Надзвичайно експериментальний HCAR в Warface

Надзвичайно експериментальний HCAR в Warface

Hello everyone, my name is Sergey and I am the chief administratof of the Firuin group on VK and on Facebook. And actually yes, something is
weird about this video, and yes, the sound has indeed changed – from Russian to Ukranian. I’ve actually been interested
in creating different approaches towards the topic and
experimenting with the format. Although, as YouTube statistics show, they were not particuarly fond of the experiments. Too experimental or what? The option to roll to the bottom
like everyone else is no option, sorry for the tautology. Moreover, it seems to be the only Ukranian-language Warface video on YouTube. However, just like before,
the video will be released with subtitles. So press on this icon, cook some tea and grab your crisps, and let’s get started. In order to heighten the overall
frenzy for the average viewer, it will be a Ukranian language review of the Rifleman class’
experimental weapon, namely the HCAR. Actually it is more correct to read its
name as an acronym – H-C-A-R, but as long as you try to pronounce it correctly, you’ll not break your tongue. Oddly enough, this weapon uses the
Browning Automatic Rifle 1917 (BAR)’s basis, which in its time was created
by the legendary John Browning. As you might’ve guessed from the weapon’s name, it was adopted more than one hundred years ago. This weapon was manufactured until the 50’s, and remained in service up until the 70’s. The modifications for a one
hundred year old weapon belongs to the
Ohio Ordnance Works company. Looking at their site, I realised that this is literally the only thing in their catalog they also sell modified BAR weapons,
such as the 1918A3-SBR, M240SLR, several machine guns, m
aterials for them, and… that’s it. This company sells nothing more interesting. However, if you are a US-based citizen,
then you can become the owner of an HCAR by spending $4,500
on it and get the weapon, a case, two magazines and all sorts of accessories. It is sold in two variants – Black and Flat Dark Earth. The latter is the one featured in our game. (Note that the weapon cannot be
shipped to California, Chicago, Illinois and New York, and must be purchased
by someone 21 years or older) So about the HCAR itself. As said earlier, it’s an abbreviation for Heavy Combat Assault Rifle. These are usually used by the Sniper class, but this time it was given to the Rifleman class. но в этот раз оружие получил
класс Штурмовик. With this feature, the HCAR becomes the slowest primary in its class. It is half as fast as the Famas F1, and even deals less damage than it. The developers decided to be wise and proclaimed that the weapons 80 damage
will actually deal double damage. Players put the numbers and multipliers
together and figured out that in theory, this weapon can kill an enemy in two hits, just like the classic semi-automatic sniper rifles. Only the accuracy while hip-firing is much greater, the ability to apply Red Dot Sights also helps. However, the HCAR never gained much
popularity and can only please players that are looking for a new type of adventurous tool. However, let’s take a look what the HCAR is all about – its effectiveness against its weaknesses, who it is weak against and how
its combat effectiveness is against the new SED class. Everything in order: The maximum damage of the weapon is 82 units. I’ll discuss the multipliers later. The HCAR’s maximum damage range is 18 metres, after which the damage decreases
at a rate of 0.4 units per metre. Unusual, right? Minimum damage is 70 units. In some places, this weapons shows great promise, but in others it shows great disappointment. For example, the absolute minimum damage unit for all other Rifleman weapons is 57 units. For example the Beretta ARX160, AK-12 and so on. And here we get 70. Even if a Suppressor is not applied,
the minimum damage will be achieved at a distance of 48 metres. And if you apply it, which improves damage drop-off by 20%, the minimum
damage will be reached at 56 metres. Actually not that much of a difference. The firing speed is at 250 RPM. The aim speed is nothing impressive, at 150 milliseconds in and 200 milliseconds out. Swap speed is also not that fast,
at half a second to draw and 400 milliseconds to holster. The mag capacity is 20 rounds, and the soldier can carry a total of 100 in reserve. The reloading process takes 2.7 seconds. But now let’s talk about the interesting aspects – the multipliers. As stated earlier, this weapon deals double damage. Even more, precisely: The headshot multiplier is 4.9, the body is at exactly 2, and the arms and legs are at 2.5. Recently the last one was swapped to 2.2 to counteract the 20% limb protection, but was later raised back to 2.5. In short, with this set of multipliers
to the arms and lets, only two hits are required
to kill any enemy, and even with the minimum damage and a headshot, it’s only one shot. Apart from the SED of course, which we’ll discuss separately. If you use this weapon with a Suppressor against the most armoured enemies, a Rifleman in full “Syndicate” armour at 36 metres away, you’ll need a third shot, or just one headshot and two hits to the arms and legs. A Medic in the “Syndicate” armour is slightly more safe at 40 metres. A Rifleman and Medic in full “Armageddon” armour is safe at up to 33 metres. The “Salamander” armour grants the same result, thanks to its weapon bonus. The complete set for the
