قانون الجذب – وثنية وإلحاد وهلس علمي ( 8 حقائق خطيرة وهامة قد تسمعها لأول مرة ) English Subtitle

قانون الجذب – وثنية وإلحاد وهلس علمي ( 8 حقائق خطيرة وهامة قد تسمعها لأول مرة ) English Subtitle

Peace be upon you Have you heard of something called “Healing through meditation”, “Healing with Reiki”, “Energy Healing”? Have you heard of something called the Law of Attraction? If you have come across these terms, then, I recommend that you read the book “The Spiritual Atheism” The link to the book is the first one in the description of this video. The book expounds on these matters in detail. The Law of Attraction states that you tune your frequency with the frequency of the things you desire from the universe, and thus, it comes to you. You can ask anything of this universe and the universe will grant it to you. We seek refuge in Allah from this disbelief. This is explicit disbelief, but first, let’s give a scientific rebuttal for this claim. Is there anything called the “Law of Attraction” in nature? There are three enormous scientific mistakes with this Law of Attraction. The first error here is that the Law of Attraction is not really a law. Neither it is a theory, nor a hypothesis. The Law of Attraction is a mere illusion, nothing more. There is nothing in the physical or experimental sciences known as the Law of Attraction. This is a false name, in contention with scientific knowledge. They tell you it is a “law” – where did they get this terminology? And how can you describe it as a law? The second error is that Physics and Science define and describe things in contrast to what this “law” states. The law of attraction. In physics, when the matter moves, it only moves upon a specific frequency. The movement entirely depends on the structure and flexibility of the matter. You cannot increase or decrease the frequency of the movement beyond the physical laws. For example, when you try to change the mass of a matter, the frequencies specific to any matter are measured only as per the physical laws. You cannot change the rate of frequency except by manipulating the mass of the object. The idea of adjusting the wavelength, as per the adherents to the law of attraction, and that you could either increase it, change it, or match it, this idea in itself is a scientific myth. Plain and simple, this is buffoonery. The third error is that the human body does not have a determined mass that can attract anything. So, the three ideas that the law of attraction seems to be based on are pure drivel. There is no such thing as “attraction” via frequency. This is scientific deceit. What’s more surprising than anything else is that the charge on the human body is neutral. The human body neither attracts nor repels anything. What’s more surprising than anything else is that the charge on the human body is neutral. The human body neither attracts nor repels anything. So, neither the vibrations nor the frequencies attract anything, and neither does the human body mass have the characteristic of attraction. and above all of this, the total charge of the human body is neutral, so, he neither attracts anything nor repels. Which means, that the thinking, the intention, and focused meditation do not have any impact on the material world and don’t attract anything. The answer here is, yes, none of these acts do anything, rather, here’s a surprise that when they conducted scientific research on the effect of intention on objects around us, the effect of focused meditation, imagination, and thoughts on the world around us, the scientists at Cornell University ran this experiment, on the topic of the link between intention, imagination with the changes in the material world. and it was proven that this link is based on an illusion, that the intention, concentration and imagination have no impact on the matter. So, the idea that reality takes shape around the thoughts we concentrate on as claimed by those who endorse the law of attraction is a mere illusion. “Take this as a principle:
Your reality is based upon the things you concentrate on.” Your reality is based upon the things you concentrate on, unfortunately, there are still who believe in this myth. The Live Science Magazine classified the Law of Attraction as a Pseudoscience. Pseudoscience that is part of the pop culture. The law of attraction, scientifically, is a pseudoscience. it is pure buffoonery. What’s, in fact, dangerous and seriously damaging when it comes to the law of attraction is that you think that the law of attraction can grant you your wishes, and create your own destiny. What’s dangerous in such a thought process is that it destroy the principles of your Islamic creed without your knowledge. If asking the universe to fulfil your desires is not the greater disbelief then there’s no disbelief in existence. If asking the universe to fulfil your desires is not the greater disbelief then there’s no disbelief in existence. Allah, the Almighty, says:
“So do not attribute to Allah equals while you know [that there is nothing similar to Him].” Surah al Baqarah 22 So, if you take up a rival against Allah and then seek that it grants your wishes, then, this is the creed based upon disbelief that goes against the teachings of all the Prophets. Okay, so what if someone says that they are using the law of attraction only as a means to an end, And, that everything in this universe is by the will of Allah, but we only use the law as a means to an end. And, perhaps the law of attraction is among the means that Allah has placed within this universe. The answer here is simple. Allah, the Almighty, has already decreed the means that are permissible for us to utilise and employ. The legislated means are of two types: The first is the divine means that were legislated by the Lord, and the divine decree, which are from the code of law that Allah has subjugated for His slaves. The decreed reasons such as the taking of medicine is from