🔥❤️ The Truth About the Spiritual Journey ❤️🔥

🔥❤️ The Truth About the Spiritual Journey ❤️🔥

Tom Das
Nonduality & Spirituality Q: “Is there really a (spiritual) journey?” Tom: Is there really a journey? Let’s see. The much taunted spiritual journey. ‘Yes there is a journey. No, there isn’t
a journey.’ Of course. Well, when you consider yourself
to be the body-mind there appears to be a journey. And when you see through the illusion
of that attachment then you realise, There’s no journey. Where can you travel from
and where can you travel to? And one of the deficiencies of the way I teach, one of the problems with the way
I teach is that I entertain both notions depending on who I’m talking to, is just a spontaneous expression in the way
Tom expresses himself in these teachings. Sometimes I acknowledge the journey
and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I acknowledge the seeker, more often than not, I do. And sometimes I don’t. Really, there is no journey.
There is no journey. Cause there’s no one, there’s no entity
here to have a journey to anywhere. That’s the illusion. The illusion is that
there’s someone here. And as long as you believe there is someone here, as long as you take yourself to be the body-mind, as long as you take yourself to be
this separate entity, there’ll be seeking and there’ll be suffering. The two are the same. Because you seek because you suffer and you suffer because of ignorance and ignorance is taking yourself to be
a separate entity, the body-mind. And it’s all the illusion,
it’s all ignorance, avidya. So when that’s realised, it’s not really realised
cause it’s always realised, it’s just the word we use, when that’s realised, then it’s seen that there’s no journey, there’s no person. You realise that you’re not human basically. And once you figure out that you’re not human then there’s no journey. The reason I say you’re not human,
I mean, you are human. Don’t you love these teachings? The reason I say you’re not human is cause most of us have an idea of what is
to be a human being. And that idea is false. And that’s this illusion of being separate,
of being a person. On the flip side, there is a spiritual journey, or at least there appears to be one. Because as long as that ignorance,
that illusion is operating in you and you do consider yourself to be a doer,
you can’t pretend you’re not. I wouldn’t recommend it.
I mean you can pretend to be if you want. That can help you sometimes. You can pretend that, can just say,
There’s no one here. There’s no one here. All is one. All is one. You can kind of hypnotise yourself into
these ways of thinking and feeling, for a while, and that can be nice. There can be some freedom in that. But as long as the ignorance is present then from the point of view of ignorance,
which is the illusion point of view, but from the point of view of ignorance,
there is a journey. And the teachings can also work from that level. Okay, okay, let’s pretend that you exist, let’s pretend there’s a journey, and let’s teach it that way. And those teachings are typically
called the lower teachings. But those lower teachings,
the so-called lower teachings can have a huge importance,
they can be gravely important they can bring us to that place
where the higher teachings are accessible and intuited. And even the higher teachings are problematic. The direct teachings, the direct pointings that just indicate there’s nothing here
or no one here. Even they’re too much. You see? All teachings are actually dualistic cause all teachings are addressing the mind. And this is really saying that there is no mind,
the illusion of the mind. The mind meaning the separation,
meaning the ignorance . They’re synonyms, they’re different ways
of saying the same thing. And there is an apparent process. Gaudapada, the great giant of
Advaita Vedanta, Gaudapada, he was Shankara’s guru’s guru. So he’s sometimes called the great grandfather
of Advaita Vedanta because Sri Shankara is often credited as
essentially founding the Advaita Vedanta school. Because it was him and his teachings
that really systematised Advaita Vedanta. And Gaudapada, he said, he writes
in his Mandukya Karika in his commentary on the Manduki Upanishad, he wrote, This world is an illusion,
the person is an illusion, the teachings are an illusion, the journey
is an illusion, it’s all an illusion. It’s all an illusion.
None of it’s real. And then he said,
Here’s how you get out of the illusion. And he described the journey of the seeker. And he prescribed techniques and
practices for the apparent seeker. Cause there is an apparent journey and
it tends to have patterns in it. There tends to be patterns that you can recognise. There are trends. And so… And there are techniques and you see, ultimately, it all comes crashing
down, these are worthless. All the teachings, all the techniques,
all the traditions, all your methods, all your philosophy,
