Το Στοιχειωμένο Σανατόριο Της Πάρνηθας…Haunted Sanatorium In Greece!!!

Το Στοιχειωμένο Σανατόριο Της Πάρνηθας…Haunted Sanatorium In Greece!!!

What G.P.S. does is highly dangerous.Minors
and mentally or physically sensitive people
are not to participate in ghost-hunting activities. A place considered to be so haunted that
draws even the most skeptical visitors from all over greece
….that’s Xenias Mount Parnitha has
16 peaks exceeding 1000m and 43 peaks exceeding
700m in elevation. It’s highest peak is called Karabola
and it rises 1413 m above sea level. There are many canyons.
Keladona’s canyon in the west side is the largest with 2,5klm length.
Also there’s cliffs and ravines like Kouni’s ravine by
the national park entrance There are also many springs.
Kitara’s spring and the Kitara lake on the east side of the mountain
and Sgoura’s spring on the west side. On june 28 2007 a great fire devoures
10 out of 14 sq.miles of forest in the municipality of Parnitha… In the last few months there’ve been
increasing reports about red deers, wild hogs and even wolves. G.P.S.is in the Bafi refugee where our route to the
Xenias sanatorium will begin. Bafi refuge is at a 1.161m altitude and was built in 1937. If you’re a mountain lover
this is the place for you. Being in a place like this
where there’s been sickness, pain,sorrow and even death all you get is sadness,
melancholy,depression and there’s nothing you can do about it
you’re not prepared for it. In May of 1914 the Evangelismos
hospital administration decides to open a sanatorium to operate as a tuperculosis
healing centre. The air-climate in Parnitha had
always been particularly good. A fact that led many athenian patients
to choose the sanatorium. Ammongst them,our great greek poet,
Giannis Ritsos. Ritsos was a patient in the sanatorium
from October 1937 to April 1938 and in that time he wrote
his poetic collection “Spring Symphony”. Fast forward to May 5 1965. The sanatorium is sold to the N.T.O.
(national tourism organisation) for 6,5 million drachmas. Get’s a new name and operation.
Hotel Xenias. Starting then,this building became
a school for the tourist department till 1985. Jonathan Bright: writer-researcher -Jonathan ,thank so much for being here
-It’s good to be here. I’d like you to tell me
about this photo you showed us which is very very interesting. In my years of research here,
I’ve taken many photos but you must be reffering
to the one with the window. -Yeah,that’s the one.
-I took that as we were leaving after the research was done,
I took this last shot of the building with an IR-camera and there
appears to be a shape, like a person bending over the window. -Is it the window at the end of the hall?
-Yes,that’s the one What do you think that was? I cannot say,but I can tell you
what it looked like. It appeared to be a human figure,
it was like a person, like a head coming out of the window
watching us leave. And there was no-one in the building,
no doubt about that. We spent over three hours
researching the place and we were alone. -What time was it?
-On breaking dawn,about five As you can see the building
is quite imposing and there’s an intense sense
of “darkness”. Tuberculous patients have died
in here and rumor has it their deaths have haunted the place.. In the buildings first basement
there’s a “mustache-guy” who appears and disappears suddenly
cruel and distant. This basement is always cool
even during the summer heat due to the currents of air
through the smashed windows The cool currents combined with
the dark atmosphere are giving you the chills
even if you’ve never heard of ghosts. You may wanna keep in mind that
ghosts are supposed to be ice-cold. -skar(nickname)!!
-What? -Go further inside,man!
-I can’t take the shot otherwise! We’ll end up looking for you
with an E.V.P.!! So,we’re at the window where
you took that mysterious photo. Yeah,it was taken from
that spot over there as we were about to get
into the cars and leave. And anyone can see that there’s
nothing here that could create an illusion of a human form
bending over the window. Since we have a hint that
this spot here is likely to have some kind
of paranormal activity -Skar,put a mark here
-O.K. so we can put a steady
night vision camera and afterwards we can
come and do some measurements,ok? -O.k.