Medic and Engineer is up to 37 metres. And in all of these cases, the enemy
requires one accurate headshot or two arms or legs shots
to be taken down. If the player uses a silencer instead of the suppressor, a second headshot or a third arm or leg shot is required at further ranges. Now let’s talk about using the HCAR against the new SED class. First against the standard modules, then against the more armoured advanced modules. At a distance at maximum damage, the SED can die in one simple headshot. It takes three to the body, and two to the arms and legs. At a distance of 33 metres, you’ll need two to the head, and at 37 metres, you’ll need 3 to the arms and legs. And this situation should be kept to a minimum. With the “Advanced modules” it’s a bit trickier. You can forget about headshots: You’ll need two and three shots anywhere on the body. At 53 metres away, you’ll need a fourth shot to the body. In the future, this situation will not change. I strongly suggest avoiding silencers against the SED class. Now let’s talk about this rifle’s spread values. Compared to other standard semi-automatic rifles, the HCAR actually has high accuracy when hip-firing, but the aiming accuracy is a bit less perfect. Instead of using a visible accuracy pseudosciences, I will talk about the spread values directly. The minimum spread value is equal to three, and the maximum is seven. However, the real three spread is not – directly the factor of the current position spoils everything. For example, the spread while in a standing position is more than 60%, while crouching and in prone is at 20%. What it’d look like without these multipliers I’ll show on screen
in the form of yellow arcs. Minimum spread while aiming is
fortunately almost sniper accuracy. If you are a skilled player, you can hit enemies directly in the forehead at a distance of 50+ metres using the 3x MCA Scope. Fortunately the maximum spread does not hinder this factor, and is therefore a fair seven. The maximum spread while aiming is less than 10x, but if you’re moving it’s less than 5x. Sometimes it has the unpleasant
effect of spreading more than the enemy eilhouette
and the bullets will fly right past. By the way, there also exists two variants
of this weapon in the game the Golden and the Yakuza variant. The golden one differs by
having an increased rate of fire, magazine size and reserve ammunition. You can also purchase the Yakuza Skin for the standard weapon directly in your Inventory. Что ж, о характеристиках
я вам уже все рассказал, теперь осталось рассказать
том, как получить это оружие на свой склад. Время от времени оно появляется
в коробках удачи за кредиты, откуда можно получить обычную
версию, карту черного рынка, что позволяет купить эту версию
сразу и за фиксированную цену, а можно получить и золотую
версию. Отдельно есть лутбокс с “Якудзой”. However, my recommendation is simple and effective – look at the Marketplace At the time of writing this, it is worth about 1470 Kredits. Так что разбирайте. So think about it, the price will surely become lower. But I am sure it’ll not drop below 750. So what about this weapon, do I recommend it or not? How to use it best, which modes it’s useful on and so on? Actually, as a weapon for the Rifleman, it is effective at almost any distance. However, the HCAR will likely lose out in close range gunfights thanks to its rate of fire. But even at longer distance, a sniper will dominate much more. Most assault rifles require about 6-7 shots to kill while the HCAR needs two to the body and one to the head. In the event of a close combat encounter with a sniper, you can safely hip-fire as well, as the hip spread allows this, unlike the Sniper’s primary. Attachment wise, I’d recommend the Suppressor, Rifleman Grip Pod and a situational optic. If you shoot at longer distances, use the 3x, and if in close range, use a Reflex. Actually, that’s all I’d like to discuss regarding this unusual assault rifle. Interestingly, have you heard everything
discussed already? Congratulate yourself then. Hmm, will anyone take the initiative
and create their own video about this in their own language, not Russian? At the same time, I would like to ask
about your thoughts regarding not only this unusual rifle,
but also this format? Write down everything in the comments and don’t forget to press like if you enjoyed this. Subscribe if you haven’t already and click the bell to receive all the necessary notifications. I’d like to wish you good bye now, my name is Sergey from the Firuin team and until next time, good luck.


  1. Мне кажется, стоит озвучивать на русском, потому как игра популярнее всё же в России

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    По поводу пушки я всегда был категоричен: с порезанным двушотом, ваншотом в голову (по СЭДам, естественно) и разбросом в стрейфе – манал я сиё добро, лучше уж G28.

    По поводу рубрики – всё-таки, не особо удобно смотреть ролик, ибо приходится читать, а это может оттолкнуть. С другой стороны, разбор хороший и ради интересной инфы я не прочь и почитать. Но то я. Короч, хз, сложна.

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    К сценарию нет нареканий, но озвучка всё портит своей нецелесообразностью, в этом просто нет смысла, как по мне

  7. И где другой формат? Просто ты говоришь на незнакомом многим языке. Фотмат тот же самый. Только сабы читать приходится. Отдельно на украиском записывай, раз тебе надо.

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