【Touhou Lyrics】 Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion

【Touhou Lyrics】 Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion

Dies ist ein Test des Notfallwarnsystems. Im Falle eines atomaren Notfalls… Dies ist KEIN Test. Dies ist die Macht von Lord Yatagarasu, der Schwarzen Sonne! Ihr glaubt es nicht? Dann werdet ihr es vermutlich nicht kommen sehen. Erfasse mein Ziel, und bereit… LOS! Und es ist nicht schwer, wenn es alles ist, was ich weiß. Wenn eine Stimme aus dem Himmel mir ins Ohr flüstert… Mit den Sternen auf meiner Seite, kann ich alle Furcht verlieren. ZU HEIẞ? Ich werde heller brennen. ZU HOCH? Ich werde höher fliegen. ZU NAH? Ich werde es zu Ende bringen. SETZE ES IN BRAND! “Eine Chance…” “Nutze sie und die Welt gehört uns!” Höre, den Willen einer weisen alten Gottheit. Sieh! Die Wahrheit liegt in den glühenden Sternen! Wahr… Dann ist alles andere fehlerhaft. Was? Eine Fremdsubstanz wurde im Reaktor entdeckt! Der Betrieb muss angehalten, und die Fremdsubstanz sofort entfernt werden! Ich kann noch immer dieses Grollen tief im Innern spüren. Lass den Traum mich ausfüllen, bis ich genug habe. Eine Reaktion, mit zehnfacher Schallgeschwindigkeit… Mit einer Kraft, die den Untergrund durchbrechen kann! (“Geh über das Unmögliche hinaus!”) Sieh die Energie sieden, ich kann unmöglich verlieren. Wenn du denkst, dass du ein Gegner für mich bist, dann komm doch, lass uns verschmelzen! Was unter Druck verschlossen ist, ich werde es freisetzen. Und endlich bin ich so stark wie ich sein muss! ZUGRIFF: Kontrollturm. COUNTDOWN: deine letzte Stunde. DAS IST: Das Zeitalter einer modernen Macht. SELBST GÖTTER KAUERN! Ein Schuss… Versuche es und die Welt gehört MIR! Oh, ihr denkt alle zuviel. Steige auf! Heißer als die Sonne werde ich scheinen! Ihr… Ihr werdet brennen mit einer einzigen Berührung.


  1. utsuho has been getting a lot of love recently, despite the fact she's still not a good girl for certain dodgers.

  2. me: Boy i sure cant wait for Septette for the dead princess
    Lyrica: peeks head around corner ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?
    Me: sees Okuu yee

  3. Okay, let's see if I can do this again.
    0:18 "This is the power of Lord Yataragasu, the Black Sun!" (The Yatagarasu is a three legged crow-god whose corpse Utsuho ate to gain her power of Nuclear Fusion)
    0:30 "And it's not hard to do when it's all I know." (Utsuho nears Cirno's level of stupidity.)
    0:35 "When a voice from the sky whispers in my ear…" (Kanako gave Utsuho her power and wanted to rekindle the fires of blazing hell by building a nuclear reactor, who was Utsuho.)
    0:57 "'One chance… Take it and the world is ours!' Hear, the will of a wise old god." (Utsuho's misinterpretation of Kanako's orders, which caused her to decide to try and take over Gensokyo.)
    1:11 "Truth is in the blazing stars!" (Blazing star is one of Utsuho's spell prefixes.)
    1:20 "A foreign substance has been detected in the reactor!" (This is you, while playing the game.)
    1:47 "With a force that can break through the underground!" (Utsuho's plan to take over Gensokyo had something to do with explosions. Lots and lots of them.)
    1:58 "If you think you're my match, then come on, let's fuse" (Nuclear fusion. *Insert Jontron's FUN-NY JOKE here*)
    2:15 "ACCESS: Control tower," (The giant cannon-thing on Utsuho's arm represents the control and Fuel rods of the nuclear plant.)
    haz I dun gud?

  4. Is it just a coincidence that you released this now, Lyrica? I mean, minusT released his interpretation of the fight between Marisa and Utsuho just the other week and now you released your cover of Nuclear Fusion.

    Btw, was that a Gurren Lagann reference at the "break through the underground" part?

  5. sadly solar sect isn't very melodic. the melodic part tho was real good, you're on a roll it seems. check that megalomania, lyrica!

    also neat ttgl reference.

  6. I spamed okuus theme at school this morning then saw this video when I got home. THIS MUST BE AN INCIDENT!
    Sees minusT's new video
    Oh, its just that time of the month again.

