask Case In 1966 the decomposing bodies of two young
technicians were discovered on a hilltop in Brazil. Each was dressed with a waterproof
coat, a formal wear suit, and a lead mask. Next to the men were two wet towels and a
notebook that had the cryptic instructions “16:30 be at the specified location, 18:30
ingest capsules, after the effect protect metals await signal mask”. There were no
obvious injuries and when the autopsy was conducted the internal organs were too badly
decomposed for testing. One popular theory is that this was an extraterrestrial
event, as evidence suggests they men were trying to contact aliens or spiritual powers.
Others have proposed that the pair simply died of a psychedelic drug overdose. Sources: Vallee, J., ‘Forbidden Science’,
LDJ, Skeptoid 03. Allagash Abductions According to 4 men on a fishing trip in Maine
back in 1976, a massive glowing orb engulfed the canoe they were in. Paddling for the shore,
the orb shot upwards, beaming light on them before disappearing. When they returned to their camp, the men
were shocked to see that their fire had burned out. This should have taken hours, and they
had only been gone for a short time. Or so they thought. They came to realize that they
were missing a huge chunk of time from their memories. Later they had vivid nightmares of giant insect-like
entities and the experiments they carried out on the men, taking fluid and skin samples.
The men were questioned separately by the press, each recounting the same thing, and
both passing a lie detector test. Source: UFO Casebook, Disclose.tv, Fowler,
R., ‘The Allagash Abductions’ 02. Exorcism of Roland Doe In the 1940s a boy from Maryland known only
as ‘Roland Doe’ underwent a series of exorcisms by Roman Catholic priests. People
claimed that the boy spoke ancient languages, had supernatural strength, and could even
levitate. When the boy’s family witnessed objects
fly around him, they called in the help of a local reverend who also witnessed the same
thing. During one of his many exorcisms, Roland once broke free of his restraints, using a
piece of the bed to slash a priest’s arm. Another priest spoke of how words such as
‘Hell’ and ‘Evil’ appeared on the boy’s skin. Although inspiring ‘The Exorcist’, the
exact cause of Roland’s behavior remains unknown. Some claim mental illness, but others
maintain that demonic possession was the cause. Sources: Washington Post, Spirit Possession
around the World by JP Laycock 01. Doris Bither No one believed Doris Bither when she claimed
that three ghosts routinely beat her and her children. She even suggested that these spirits
had sexually assaulted her, presenting fang-like bites on her back and buttocks. To test her assertions, Dr. Barry Taff of
UCLA visited her home in 1974. His research team are said to have observed colored lights
flying around her room, and witnesses saw Doris attacked and thrown around the room
by an invisible phantom. While Dr. Taff concluded that it was a paranormal
event, skeptics blame alcoholism and schizophrenia. Doris would continue to be haunted by these
phantasmic attackers until she died. Source: Conrad, B., ‘An Unknown Encounter’,
Parapsychology by R. Young,


  1. in the movie dark water, its not a malicious spirit drowning people, a little girl was in the water tower, and she leads a mother to her body, but there is a lot of similiararities to the movie like the mother is named dahlia, and her daughter is cecillia, and elisa lamb stayed at the cecil hotel, and thats also 1 of the last known places the black dahlia was seen,

  2. OK. to the people say the boy in Rome just had a mental illness…. how the actual fuck does a mental illness cause you to levitate and speak an ancient language?

  3. why did you use a clip of machine head when you were talking about slipknot?? joey jordison getting molested by ghosts then john from rhcp getting revenge by getting the ghosts back……
    very strange section but very nice work

  4. The Black Eyed Children I'm Scared Because They Actually Came Knocking In My House Saying They Have To Make A Call In My House And They Said It Wont Take Long And I Slamed And Shut The Doors And Windows And Hide😂 I'm Scared Now

  5. I love how when they describe the scientific explanations they go "But these are just unproven theories" yet they just claimed it was the devil or whatever lol

  6. Most psychedelics don't have over-dose capabilities or properties, therefore it couldn't have been just… psychedelics which killed the two men in the woods.

  7. Some of these were covered on buzzfeed unsolved, it's a great series, if you're interested in this kind of so called paranormal events or true crime definitely check it out.

  8. #8 there is no such thing as Ghosts but there are Demons and the reason why the demons haunt the recording studio is because when these famous musicians record their album they do rituals and conjure up demons into the music based off of ex cult member John Todd

  9. The miracle of the sun also happened in the apparition of Virgin Mary in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico in the early 50's

  10. First one was too untouched, here is more of the story:three kids were in a field(or something hard to remember) and the apparition of the virgin Mary appeared saying that it will appear there again at the same time the next day, the kids told the people of the town. the next day,after telling everyone, around the amount you said appeared there, the apparition appeared again and they also reported seeing the disc in the clouds. If this was helpful to you, youre welcome

  11. The Bible rejects the idea of ghosts being dead souls of human beings still roaming the earth, that haven't passed on. I think ghosts are simply angels and or demons.

  12. One thing to never take seriously on terms of ghosts and wacky shit: Rock bands, especially 90's punk rock bands.
    I mean look at their stories mentioned in the video c'mon.