-Good. Across the ambandoned building
there’s “the park of souls” which was desighned in October 2012
by the forest ranger and sculptor,Spyros Dasiotis. anonymousn testimony representatiom “As we were heading to
the upper corridor I felt a hand touching my back.
I was the last on the group and then a rock hit
the guy in front of me. Another urban legend about Xenias
is about a little girl who,in the last stage of the illness couldn’t drink a single drop of water. So one day she asked a male nurse
to take her to the Maid’s spring which is located in Flambouri,
the last refuge of Parnitha. Legend has it she never made it there,
and left her last breath on the way. Since then,people passing by Xenias
claim that a little girl dressed up in white,stops and asks them
to take her to the Maid’s spring… Nothing in this place reminds a hospital
or even a touristic school. -With a little imagination
you can see the patients, -and even hear the doctors talk.
-Indeed. According to our info,
this was the x-ray room when Xenias was a healing centre. -And here once was the verdict room.
Here they told the patients if they were gonna make it.. -Imagine that,you’ve just had an x-ray
and you’re waiting for the doctor to tell you if you’re gonna
live or die,I mean… It’s time for Antony and me to go set up
the night-vision cameras at the selected spots. -Are you ready to go?
-Yeah,yeah let’s do it. We’re gonna put this
yellow post-it here and we’re gonna set the camera
cause right across here is where the incident
with the rock took place. Ok ,let’s go set
the rest of the cameras. We’re gonna set another camera here,
it’s the spot mr.Bright suggested, so we can record the window. We’ve turned on our generator
and set the headlamps in place. This is gonna be our reference point. Antony will hand out the
nescessairy equipment shortly and starting here we’re gonna spread
and search every inch of Xenias. -Are you two ready?
-We were born 100% ready! -Hey,guys!I’m sure you weren’t
anticipating to see Dourvas Bros with a first-person camera
talking to you when expecting to see the G.P.S. team. This is not the most pleasant
place to be in at night. -Yeah,there’s been junkies,
-Satan’s followers … It’s been a total mess…
anyway,to be honest I don’t believe
in this kind of stuff I hate saying that on a show that
everyone does,anyway,we’ll see. Though leaving seems like
a very appealing idea, I mean,they did’nt feed us,
they didn’t let us sleep in the hotel -Maybe we should go…
-You think? Maybe I’ll use that as an excuse,
because maybe I am a bit scared I mean I don’t believe but then ..
what if there is something? -I’m not scared of anything but…
-Anyway we’ll see. -Ok,turn that thing off
and let’s go play! It’s the second time
this happenes today before we started rolling,
when we first got here, remember how I told you
about the E.V.P.recorders? -Yeah,yeah..
-Batteries went dead in all three of them right before us,for no obvious reason.
Batteries were full. So we won’t use the Electro Voice
Phenomena recorders(E.V.P.) and let’s hope we get
a clairaudience. -Which means hearing with our own ears.
-Or through the camera mic. -That will do.So now
we’ll be separated in groups -I’m gonna go with Orpheus
-O.k. ,good. -And the three of you…
and you know … -We’re gonna do an experiment.
-Yeah, the experiment. -We’ll see about that later.
-Ok,guys,we have to tell you a few things about the dangers
involved-we have to. First of all,Orestis,Orpheus,
keep in mind that no matter what happens
or what you hear,don’t run. -Is it worse that way?
-For starters it’s very dangerous -This building is a total wreck.
-We’ve been here before, We’ve got flashlights and stuff.
The truth is I’m not a believer and this is my first time in
a ghost-hunting show. The most important thing for us is
to point out the dangers so that minors won’t try
doing something like this. -It’s not about believing or not.
-I get it,they could get hurt. -And we’re in the middle of nowhere.
-Children need to understand they can’t do -what you guys do.You are pros.