among the causes that Allah has created for His slaves. So, taking medicine is merely using the cause created. As for any other reasons that were not legislated by the religion, whether in the religious texts or as a decreed legislation, then, taking up such acts is a form of disbelief (polytheism). Allah, the Almighty, did not inform us that adjusting the frequency attracts benefits or repels harm from us. Science tells you that this is quackery and not a part of the material cause and effect. And with this, the law of attraction is shown to be neither a part of divine means or the divine decree. So, you, the one who believes in the law of attraction, if you believe that the law of attraction can cause benefit or harm by itself and that it can attract good things to you while repelling the bad by itself, then this is major disbelief. May Allah protect us and you from the disbelief. As for this, if you only believe that the law of attraction is part of the cause and effect that Allah has decreed within this universe, then this is a form of shirk (polytheism) associated with the cause. This is because it has not been affirmed that it is from among the causes, neither the decreed causes nor the legislated ones. This means that the adherent to the law of attraction falls between the major polytheism and polytheism of causes. “And they worship besides Allah that which does not possess for them [the power of] provision from the heavens and the earth at all, and they are unable.”
Surah an Nahl 73 The second crisis within this law of attraction is that the adherent to this law imagines that he can create destiny with his own hands. The religious methodology of the adherents of the Quran and Sunnah is that Allah created everything, He wrote everything, He knows everything and has determined everything. And Allah also created the actions of His slaves, and all that He willed came into being, and all that He did not will did not occur. This doctrine of the adherents of the Quran and the Sunnah. But the law of attraction states that you can create destiny with your own hands. Create your own destiny. This is the doctrine of the previously misguided sect, known as the Qadariyyah sect. This sect believes that slaves create their own destinies. What’s surprising again is that the law of attraction is more dangerous than this Qadariyyah sect. This is because the law of attraction doesn’t only state that the human being creates his destiny by himself alone, it also states that he creates the destiny of everything surrounding him! They believe that with focus, meditation, and tuning the frequency you can change the universe around you! We seek refuge in Allah from this misguidance. “Meaning, the universe is really capable of manifesting things that we envision and dream of, or is this merely a thought? “No, really, the universe literally takes the data within your imagination and hurries to manifest it.” “I want everyone who is watching me to pay attention to my word- I turn my attention to you all: Thoughts move the universe, Thoughts move the universe..” The thoughts move the universe.. The Qadariyyah sect turned out to be the underdog here, then. The impact of thoughts and tuning the frequency to manipulate the world around you as we showed you within the experiment conducted at the Cornell University turned out to be mere hallucinations. Sadly, there are still those who believe in these unscientific myths that the thoughts move the universe. In addition to the experiment conducted by Cornell University, a couple of years prior to this, the Scientific American journal published an article which affirmed that the law of attraction, tuning in the frequency with the universe and meditative concentration are mere illusions. It is part of the New Age lies. The link to that piece of research is below in the description box. The new tragedy is that, some of the organisations in the Muslim countries, the lands of Monotheism, are inviting the biggest charlatans of this field to deliver talks. Goes to show that what we already were dealing with was insufficient, so we started importing more trouble. Okay, so what is the source of all of these deviant thoughts? What’s the source of this deceit – the law of attraction, changing the vibrations, and that you can create your own destiny, the source of all of this quackery is the religions based on spiritual atheism the Buddhists, the Hindus and the Taoists. The adherents of these faiths are the actual source of these fabrications and myths that have become widespread in the East and the West. The religion of Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism all believe in the concept of Unity of Existence. That is, God lives within his creation, Allah is far removed from such disbelief! And that you can literally change your destiny, all because you are a great being, because the god resides in you. So you can achieve anything. The myth of Unity of Existence is the source of all of this nonsense. And I gave a rebuttal to this myth previously – the myth of Unity of Existence – in an episode dedicated to this, the link to that episode is the second one in the description below. Take note that this myth is the source of all of this nonsense and deceit, so you will find a book like The Secret, which is the most famous book on the topic of law of attraction, you will find the claims by its author, Rhonda Byrne, such as “You are god in a physical body”. Of course, in the Arabic edition of this book, they deleted such passages to trick the reader, and to give justifications for the disbelieves promoted by this”law” of attraction. The idea of the Unity of Existence, and that you can create your own destiny, and that by raising your vibrations you can attract things you desire- all of this is the major disbelief and pseudoscience. All of this goes against the clear-cut Islamic axioms. For example, Allah states in the Quran:
“And man was created weak” Surah an Nisa 28 A man cannot change anything that has been decreed by his Lord. All you can do is to make the utmost use of causes, the things that will rescue you in this life and the next. As for the results, then Allah the Almighty decrees as He wills. Allah, the Exalted, said:
“and they do not possess for themselves any harm or benefit and possess not [power to cause] death or life or resurrection.” Surah Furqan 3 Also from among the permanent Islamic axioms is that the source of all trials and troubles within a man’s life is not because he is incapable of fixing his thoughts, or that he isn’t raising his frequency, or that he isn’t raising the positive energy within his household. All of this is pure nonsense, the Prophets were all tested, in fact, they suffered the most among the mankind, trials befall a man because he is obligated and accountable. The is from among the principles of Islam, Allah, the Almighty, said: “Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and with good as trial; and to Us you will be returned.” Surah al Anbiya 35 So, we are not ultimately responsible for our fate, and submission to Allah and His Decrees is the ultimate fate of mankind, whether we accept this or not. This is from our religious creed, and a principle among other principles is that we submit to the divine decree destined by Allah, and that you believe in the decree, the good and bad of it all. Human beings can never be certain as to where benefit or evil lies for them. This is the reason why the prayer of Istikhara has been decreed where we ask Allah to decree good for us and to make us pleased with it whatever it is. As for the one who does not believe in the decree and predestination, and that the Decree of Allah is the truth, then he is among the dwellers of Hell-fire. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “If you spend an amount equal to the mount Uhud in the path of Allah, He shall never accept it from you unless you believe in the predestination. And know that whatever befalls you was never going to miss you, and whatever missed you was never going to befall you, and if you die on anything other than this, you will enter the Hell-fire.” These are the principles of our religion. So, are we then going to abandon our religion and our creed in exchange for the pseudoscience and fabricated myths? Before I end this, I’d like to talk about energy, and is there anything such as the positive and the negative energy? “Next time, we are going to demonstrate something very powerful, I don’t want to do it now so that I can bring in a new energy.” OH, so he is going to bring in new energy and is concerned for us – I wonder what will he do? “I will show you my hand so that you can concentrate on it, then, close your eyes and imagine it..” What you are doing is seriously frightening, drop the act. As for the issue of positive and negative energy, there is no such thing as that in science or Physics. The positive and negative charge in physics has no link with this positive and negative energy as claimed by the adherents of the law of attraction. The positive and negative division in physics is a hypothetical one. So, if we said that the ions of س are positive and the ions of ص are negative, then, this is a hypothetical division to simplify the equation, nothing more. And, if we switched the places of the ions and said that the س has positive ions and ص has the negative ions, it wouldn’t matter because the matter is hypothetically placed to differentiate in order to balance the equation. Here, the adherents of pseudosciences took over to promote the energy healing and law of attraction, they borrowed the “positive” and “negative” terminology from the real sciences and claimed that evil thoughts carry negative energy whereas the good thoughts carry positive energy. Since when did the thoughts emanate energy, and how were you able to determine this? And what helped you in classifying the energies as negative and positive? Sadly, the adherents of the law of attraction fabricate and forge lies and use the negative and positive charge borrowed from physics to claim that science supports the theory of negativity and positivity. Not only this, they give a reference for this using religious sources, to convince the people. They say that the mosque has positive energy- the act of prayer/worship is a neutral one, and it neither produces negative nor positive energy. And likewise, the places have neutral energy, there’s no place that’s filled with positive or negative energy. Human beings are also neutral, there’s no such thing as someone being filled with negative energy. Even the word “charge” in physics has no link with it being positive or negative. These are merely descriptions given to facilitate the equation. So, enough of this beguiling, may Allah be generous with you! Finally, we will supplicate with the prayer the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him used to pray with: “Our Lord, do not leave us to ourselves even for the blink of an eye, ever” Do not forsake us at the mercy of vibrations, the law of attraction, meditation, and we only yearn for your Mercy, set aright for us all of our affairs, Amen. There is a book called The Spiritual Atheism, and it discusses all of these matters in detail, the law of attraction, astral projection, hypnosis, energy healing, macrobiotics, yoga and reiki, all of the pseudosciences and myths have been discussed here, and the link to the book is the first link in the description of this video. The book refutes all of these pseudoscientific claims scientifically and shows the dangers of these practices on the religious beliefs and its crime against the intellect, Share this book with others, may Allah bless you all, on social media. Perhaps Allah will accept this effort from u, benefit others, and reward us all. I thank you for listening, may Allah reward you all, peace be upon you.