  13. Hi i'm skeptic and a travel thru paranormal videos to put my opinion on lists. Let's do this together?
    Ready? Lets begin:

    10 – Empty evidence empty response: bs. Mass delusions CAN happen, specially when high expectations are put onto something. NEXT

    9 – bs. NEXT

    8 – ??????????????? next

    7 – a random guy said so, therefore we must consider it. Claims claims claims claims. Sorry, but if an empty opinion/evidence is given i'll not lose one shred of a second pondering about it. Present me a good set of evidence, and you'll see the most honestly interested man in unknown events emerge from me. Until there – Next

    6 – I've already have seen this one. It sure can be only a crime scene, with a real murderer and all that. But it is true that the circumstance is indeed intriguing. Three of them intentionally murdered, and the other 6 got lost after running away for their lives for too long, and died of hypothermia, maybe? To properly analyze this hypothesis we would need the area in which everyone was founded, and the distance between each other and others police protected informations. Unfortunately we don't have that. So for now… a murder/murders are responsible for that shit. Let's go for our next one

    5 – Hmmmmmmm… ok, this one is intriguing. How she got there? … Spirits are not an option, since that to move heavy objects that not even humans can lift IS a real problem to ghosts (have you ever seem a ghost lifting REALLY heavy stuff, defying everything that is allowed by our current understanding of Physics? No). Well… of course, just like the previous one, it's hard to understand… but maybe somebody helped her out? Maybe threats from a murderer that ordered her to commit suicide? I don't know, and very few information is given to conclude anything. Let's move to the next

    4 – Yeah, it happened here in Brazil. Well, possibly a suicide from both of them, with drugs involved. Nothing much to see here. Let's move

    3 – Sorry, claims purely based in their mutual memory. Which is absolutely unreliable. Next

    2 – Extraordinary Unverifiable Events once again. I'll not lose 1 second with this one. Let's check the last one

    1 – Mental illness followed by uncommon skin disease (es). Nothing much more that i can come up with since all we have are only bald assertions and 1 single photo.

    List Judgement:
    Weak. Half of these are not even entertaining as we are presented with nothing but almost no relevant information and silly hypothesis. Very weak, very weak list.

  14. About the dyatlov pass incident, another youtuber actually had a good explanation for it. in short their homemade stove started a fire (some of the peoples clothes were burned a bit) and they cut their tent from the inside because of the heavy smoke. so they ran out thinking the tent was in flames when it was only smoking (probably from being intoxicated) then they went to the closest shelter they could think of ( the forest) where they tried to make a fire. some of the people went off and fell down and thats how they broke their ribs etc. and the girl without the tongue was laying in some water where probably fish and simular creatures ate her tongue. i can't remember the name of the youtuber tho

  15. Oh yeah a bunch of celebrities say a house is haunted. That's sooo totally believable. No one can take a celebrity's word when it comes to the paranormal. They're known to be fake! Plus, that guy was trolling the press when he said he masturbated in front of the ghosts. Like really? People took that seriously? The Mansion shouldn't be on this list as it's stupid ghost tales were made up to get more attention and probably money from the public.

  16. You need to see the 8ft tall figure we captured on video watching us in a Cemetery, some believe it came out of a grave- Native Paranormal Seekers

  17. Doode these are better to laugh at, add more gore and creepiness to the imagery. And use better timing in dialogue so viewers can absorb what they’re watching instead of hearing Paddington Bear talk us back to reality lol

  18. HAS ANYBODY ELSE HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF THE PANDA MAN (A Sort of Bigfoot) creature that’s been haunting peoples dreams ? It’s called the Panda-Man because of The markings of said creature ! I’ve been in touch with literally hundreds of people e mailing me when i went on the internet.i thought it was just a weird dream,btw it’s a Carnivore and loves Human meat ! ! ! !

  19. Don't worry, You are Safe down here in Comments😇 We have booze🍻 & Cute Puppies🐶 so be Brave & Join us😎

  20. The Enfield Haunting! Holy crap I remember my mother told me about it and then watching the movie was actually freaked out.

  21. Uhmmmm,I couldn't really find anything about Joey Jordison from Slipknot being SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by ghosts,but Corey Taylor did say there were some paranormal events while they were recording their album there.

  22. If you stare at the sun for too long, you'll see the Virgin Mary. I don't think that quite explains it.

  23. Pretty good. A reasonably well balanced presentation that doesn’t try to sell you a load of crap, just gives the basic facts. Rare and refreshing.

  24. Dark Water I actually guess it was based on original Japanese horror movie under exactly the same name so I guess dark water was not really based on that girl's death, unless Japanese based their movie on her bizarre death.

  25. first "mystery" crazy religious people… so they took photo of kids and people but not the phenomena? its heresy to take a picture of "miracle"?

  26. The crazy lady that staied next door in the house i grew up. She had an odd daughter with such pale white skin and bright ehite hair with bright light blue eyes. Her son how ever was born with completely jet black eyes. No whites at all. The dr almost dropped him at birth. He scared the shit out of me, his gaze was like he was sucking the soul from me. Made goosebumps go across my body and a chill up my spin…hairs on end even before i knew he was lookin at me.

  27. That laugh in the music bed is the creepyest thing. Really bugged the crap out of me for some reason. It had such a night marish sound about it. Man! 💀

  28. The skeptics explanations were so fucking stupid lol the datlov pass incident happened cause it was in a military parachute area??? lol the parachutes caused unknown injuries and removed organs???? LOL!!! And the two in Brazil died tripping?? No one has ever died on tripping drugs!!! IDIOTS

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