-You could say that. We’re definetely more experienced.
and still always cautious I’ve got to say,it may all seem cool
on video,but it was an exhausting day and the circumstances
are not exactly good. -I mean look at this place
-I think it’s been red-flagged -After the big earthquake in’99
-Yeah,it’s about to collapse. Antony let’s form groups,
you take Orestis, I’ll take Skar and Orpheus and
don’t forget the experiment,ok? -Let’s hit it!
-Good luck guys! -Man,those endless corridors!
-Yeah,no kidding,I mean.. no matter how much light we shed
there’s still no end.. -We saw it during the daytime.
-At night the rooms seem like -corridors as well.
-Here’s the camera guys Here’s where the incident
with the girl took place. -Camera is still rolling.
-Let’s take a look inside and check it out. -Before we came here,
our father warned us about this place.This is a place
where children have died. all kinds on rituals
are taking place here things we already know about.
Anyway,i think that he was just trying to scare us. -You mean he was messing with you?
-yeah,he.. (sound) -I heard that…Dionysis heard it too. -Ok,guys ,you’re messing with me.
maybe you set it up from earlier you know,getting me here
and make noises and s%^t.. They’re hidden somewhere,
I don’t know where.. The rest of the team are
on a different floor! I want you to hold the night-vision
camera for a little while so that i can take the flashlight
and check it out. to illuminate some possibilities
so people can see it’s ok. -That’s all.
-Yeah,right..ok -You guys are [email protected]#$ing with me.
-We are not,give it a rest. -Ok,I mean,I am openminded,
but that,that noise… -You hear that?
-Yeah,it sounded like cows or something. -Yeah,but it came from over here. -Listen,listen to it!
-Wait,hold on… shhh,hush… -I can hear it!It’s animals..
or voices,it’s coming from here. -I think we both heard it but maybe it’s just the enviroment.
-It could be. -Ok ,let’s go.
-Yeah,let’s move on. After all it’s gonna show on
the data analysis. -Come,this way. -Look at this.Is this wood? -Oh!!Hey man,who’s there?
-Guys,it came from over here. -Was this door open? -What was that? -I’m turning on the E.M.P. detector
-Yeah,do that. There was something here… -In any case,if there’s been
any kind of noise the night-vision steady cam has recorded it.
-That’s certain. -Antony, stand behind me,
I’ll try the lasergrain light. -Orpheus,you know what this does? -It’s funky,I’ll give you that! It actually helps us see
if something’s coming through. -So,if something passes through
it will disturb the pattern? Yes,that’s the theory. -It’s like we’re in a night-club.
I’m talking nonsense cause I’m scared. It’s theory is actually pretty simple.
It’s like laserbeams and smoke. -So if a shadow passes through
it shows like smoke through laser. -Yeah,that’s right.
-Cause in the dark we are practically blind. -Will you do me a favour?
-Yeah,sure -Hold the laser
so I can make some measurements. So hold this.
-Give it to me. -It’s 15,01 degrees,you see that?
-Yes,I see. Turn off the lasergrain. We’re on the spot where
that girl said something or someone touched her
on the back and then.. a rock was thrown on a member of ther team so we’re talking about
Poltergeist phenomena here. -…..? -Sounds like footsteps..
-Yeah,it does. Now I need to see if there’s any kind
of electro-magnetic field here. I’ve got an E.M.F. detector for that. For those of you who don’t know,
there’s a theory saying that when an entity is present
it creates an e.m.f. disorder. This device can detect
and measure that disorder. -I don’t hear something here and
nothing appears on the detector so.. Maybe it was something from outside cause this room is wide open…
and there are sounds from the outside. -It could, but to me it sounded
like it came from here. -I’m just saying…
-I don’t think so. Everything seems normal so
let’s get on with the research. This is the room with the window
that Jonathan told us he took a photo and there
was this man-like figure. And here is the night-vision steady cam. We’ve marked this spot.
I’ve got to get in here. I wanna see if the cam
has recorded anything so far. And this is where we’ll do the experiment.
-What experiment,man? -What are you saying?