  7. This song is Utsuho in a nutshell. She dreams of reigning the world by power. It is her deep desire: to reign the Earth. I don't see her as an idiot (well, I guess I agree to terms that she is baka-chan 2.0 because she wants to rule the world, a desire NOT in the Touhou Final Boss module), because she is as HOT and POWERFUL as the Sun and the stars.

  8. Can you maybe do kids festival~ innocent treasures I know it's kinda long but I think it would really be good

  9. alright you want a challenge, then come up with lyrics to either "Child of Are" or "Night Falls ~ Evening star" >:^)

  10. I love the beginning, cuz god damnit, if it ended up beeping like those EBS, rip my ears.

  11. 0:12
    Satori is hearing this and is probably chocking on her tea, Orin suffered from a charisma break

  12. Two and a half years since you did UN owen… still no sepette 🙁

    TOO HOT?
    I'll burn brighter
    I'll fly higher
    I'll bring it right down to the wire
    SET IT
    ON FIRE!

  13. To be fair, if it wasn't for the spell card rules, Okuu's boasting would have very well come true, considering the huge difference in power between a Lunarian God (What Yatagarasu is) and all of Gensokyo.

    Still, nice work there.

  14. Alright, Lyrica! I watched all the videos now and I must say, you really have an awesome talent! You deserve my sub, there is no doubt about it!^^

  15. Yesssssss this is what I have been waiting for >w<

    Any chance of getting a Kobito Of The Shining Needle cover anytime soon?

  16. And I thought Okuu couldn't get any more fucking amazing, you roll up, drop this masterpiece on my ears, and single handedly destroy my mind. Seriously, keep being awesome. xP

  17. can you do plain asia or nostalgic blood of the east ~ old world next?

    edit: oml i don't even notice my own comments how blind am i

  18. Hi! I'm going to do a cosplay performance of Utsuho, is it okay to use your cover in my performance as background music? It'll be highly appreciated ^^

  19. Can we just talk about the lines

    What’s contained under pressure, I’ll set it free–
    And at last, I’m as strong as I need to be!

    Okuu just wants to break the barrier between the underground and the above-ground Gensokyo — what is essentially a barrier of miscommunication and prejudice — by brute force.

    Well, as someone who is not good at communication, sometimes I want to do that too.

  20. Wow! I just happened to stumble upon your channel and I just want to say I'm so glad I did! You have such a great voice and the lyrics you come up with are so fitting and powerful. I was constantly smiling with every new line! Fantastic job and I can't wait to see what you do next! Consider me subscribed! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ❤️

  21. Is it possible to use boron rod/sand danmaku?
    Assuming the sand turns into glass, there would actually be some pretty neat light stuff going on

  22. That song shows Okuu so fabulous that even Kamina and Simon looks too pale despite of all their "male power". And Okuu just makes it perfectly clear while shouting "go beyond the impossible" at 1:51!

  23. مستمدة وتشترك تدوينتك ترينداد مماليك السبعينيات رسميا ونشاط
    I dont know any of that

  24. I've listened to these vocal videos so much that now it feels super weird hearing the original soundtracks without the singing

  25. why this is so funny? Dont get me wrong, the lyrics are brilliant and fitting, but when i imagine Utsuho's feelings i just get cryinglaugh for a minute or about xD

  26. Way better when the lyrics are in…RUSSIAN!! The ones associated with nuclear disasters, dudes…and above all CHERNOBYL!

    “Что? В реакторе обнаружено инородное вещество!
    Операции должны быть прекращены, и иностранное вещество будет немедленно ликвидировано!"

    Я все еще чувствую, что грохот глубоко внутри.
    Пусть мечта заполнит меня, пока я не буду удовлетворен.
    Реакция в десять раз быстрее, чем звук,
    С силой, которая может прорваться через подполье!

    Смотрите, как закипает энергия, я просто не могу проиграть.
    Если ты думаешь, что ты мой матч, то давай, давай слиться!
    То, что содержится под давлением, я оставлю его свободным-
    И, наконец, я так сильна, как я должен быть!

    диспетчерская башня.
    Обратный отсчет:
    ваш последний час.
    эпоха современной власти.
    Даже боги съежиться!!

    Один выстрел. Возьми его, и мир мой!
    О, остальные слишком много думают.
    Подъем! Горячее, чем солнце, я буду светить!
    Вы… Ты сгорит одним касанием.

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