all comes crashing down, worthless. It might have had provisional use
for you in your life, apparent life. But you just see it’s all illusion,
it’s all part of the ego. This why it’s sometimes said,
It’s just the grace of God manifesting, expressing,
enlightening itself. That’s really what this is,
it’s just about the grace of God. Grace. You can’t understand it really.
It can’t be understood. You don’t need to understand it. I don’t understand it. It’s just the way it is. There’s no one here, there’s nothing to do. There’s nothing to get. The seeker thinks there’s something to do, the seeker thinks there’s something to get. But the seeker’s the problem. And of course, there is no problem. What’s the problem? So sometimes I’ll say there’s nothing to do. And sometimes I’ll tell you what to do, or I’ll suggest what to do. I usually don’t tell people what to do. I’m not so prescriptive as that. But I’ll make suggestions and then you see our hearts have got,
our emotions, our hearts, our feelings we got an inbuilt homing mechanism that’s tried to bring us home. that’s trying to bring us home to wholeness, to oneness, to fulfilment. And that’s why we gravitate towards
teachers and teachings and satsangs. It’s because our homing instinct
is trying to take us home. And there’s a resonance with
a pointing or a teaching that’s illuminating the way. And when we follow that instinct, that homing instinct, and that takes us home. And the specifics are unique to each individual, to each apparent individual, and their apparently
individual unique journey. So what I offer here are just guidelines
just guidance, just to point you in the right direction. Have you ever been in those swimming
pools where they’ve got these water slides, these really big tunnel water slides that spiral round and round and at the end
you come out and splash at the bottom? You see, this is like, you go in the top and you go around these water slides and then you get stuck on the way you just get stuck, and all I’m doing is kind of prodding you and you get started and you start
sliding down yourself and then you get stuck and
then a teacher prods you or a teaching comes along
and it just nudges you cause it’s just a natural process
of ignorance unravelling. Then at the end, Splash, you come
into the swimming pool. You merge with the ocean,
you disappear, you’re consumed. You’re consumed by love, life, bliss, oneness. This. You’re totally consumed. Some scriptures talk about the seeker as being God’s food. God eats us. We’re God’s food. God is not our food. God’s not there to satisfy us. We’re God’s food.
We’re there to be consumed. And that consumption naturally happens. If you allow it to, if you don’t get in the way. And a teacher, the teachings,
is just an external superficiality to prod you in the right direction. You turn within, you listen to your heart, it will lead you there. Don’t try to hard to be like this
or be like that or do what this teacher says or do
what that teacher says necessarily. I mean, if you want to, then fine. But just chill out, relax, open your heart up to love, allow yourself to be there. Don’t buy into the illusion of
being the body and mind. These images and sounds that appear to us we take it to be so real. We invest so much in these images and these sounds and in these sensations. We think that’s the reality. What a joke. That’s the bondage, that’s the suffering. The reality, the freedom is just freedom here now. Scintillating, vibrant, luminescent,
shining in full glory all the time, never hidden, always here, resplendent, shining, shining, shining, just here. Constant illumination,
constant grace pouring out. The ego goes, How do I get it,
how do I get it? I don’t feel it, I don’t feel it, how do I get it? They’re just thoughts.
Don’t worry about them. Don’t buy into the ego. If the ego exists it’s already the illusion
of the seeker is already there. There’s no one here.
It’s all just happening. When this vibrant dynamic life is
like an illusion, it appears, like a rainbow appears, like a mirage appears and scintillates. Just see it for what it is. A fleeting flicker. We don’t have to deny it. We don’t have to shut it out and suppress it, that’s just more ego. It’s just seen for what it is, it is what it is. Our true self just shines on, it’s just shinning, whole and complete. Nothing needed, no journey. No spiritual journey. tomdas.com Subtitles by the Amara.org community


  1. The beauty of non-duality is it allows to be wrong in the words we use because really they are all right.

    They all bring out a feature of what is into language that wouldn't be seen and held if they weren't spoken.

    Language is another organ of perception. In a way. That enables what is to flower in a new way.

    God leads you up the garden path because he wants to show you how big the garden is haha

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