-We’ll get Orpheus over here and I want the two of you to stay here alone.
-Are you nuts?!Alone? -Alone?!Are you nuts?! -It’s time for the experiment.
-Yeah,I keep hearing about this experiment but we know nothing about it. -Ok we are about to tell you.
-Oh man… (sounds…) -Ok,our head is messing with us. So theese are what we call trigger-objects. We call them that cause…… theese objects….. ..man there’s noises all the time,
going back and forth.. -There’s animals around but
this is just not normal. Anyway, you were saying?
-We have theese objects which can actually attract entities
that can relate to them. In this case,an urban legend
talks about a little girl. -Theese are toys.You get the picture?
-Yeah,ok. So we’re gonna leave the two of you
here with the toys and here’s what I want you to do.
We ‘re gonna leave now, we’re meeting Skar downstairs
-That is the part I don’t like. I really don’t think we should
be left alone here. You’ll be fine,don’t worry.
all I want from you is.. I know that you two are skeptics,
and perhaps you wanna show you know,that you’re brave or whatever but
…anyway, I’m gonna put the toys here,
so the cam can monitor them. Here and here…. I stabilized them,
you can check it out yourselves. You’re gonna sit here,no flashlights,
no nothing except the night-vision cam,ok? ok?And we’ll see
if something happens. We’ll be gone for about half an hour. Guys,I know that you don’t believe and all of this may seem extremely weird I just want one thing. Try talking to the things
you don’t believe in -Ok.
-And remember what we told you before. No matter what happens,don’t get crazy
and DON’T RUN! -Ok
-We know it ain’t easy but try to keep it together. We’ll see you in 30 minuites. -You know ,funny thing is, you know that I’m not buying this stuff I think it’s ridiculous… -You know what?F#%* you… -Why?
-Let me refresh your memory… The only reason we’re here is cause you didn’t want to go to
the cinema because it was Saturday! So we came here and now we have
to stare at a ball for half an hour. Great! That’s all I have to say.
We are just staring at a ball! -Look,to tell you the truth,
during our time here, I sense hostility in the air. I don’t know man…
-Yeah,that’s what I said before. -But then again,this used to be
a … what’s the word? Sanitarium? -Sanatorium.
-Yeah,well,nothing friendly about that. -Did it move?The ball?
-No man,nothing moved. -The doll?
-No,it’s still there it hasn’t moved a bit. -Did you hear something? Was it coming from downstairs? -You think they’re messing with us?
-It was a piddling noise,nothing more. -Yes,but we are supposed to be
alone up here. -Maybe it was just in my brain. – What brain? – You mean I don’t have a brain?? I thought I saw you a while ago
but after all it was just a brick. -How can you be in the mood
for jokes right now? -Wow!!!! -What the F* is wrong with you man?
-It moved!It moved! I’m telling you it moved!
-Nothing moved man! -Look at the ball!Look at it!
-Take it easy,you think you saw something and you just snapped like
it was a ghost or something! -I’m telling you ,it moved!!
-You scared the shit out of me,man, Take it easy.What moved?
-The ball!I saw it! I heard it. I’m calling them right now.Something’s wrong.
I can’t stay here any longer. -I’m starting to believe there’s
actually a ghost.Just call them. Deamn As*^%*es… -It’s deactivated.
-Are you kidding me?Deactivated? Where are they? -Calm down.Maybe you imagined it.
-No man,and now I’m pissed. I mean,this is bulls*&t.
-You actually saw it move? -Yes and I don’t know if this
is a trick of theirs or.. -Hey ,what’s going on,
why are you guys screaming? -Your cell is deactivated?Seriously? -I’ve called you like 10 times!
We’ve been here too long. -I saw the ball move man,I saw it.
I don’t know if he saw it,but I did. the doll didn’t move,but the ball did. See for yourself. -You leave us alone in here then
you’re out of reach!It’s is unacceptable. Guys,calm down. -Let’s check the equipment. and we’ll talk things through later. -Check the measurements. -The emf device has recorded something about 15minuites ago.