  1. جزاك الله خيرا ..أرجو أن تخصص حلقة لأفلام الانمي والمانغا التي فتكت بالشباب وأصبحت لهم انحلالات اخلاقية الحادية على إترها.. والأوتاكو ..هناك انمي اسمه مذكرة الموت وهو معروف يضرب في العقيدة ضربا..بحيث يكتب البطل اسم اشخاص في مذكرة فيموتون على اتر ذلك.

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    الحمد لله بعمري و حياتي لم اقتنع بالابراج او المشعوذين او هذه العلوم الزائفة و لا حتى بموضة التنمية البشرية و ريادة الاعمال
    على فكرة هناك نسبة لا بأس بها من النساء تؤمن بقانون الجذب
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    بالنسبة للدجال بتاع قانون المجاذيب ( الجذب ) اللي بيقول الخيال بيحرك الكون ما استخدمش الهطل اللي هو بيعلمه ده علشان يبقى من عظماء العالم ليه ؟ هههههههههههههههه
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    الأخذ بالأسباب يا شباب للوصول لنتيجة معينة بيكون مرتبط بكون هذه الأسباب مخلوقة من الله عز و جل لهذه النتيجة.

    بمعنى إن ربنا يكون قالنا في القرآن أو السنة أو عن طريق الدلائل الكونية اليقينة زي الحس و التجربة أو العقل أو الفطرة إن هذه الأسباب تؤدي لهذه النتيجة.

    و ما دل عليه القرآن و السنة من أسباب بيكون اسمه أسباب شرعية، و ما دلت عليه مصادر المعرفة زي العقل أو الحس و التجربة العلمية أو الفطرة بتكون اسمها أسباب قدرية.

    على سبيل المثال ..

    صلاة الاستخارة سبب من أسباب التوفيق.
    هذا سبب شرعي دل عليه القرآن و السنة.

    النار سبب للاحتراق
    هذا سبب قدري دل عليه الحس و التجربة العلمية.

    طب إيه لزمة التقسيمة دي أنا مش فاهم ؟
    لا مفيش يسطا، بس كل ما في الأمر انك لو أخذت بأسباب للوصول لنتيجة لم يدل على كون هذه الأسباب موصلة لهذه النتيجة لا قرآن ولا سنة ولا مصادر معرفية تبقى مشرك .

    إيه ؟!!

    صلي على النبي…

    تخيل سيادتك روحت لسيدك اللبلوبي علشان بنتم عيانة، أهو سيادتك اخدت بالأسباب أهو، بس خد تعالى هنا …

    اللبلوبي ده سبب شرعي ؟

    طب قدري ؟
    لأ بردو

    أمال رايحله ليه ؟
    بيقولوا على إيديه الشفا.

    انت و هما مشركين.

    إيه ؟!!

    متنفعلش اوي كده انا بس بضربلك مثل، علشان تفهم حتة الأسباب القدرية و الأسباب الشرعية و علاقتها بالعقيدة.

  27. بارك الله فيك

    استمر دكتورنا في الرد على دعاة الالحاد ومصدقي علم الجذب

  28. دكتوووووورنا منور والله جزاكم الله عنا خيرا ❤❤❤
    ومبارك الديكور الجديد😉

  29. كثير بيجيني اعلان لواحد متخلف بحكي عن هالشي لا وبقنعك بقلك شوف واحكم بنفسك وستعلم انه حق وصحيح 😂😂😂😂😂

  30. ولكن يا دكتور مع حبي لك
    هناك حديث انما الاعمال بالنيات و انما لكل امرء ما نوى
    كيف تفسر هذا الحديث

  31. جزاك الله خيرا
    و أسأل الله سبحانه و تعالى أن يجعل ما تقدم في ميزان حسناتك
    و كتب الله لك الأجر كاملا و حفظك من كل شر و رزقك الإخلاص
    و ابعد عنك الرياء و جعل عملك خالصا لوجهه الكريم و أسأله سبحانه و تعالى أن يجمعني و إياك و من نحب و جميع المسلمين في الفردوس الأعلى مع الحبيب المصطفى صلى الله عليه و على آله و صحبه و سلم
    اللهم آمين يا رب العالمين

  32. نورك الله في الدنيا و الآخرة كما تنور عقول شباب أمتنا، حفظك الله من كل شر

  33. الوقاية خير من العلاج وتحصين العقل من الانحرافات الفكرية خير سبيل وذلك بالعودة إلى الكتاب والسنة الصحيحة وفهم مراد الله تعالى كافية لحماية عقولنا من الخرافات والأفكار الشركية

  34. انا اشتريت الكتاب لان العنوان جذبني ثم اكتشفت المصائب التي فيه وغضبت وضاق صدري من الكلام التي فيه وحسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيهن المجرمين كيف يضحكوا على الناس .. الحمدلله اني اقرأ القرآن يومياً ولا يستطيع احد ان يؤثر بعقيدتي لاني والحمدلله صاحبي الأول هو القرآن

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