★ Sieben Chakren Meditation  ★smaranaa.eu

★ Sieben Chakren Meditation ★smaranaa.eu

The seven main chakras in your energy body accompany you through your whole life. When these seven chakras are balanced and purified, you are in your perfect power. And so now I would like to invite you to do this seven chakra meditation with me. You don’t have to do anything because I will guide you and I will guide you. You just listen to my words and let yourself be carried by the soft sounds and energies that are already flowing to you. And so we start off differently than you might be used to. Because I would like to invite you to make a journey together with your soul. Now breathe in and out evenly. Feel your body, feel your breath flowing in and out, lifting and lowering your body. And if you now look down on your feet, you will notice that they are standing on sand in the middle of the beach at the sea. You realize that you are standing on the beach of a beautiful sea right now. The waves crash, they come to the shore and retreat again. You observe how the water moves back and forth regularly and irregularly. And you feel a gentle breeze. You feel the breeze of the sea blowing through your hair. You can probably smell the salt in the water, too. And you feel how every breeze cleanses you, how you get a little blown through and you let it happen. And now you go a little further, choose a place where you can sit or lie down on the beach. You go a few steps further and choose a place where you can make yourself comfortable. Where you can sit down or lie down. And when you now lie down and your whole body touches the earth, then you feel like the wind when it sweeps over you and the sun when it touches your skin cleanse your chakras. You’re letting this happen. You now open each of your chakras with your focus and feel, how the elements of earth, air, fire and water purify you. You relax completely and you feel the love, the fifth element that will now accompany you through each chakra. And so direct your focus on your crown chakra, because today we start from top to bottom. Feel how love touches your chakra and invites you to accept what cannot be explained with your mind. It invites you to accept your spirituality, to open yourself to the spheres, in the higher consciousness, which is also accessible to you. And so love purifies you, expands your crown chakra and fills it with new energy. Your crown chakra is the connection to the spiritual world and your personal connection to your spirituality and to the divine knowledge of what you’re wearing. And now the love flows into your third eye. Let what happens happen and allow your third eye to fill with love. Maybe you can feel the energies expanding your third eye, clearing it and opening it a little. A little bit more than how you’ve perceived it so far. Perhaps you also perceive visions or images. Let this happen too, for this is your reality. This is your life, your abilities. Everything that shows itself to you has its correctness and its confirmation. So take a little time so that the energies can expand and activate your third eye. And now the energies of love flow down into your throat chakra, where it expands your throat chakra. and where she leaves a pattern of love in your throat chakra. For the words that you pronounce will be the words of love, the words that are accompanied by love. And so love expands your throat chakra, making room for all the wonderful words you will say to him in the future. Every word will be as deep in love as you have never felt before. Allow this energy to integrate into your throat chakra. And also allow all the words which have not yet been spoken to be allowed to show themselves in love now. This will balance your throat chakra and calm you down. So enjoy this energy and give yourself completely to love. And enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. And already the love begins to flow into your heart chakra. She gently touches your heart chakra and she expands your heart chakra. It makes you feel what it means to trust and forgive. All these feelings live in your heart and are now accompanied and healed by love as it is good and right. Try to open your heart as much as you can and invite love to fill your heart. Let it grow great and let it all happen. Maybe you can already feel the connection from your chakra down to your heart, because all chakras connect with love and your heart is the center. And so the love flows from your heart into your solar plexus. It fills your abdomen with love and it awakens your devotion. It awakens care and strengthens your abilities, because this energy also vibrates in your solar plexus. Let it expand and fill with love. Maybe feel it getting all warm. Feel the power you carry in your solar plexus. Feel also the joy which you carry here, the joy which brings you to undertake beautiful things. And so your solarpexus expands and gets bigger and bigger. It pulsates in the rhythm of eternal love. And all feelings, which were hurt once and which you still carry, are healed. They become balanced and you are ready to give in and trust yourself. You feel the power that arises and you also feel how the love flows into your second chakra. There flows where your inner child lives and the feeling of security in you shows itself. And mixes with love and your second chakra comes in the middle, activates itself even more and you feel pure joy of life and the urge to be creative and do things you would never do otherwise. Allow these feelings to take this place and enjoy the feeling that anything is possible. And that’s how this chakra gets so hot. It is full of energy. Love flows. And love also flows into your root chakra. It expands your root chakra and shows you that you have arrived here. It shows you your belonging, your place, it gives you strength and confirms you in all your actions. Let it stretch you, let it stretch you. Allow yourself to feel yourself and know where you belong. To know that you can achieve everything. And so the energy of love begins to flow from the crown chakra down through each chakra. And then back up in a cycle. And so a flow of love forms in you. From top to bottom, from bottom to top. The cycle of love flows unhindered through your system. You feel completely in the middle and completely strengthened. You now sit down on the beach, look at the sea and perhaps you can see the golden shimmer, who painted the word “love” on the surface of the water. And so you get up and feel this love in your heart. You feel the belonging to all that is and belonging to the earth, to yourself. And when you now look at the place where you are lying, you realize that the imprint of your body is the imprint of an angel. And that’s when you know you’re more than human. And so you go back into your heart space with a more intense perception. Your seven chakras have been balanced, purified and strengthened and you are ready to do anything. You understand that there are no limits. And so you may open your eyes with this certainty and return to the here and now.


  1. ich danke danke dsnke sooo sehr anansha godttliches licht monika von herz zu herz omartasatt danke unermesslich lg matina

  2. OMAR ta satt liebe Monlka Nirijana und ein göttliches und goldenes Ananasha Ani o haved o drach 🙏🙏🙏⚘⚘⚘💓💓💓💖💖💖

  3. Eine wundervolle Meditation, sehr entspannend! Es ist schön zu spüren, wie die Wärme und die Energie durch den Körper fließt. Vielen Dank!🌞😊❤

  4. 🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚🧚‍♀️💚

  5. Das schönste Geschenk diese Gefühle wahr zu nehmen, spüren…
    Wunderschön das sooo unbeschreiblich intensiv zu erleben, mein
    Monika Nirijana


  7. Fühlst du dich manchmal verloren?
    Hast du das Gefühl, nichtmehr der zu sein, der du einmal warst?
    Hast du Angst und keinen inneren Frieden?

    Jesus möchte dir helfen.

    Jesus spricht:

    "Ich bin der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben. Niemand kommt zum Vater, als nur durch mich"

    Bei Jesus ist die Vergebung der Schuld.
    Bei Jesus ist die Heilung von Trauma und inneren Wunden.
    Jesus möchte dich in das Leben hineinführen, für welches du ursprünglich bestimmt warst. Er liebt dich so sehr:

    Jesus spricht:

    "Es gibt keine größere Liebe, als dass einer sein Leben gibt für seine Freunde."

    Das hat Er für Dich getan und Er nennt Dich seinen Freund🙌🏻

    Du kannst ihm ganz einfach begegnen, wenn du anfängst mit Ihm zu reden. Bekenne Ihm alle Sachen, die du im Leben falsch gemacht hast.
    Er ist bereit dir zu vergeben, weil Er für Dich am Kreuz geopfert wurde.

    Wirst du Ihm mit Dankbarkeit begegnen?

    Ich wünsche dir Gottes Segen

  8. Hallo vielleicht können Sie mir die Frage beantworten. Ich habe eine Nachricht im Traum bekommen die sich so ähnlich anhört wie ihre Sprache der Engel. Ana yil ahaim . Ich würde mich über eine Antwort freuen. Danke

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