How long ago did it occure? -15-20 minuits ago,but
I didn’t see anything,he did. -So,what does this mean? -1,9…
-Meaning? -There has been activity here.
-I told you so. -Did you use your cell-phones?
-Later,he called you later. -Were your cell-phones activated?
-We called you. -No,I mean were they activated
the whole time you were here? -Yes the whole time
-Well,they shouldn’t be. -You didn’t tell us that.
-It was the first thing I told you guys. -I saw it move. -Be quiet for a minuite.
You saw the ball move? Hold on a second. Well,there is a light breeze.
-What I saw was not the breeze. You see that? I only saw it move once. Antony,come here and blow on it….
-See?It moves -Hey,man,the breeze is one thing Skar blowing on the ball,is another. -You are educated people,man. It’s a piece of paper.
-You leave two people who have nothing to do with all this ghost-hunting stuff
in a room for half an hour With only a steady cam across them,
it’s only natural our heads are messed up. Cause he is a coward,no matter how he poses
for a macho guy with the bat and stuff . You’re playing with our heads ,man.
It’s not nice,I’m so mad at you. -I mean,we nearly went crazy.
-I know it wasn’t easy. -Ok,go downstairs
on the reference point and.. just don’t tell me you’re afraid
to get down the stairs. -No.
-Good. -We’ll do a few tests,
see what went down here. -We’re sorry about all the shouting. -Hey ,it’s cool. -Just make sure next time
you don’t let people alone like that. -If we did this to you,imagine what
the previous guests went through. Trust me,it was worse!
Anyway… Ok,we’re talking you downstairs
and then we’re headed back up here. -Ok,they say the ball moved.
We came here as fast as we could and we did the test
with the piece of paper, We found there was a breeze but
they just won’t admit that it was blowing. I can feel the breeze right now it gives the chills
and there’s a huge building,I mean we’re on a mountain and it’s cold. What really puzzles me
is the E.M.F.indication. It was not negligible. It wasn’t off the chain,but it was something. Skar,their cell-phones were on.
That effected the detector,it had to. -It’s most likely,yes.But due to the space
between the phones and the detector The phones could’ve been the source
to that indication. I can’t say for sure. We can be positive after we analyse
the data in the P.C. Tony,you were upstairs with Orestis Did you sense anything
during your research? -Not much but I can tell you,
it felt cold as ice… -What was that?
-The cam battery went down. -Second one?
-Yes. It doesn’t make sense,
we’ve just changed it. Like with the two E.V.P. recorders?
-Yes,it’s dead. -I have the lasergrain on and
I’m trying to see we’re here for like 10min or so in case there’s a shadow we cannot see,but… I see nothing and honestly, I ‘m not getting any vibes.
-All we have is our measurements. Let’s not forget this is the room
that Johnathan took that photo. -What can I say,
we need to look into it. -Ok,Dionysis,guys let’s go downstairs.
-Yeah,let’s go. We are back in our reference point. we’re almost done.All that’s left to do is for me to go to the basement by myself. -We can’t wait to see that!!!
-Yeah,that is so true! – Is the night vision cam ready?
-Yes it is. -You guys stay here,I’ll go to the basement and I’ll be back in half an hour.
-Ok. -You’re coming back,right?
-Come on man.. -I am at the first basement
of Xenias by myself… I ‘m looking what’s behind me… The truth is… forgive me for mis-spelling
or even confusing my words but this is not as easy as it may look. The rest of the team and the…. in the meantime,I can’t see a thing. All I see,I see through the
night-vision camera screen. The rest of the team are upstairs but I keep hearing footsteps behind me I can’t tell if it’s from the guys upstairs or… To be honest I’m really scared. But the thing is,I need to stay focused in order to control my fear and… I think I saw something behind me… like a shadow… Just thinking about what’s happened here… I mean…oh,oh oh…. Ok,now I can hear….. right behind me…or is it in front of me? footsteps… I’ll go check it out… If it is an animal I can’t see it. I read Mr.Th.Vembos’ theory about
the so called “marginal phenomena” which concludes that…well,I can’t repeat it
verbatim cause I’m terrified I can’t hide that. I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t scared. Mr,Vembos’ theory claims that marginal phenomena “choose” wether they’re recorded or not. Excuse me,I keep hearing footsteps You can tell they occure, but you can’t record or monitor
them unless they “want” to. Plus,based on the theory,they despise
cameras and all kinds of recorders. so ,the intrigue keeps escalating.. I’m so sorry if I said it wrong but I promise I’ll do better next time. But this is an uncomfortable situation.. plus right now I’m hot as hell. Just so you know,this is not research. Cause,our official page friends sent us here and I have no equipment with me,no E.V.P,
no E.M.F.,no lasergrain Right now it’s just me,a small flashlight
and a night-vision camera. I think I spent enough time here, plus I’m a bit pissed cause I’ve got nothing with me in order
to record or monitor anything. O.k. so I’m heading back. Okay.I just got back We are getting ready to leave It’s almost 4.30 in the morning. Um, we’re gona close this episode with….
um,excuse me it’s just..um.. We’re meeting the Dourvas brothers
tomorrow night for dinner. We won’t draw any conclusions about
wether this place is haunted or not. Until we analyse all the data,recordings,
measurements and all the technical details that I’m not familiar with
like Dionysis Moraitis or Skar(tech manager). We can’t be positive about nothing. Ok,we’re leaving,we need to get some sleep. Skaramagkas has too much work for tomorrow
so we got an early wake There’s over 8 hours of recordings
on each of the four cameras. And there’s the errie thing
with the dying batteries on 3 E.V.P. recorders plus
the two batteries on the night-vision cam. There’s no doubt they were full,
I trust Skar,he is very cautious and precise. But either way I saw the batteries
were fully charged with my own eyes Till tomorrow night at dinner with
the Dourvas bros,see you then. So,here we are with Dourvas brothers. Let’s see what happened with the ball. -Play it. -Ok,watch. -See? Nothing moved.
-Nothing except you bouncing! -The ball didn’t move but see what happens next. -See that?
-Oh! -That could easily be something paranormal.(orb’s) But it’s probably dust reflecting on the lence. -Yes,dust reflecting on the camera lence. You’ve watched on the pc as well?
I mean it could be a screen deffect. No,it’s been analysed and thoroughly examined.
We know it’s a reflection. Something’s different.
I’m certain the ball moved. -Just watch. -Nothing moved man.
-The ball is still. There’s another issue here.
When we came to take you downstairs there was an indication on the E.M.P.detector. -Recorded about 15 mins before we came.
-Exactly. -So,here’s the problem.
-We don’t know what that means,right? -Yeah,but except that,you see the detector is very sensitive
and you had your cell-phones on. -Yeah,so what?
-So I cannot say wether the indication was creatded
by an entitie or your phones. That’s what.Maybe you called someone
or someone called you. -I called you man and it was off!
-Presicely! Your phone signal could have caused this. Just do me one favour…. Take this damn ball out of my sight,cause you brought it for a little girl but
it made ME feel like a little girl!!! -Well,this is your present,guys! Also,I want to point out that during the research
two camera batteries And three E.V.P.batteries
just went dead. It happened the moment we got to Xenias.
Before we left the refuge Tony and me doudle checked.
They went dead the minuite we arrived. I know the batteries were full
cause I know you. So that is one very odd sequence. -What’s next?
-This is the shot where the door appears to be closing on it’s own. -Hold on,it’s not that simple.
-Alright. -Where? -This one here?
-Yeah,that’s it. Play it back… You mean this sound? Yes,and then the door closes. The sound was clear but
I have to see the video again to see what goes on in there.
-Play it back again Dionysis. -So far all I see is a bug. -We have no more clues or indications
therefore we don’t know. It’s a bit confused Skar.There’s all three
of us standing in front of the door. There is a sound of knocking,
but it’s all there is. Is there something more
for you to show me? -No.
-From a different angle perhaps? -I think the light hitting on the door
indicates motion. -No man,no!!!That light creates
an illusion of motion. I see the door closing,that’s what I see.
It’s crystal clear to me. -Can you vouch it’s paranormal phenomenon?
As a technician,can you? -Yes,it is.I am positive,
a closing door is what I see. he light just brings it out.
-I disagree,ok?But … do as you see fit,I don’t know.. I don’t believe in paranormal stuff I laugh with those things The only reason I came along was
for fun and the whole excursion thing. but after what I experienced in that room I can’t say I suddenly believe,
that would be foolish of me… But,from this day on,I say anything’s possible.
Nothing is off the table. When Orpheus bounced like that
I tottaly freaked out,I don’t know… Personally I never saw shadows
or the ball move, but I did feel strange in there and seeing my brother snap like he went nuts.
I don’t know what to say. I’ll be honest. Looking back,it all seems funny,
but on that moment…. I felt….I saw this thing…
I don’t even wanna touch it… I trully saw it move I don’t know if it was due to
the time we stayed it the dark I don’t know if anything happened but after this I prefer not to think of what happened
in that particular room. The rest of it was almost normal there are things I can’t explain
and neither can the G.P.S. team but what happened in there, I think I’m gonna
carry it inside me for a very long time. I’ll keep trying to figure out what happened. As a technician,I cannot explain
the closing door I think it is paranormal activity. -Antony ,you know what? I think,if we had more findings as a researcher I could tell you
with certainty yes or no. but since there are no further clues we can’t be sure of anything, and let’s not forget about nature itself.
There was cold and wind up there. All I can say is… The team is the one thing that matters. It’s an honnor for every researcher
and for many reasons to come visit Xenias. The G.P.S.team of researchers wanted to visit Xenias
mainly for two reasons. It is known for its many urban legends. We needed to see if
all those legends,stories or whatever-you name it- can be studied or even monitored
through ghost-hunting. So we went,we unpacked,
and we separated to start the research. We went to the areas that witnesses suggested
there might be paranormal activity. We even made an experiment ,
leaving the Dourvas Bros in a room where the writer and researcher
Johnathan Bright took a picture of a man-like figure bending over the window. They sat there for nearly 45minuites. The only curious thing was that although
there were no major indications Orpheus saw the ball move. Although,as I said before, we recorded no such thing. Another odd thing was that the E.M.F.detector indicated
a major field disorder but when we asked the brothers
about their cell-phones they admitted having them on. So we can’t conclude if it was
an entitie or the cell-phones creating the e.m.f.disorder. But the most confusing part
was the one with the dying batteries. The night-vision camera in the “experiment-room” consumed three fully charged batteries
throughout the night. Is Xenias haunted? On our part,we cannot say that it is. Special thx to Παυλίνα Κωνσταντίνου for the subs


  1. ρε ειχαν δεσει την μπαλα με πετονια κ την κουναγαν οι αλλοι τετοια φαρσα επαιξε?

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  28. Έχω μπει στο σανατοριο με 5 άτομα στις 12 το βράδυ δεν υπάρχει τίποτα μέσα.
    Το μόνο επικίνδυνο είναι να κατάρρευση το κτήριο

  29. Αν και ανακάλυψα το βίντεο λίγο αργά μιας και από ότι είδα είναι ανεβασμένο από το 2014 έχω να πω δύο λόγια πραγματικά ήταν σα να έβλεπα ένα ανατριχιαστικό ντοκιμαντέρ τα πλάνα ήταν πραγματικά φοβερά η αφήγηση στην αρχή με έκανε να μπω κατευθείαν στο πετσί του ρόλου και όχι μόνο αυτό ήσασταν υπέροχοι σε όλη την πορεία του video μπράβο παιδιά!!!!

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